Merry Christmas (and some SNOW!)

It's coming a day late, but just wanted to say:



For us Texas folks, we got a very sweet Christmas present..... SNOW! 

As you know, we don't see snow here that often, and DEFINITELY not on Christmas day!  In fact, the last time it snowed on Christmas day was 37 years ago (this is what the news said!!) 

This snow was a GREAT present, since our house has been not so fun lately!  My oldest son had the flu, I have had bronchitis and an ear infection, and my little sweet baby is getting a cold now!  :(

Thank goodness it's Christmas break, so we can all hopefully get well for the new year and ready to go back to school!

We attempted to get out this morning and do some running around, but quickly turned back around as all of the roads by our house are iced over! 

We are getting plenty of pictures, because as soon as it warms up.....we have NO IDEA when we may see snow again! 

(I'm sure people up North are laughing at us for our 1 inch of snow!) HA!

This was the view out our back door this morning!

This is what made us turn around this morning! HA!
Hope everyone else is enjoying this time with friends and family! 
Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  1. Great pictures! We live in central TX, so the snow didn't make it down our way, BUT we did spend the weekend in Oklahoma City! We were there just long enough to enjoy a light snow and drive back on clear roads! Happy new year to you! =)

    A+ Firsties

  2. I love your snow pic that must have been so exciting! I just posted a snow pic too - I'm in the Northeast, we haven't had a lot this winter but it is always so exciting when it snows!! I love your blog & I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog


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