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So...I have to go back to work next week :(  My maternity leave will officially be over!  I am definitely ready to get back into the "swing" of things...but I hate leaving my little boys!  Being that I have ONE week left, I have kinda hit the panic side of me! 

So...I have started planning some things and how I want to organize parts of my day!  Starting with.....Guided Reading!  Dun Dun Dun.....

Since I don't know my students that well and where they are exactly in their reading abilities, I have started with *MY* planning side of it!  I have my binder ready to go...

It includes my blank templates for my Running Records, my organizing sheets for my groups, and all of the strategies, tips, plans, etc... for my groups!

My biggest challenge is always...What will the other kids do that aren't at my group?   I don't really implement the Daily 5, but I have come up with my own centers that will hopefully work with this group of firsties!  (It can always be modified if needed!)

I have FIVE groups (including my teacher group that reads with me). 

Students will complete one center a day....completing all five by Friday!  There will be individual activities for the students to work on independently at their area while I am with my reading group. 

This is just the start of my planning...but it's getting there! 

So...what do you do during Guided Reading??

Have a great Monday!!


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