A little bit of everything...

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday...the weeks seem to be flying by!  CRAZY!! 
I can't believe next week is November! AHHH!

So this week we have been learning some new things.....  Place Value, Heat Energy, True & Fantasy...and playing catch up!!

We started this week discussing Heat and we made a list of things that give off heat!  Well bless one of my dear students....she responded with "BIG TEX".  If you haven't heard, our famous Big Tex at our state fair caught fire last week and is no longer with us!  SO my dear sweet student is exactly right, but caught me off guard! 

Each student then wrote about what they think heat is:

We also finished up place value this week doing many activities with tens and ones!  There are so many different activities you can do with place value! Love it!
We also dipped into a little bit of True & Fantasy!  We always call it Fact and Fantasy, but our standards this year changed the wording to TRUE!  We had some good laughs sorting our statements this week! 

I am looking forward to next week...HALLOWEEN!  I can't wait to do all of our pumpkin activities and exploration in class!  The kids have a blast and it is SO.MUCH.FUN!! 

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