Mystery Sight Words !!

Sight Words!
We all know how important it is for our little kiddos to learn their sight words right?  We drill them every day with flash cards, games, sight word activities, and we are ALWAYS looking for new fun ways for our students to learn them (and retain them).

I am always creating and making sight word games and fun activities for my kiddos, and here is my newest activity!

Mystery Sight Words!!

Click on the picture to download!
Using a 100's chart, students not only will get to be sight word mystery detectives, but this activity also integrates math and place value!
For the younger learners, you can always just use the number iteself (48) but as the students go through the year, you can make it more of a puzzle by using place value (4 tens & 8 ones). 
It will also be easier for the students to identify the words if different colors are used for each letter!
IF YOU WANT TO USE IN A CENTER for independent work... just simply make a card that has the numbers for a particular word that the students will fill in!
I hope your students have a blast being sight word mystery solvers!!
Have a great day!

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