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Can you believe that Christmas is just 16 days away!  Where has the time gone?!  I absolutely L.O.V.E this time of year not only at home, but also in the classroom!  This past week, we dove straight into our Christmas activities! 

Starting with one of my favorites.... THE GRINCH! 

I always like to take a theme and run with it!  So whatever we are learning about....put it with a theme!  This week was no different!  We were busy with compound words, story elements, context clues, and writing!! 

Since we were doing compound words and the Grinch, why not put the two together?!  I put together the grinch holding his heart (now 3 sizes bigger!) and wa-la....a Compound Grinch! 

(forgive me for it being blurry....taken with my cell phone!)
Students drew a compound word out of a bowl and had to break it down into it's two individual words.  They then created their compound Grinch! 
The next day we introduced context clues!  The Grinch came in perfect, because we called our unknown words "GRINCH WORDS".  Students selected a "Grinch Word" and found the definition and had to use their new word in a sentence!   They then had to create the grinch who was holding their context clues! 

It says: 
The Grinch has given you a word that's new, Can you find out what this word means to you?"
We also focused on story elements this week, using "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"
and Ginchy ABC Order:

You can click on both pictures to grab your FREE COPY!
There are SOOO many different things you can put up for a display in the hallway right?! 
I knew I wanted something with elves, and I couldn't really find what I wanted, so I drew a quick template of an elf holding a paper!
The students were so creative and wrote about:
"If I Worked at the North Pole..."
WHEW....that was a busy week! 
These next two weeks will be jam-packed of fun activities!  (Yes, we still have 2 more weeks.  We don't get out until Dec. 21)
If you are still looking for some Christmas activities....
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Hope you having just as much fun as we are!
Have a Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I love your Grinchy Word activity. Is there a place to buy it?


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