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The Liebster Award

WOW!  I have been nominated for the Liebster Award!  This award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers and helps to find other new blogs with less than 200 followers!  Thank you to 2 Super Teachers for this nomination!!

Here are the rules:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them in your post.
5. You cannot "tag back" the other blog, but leave a comment on this post with URL of your Liebster post so I can learn more about you and see who you nominate.

Here are the answers to the questions from 2 Super Teachers:

1. How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching for 6 years!  Every year keeps getting better and better!

2. How long have you been blogging?
I am a NEW blogger.  I have only been blogging for 2 months!

3. What do you love to teach the most?
This is a tie between Reading and Math! I love so many things about each subject!  With Math, there are SO MANY ways to teach it and with is AMAZING to see students progress throughout the year!

4. What book are you reading right now for enjoyment...not school related?
Well, I am in-between books now!  I just had a baby, so that takes a lot of my time! 

5. What is your favorite food?
I LOVE Italian!  Anything with pasta is delicious!

6. Do you have any pets?
Sadly, No :(

7. What are your hobbies?
I love to be outdoors!  On the lake, outside at the house... anything outside is great!  I also love to read, scrapbook, BLOG, and create things for my classroom!!

8. Do you have your own children?
Yes! I have 2 boys.  My oldest will be FOUR in January, and I just had my second son this past August!

9. What grades have you taught?
I have only taught 1st grade for the past 6 years!

10. Where was your last vacation?
We went to a little town in Texas (Jefferson) and we stayed in a cabin on the lake!  I was 7 months pregnant, so this was pretty relaxing! 

11.  Have you always been a teacher?
YES!  However, in college, I worked at a chocolate factory and then a pharmacy!!

Here are 11 random things about ME!

1. I am an only child!
2. I have lived in Texas my ENTIRE life!
3. I LOVE to sing!
4. I am so glad it's Christmas time.... I would leave the tree and lights up all year if my husband would let me!
5. I love to do puzzles and word search puzzles! 
6. My classroom is a jungle! I have trees and monkeys and safari all over!  I can't get enough!
7. I have NOT been to a movie theater in over a year!  :(
8. If I had all the money in the world, I would probably spend half of it at HOBBY LOBBY!
9. I LOVE to play golf!
10. I have a hard time keeping plants alive!  No green thumb here!
11. I could eat Breakfast for every meal of the day!

Here are the 11 questions for blogs that I have nominated:

1. How long have you been teaching?
2. Who is your favorite author?
3. What is your favorite subject to teach?
4. Do you have a special talent?
5.  What do you do when you are not teaching?
6. What is your favorite movie?
7. How long have you been blogging?
8. What are your plans for Christmas this year?
9. What websites do you visit most often?
10. Do you have children of your own?
11. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Here are the blogs that I am nominating:

Frugal in First
Sun Tans and Lesson Plans
My Colorful Classroom
My Life in First Grade
1st Grade Fireworks
Elementary Safari
A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner
Mrs. Slappe's Kindergarten Class
Salt Life Teacher
The Dog Days of Third Grade
Color, Cut, and Glue

Don't forget to let me know when you have finished!  I can't wait to learn all about you too!

Jessica Travis
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  1. Hopefully I did this right :)

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your Liebster nomination! How fun! I am so glad that you found my blog. Yours is absolutely adorable! I also had a baby in August, but I had a little girl. I started my blog while on maternity leave. I go back to work on Tuesday. Thanks again for finding me. Here's the link to my Liebster post:

  3. Jessica, Thank you for the nomination!

  4. Thanks again for the nomination! We love your blog! :) We hope we did it correctly!!!

  5. Yahoo! Almost a year later and it's done!
    I finally completed a modified "to do" list for the Liebster Award you were so kind to send to me... yeah, almost a year ago and no, I don't normally operate at a snail's pace.

    Thank you again!


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