Friday Freebie!

It's Friday Already?!
Time for another FREEBIE!!

One of my best selling products this week is my Fire Safety Packet!  October starts off with fire prevention week and this week's freebie is from my packet!  Just click on the link below!!

Have a great Friday Ya'll!!

Friday Freebie!

Happy Friday Ya'll!
Starting today, EVERY Friday will have a freebie for you!  Who doesn't love free? 

I recently posted my Super Hero Rhyming pack, and this freebie comes right from the packet!  In this activity, students will be sorting the "super" cards onto the correct rhyming mat! Just click on the picture below for the freebie!
Have  a great Friday!!!

Rhyming Super Heroes!

It's AMAZING how many students still struggle with rhyming at the beginning of the year!  It never fails!  I always have at least one student who struggles to distinguish the difference between two words that rhyme and two words that don't!  We look at the word itself, we do sooo many activities, yet there is always a struggler! 

Soooo...  I have created a Super Hero Rhyming pack!  There are six different activities in this packet that allow students to practice their rhyming skills!  They will be sorting words, identifying rhymes, reading rhyming sentences, becoming rhyming detectives, and more!

Click on the picture above for more details! 
Stay close by for a rhyming freebie tomorrow!!  Fridays are A.L.L. about freebies! 

Happy Wednesday! 
Being on maternity leave definitely makes you think about your classroom and how you run it!  With somebody else in your room, you worry about if your kids will learn the right material, or get to lunch on time, or even if your sub knows where to find extra paper or glue!  I have put together a little packet for a substitute so now you can worry less when you are away!  (at least I can!)  

Save Your Sub!   is a packet you can put together in a binder for any substitute to utilize in your classroom!  It includes everything from class lists, procedures for everything you do, dismissal, office contact numbers and more!  Click on the picture below for more details!

I go back to work in 3 weeks (which will fly by!) but I am ready to see my firsties and get back in the "swing of things!" 
Have a great day!!

Short /i/ Freebie!

We are a few weeks into the school year now (for those that are at school and not on maternity leave!) In first grade we are starting to move past the alphabet review and usually moving onto short vowel patterns.  Here is a short /i/ freebie for you!

This activity comes from my Complete Word Work of Short Vowels packet in my store on TpT!
Just click on the picture below for the freebie!   

Welcome to Wild About Firsties!


While Wild About Firsties is brand new, I have been reading and following many other educational blogs for some time now and have fell in L.O.V.E!    It is so much fun seeing how other teachers run and organize their classrooms and share it with the world!  So....I decided it was time for me to become a part of the blogging world! 

A little bit about me:

My name is Jessica and I have been teaching first grade for six years now!  (This time has flown by!)  I teach in a small town in Texas just outside of Dallas.   (So you may see the word ya'll quite often!)

From the name of the blog...yes I am WILD about my firsties!  From the beginning I not only have been WILD about my kiddos but I have always had a jungle theme in my classroom and every now and then will switch it up, but I ALWAYS come back to my WILD room! 

I am married to my wonderful husband...We will just call him Mr.!  I have two amazing boys... Our oldest son will be 4 soon, and our newest addition just arrived this August! 

So Yes, that means I am starting off the brand new school year..... on Maternity Leave! *Bummer!*  Don't get me wrong, I L.O.V.E. being home with my boys, but us teachers know....we NEED to be there on the first day/week of school! 

I hope to update often with classroom pictures and projects and units as we get going so please check back often!!!

Also... I already have a small collection of units and various activities on Teachers Pay please check out my store!!   Click the link below or on the side bar!

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