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Friday Freebie!


Nothing says Texas like 85 degrees one day and 48 degrees the next day! Thanks to this wonderful weather, and I am sure a few first grade germs, I officially have LOST my voice! 

But, that doesn't stop a good freebie from coming your way!  This week we have been sequencing some our favorite fall stories, including "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves"!  Don't y'all just love these Old Lady books?  I LOVE them...and so do the kids!

Here is a little sequencing activity that we did this week, and now you can have it too!  Just click on the picture!!

Have a great weekend!  If your weekend looks like's completely packed full of things to do!!

Jessica Travis
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A little bit of everything...

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday...the weeks seem to be flying by!  CRAZY!! 
I can't believe next week is November! AHHH!

So this week we have been learning some new things.....  Place Value, Heat Energy, True & Fantasy...and playing catch up!!

We started this week discussing Heat and we made a list of things that give off heat!  Well bless one of my dear students....she responded with "BIG TEX".  If you haven't heard, our famous Big Tex at our state fair caught fire last week and is no longer with us!  SO my dear sweet student is exactly right, but caught me off guard! 

Each student then wrote about what they think heat is:

We also finished up place value this week doing many activities with tens and ones!  There are so many different activities you can do with place value! Love it!
We also dipped into a little bit of True & Fantasy!  We always call it Fact and Fantasy, but our standards this year changed the wording to TRUE!  We had some good laughs sorting our statements this week! 

I am looking forward to next week...HALLOWEEN!  I can't wait to do all of our pumpkin activities and exploration in class!  The kids have a blast and it is SO.MUCH.FUN!! 

Jessica Travis
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Monster Writing & a late Freebie!

Don't you just love this time of year?

From now through Christmas, I just can't get enough!  From the themes, decorations, holidays, weather.... I love it!

With Halloween being so close, it was time for some creative writing!  So what better way than to become Monsters! 

To get us started....we needed to plan!!  I made this simple monster planning page where it allowed students to brainstorm their thoughts in the boxes.  We shared all of our ideas together and then students could select from that list, or of course, add their own idea!

After students had their thoughts on paper, they wrote their story!  I found these ADORABLE little monster crafts at Hobby Lobby, which went perfect with their writing!!

You can get your copy of this monster planning page HERE!

The students really loved this and came up with some great creative ideas!    I thought these were just too cute not to put up on a bulletin board display! 


I can't wait for more creative writing this year and fun learning-filled activities! 
Have a great weekend!!

Jessica Travis
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My WILD Bulletin Board!

So I am slowly getting things back up and running in my classrom!  I can't believe I have been back for over a week now!  WOW!

I finished my Wild About Work bulletin board this afternoon and just wanted to post an updated picture! 

I can't wait to put up some AWESOME work from my firsties!! to bed before the little one wakes me back up to eat!  My sleep is precious these days :)

Jessica Travis
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Friday Freebie!

So my Friday Freebie is coming a little late in the day!  Oops!  I have been SUPER busy today!  We had our field trip today, and those days just wear me out!  Woo!
Todays post will be quick....but as promised, my Friday Freebie!!!   This is a color by sight word picture for the fall!  A little fun activity for kids to practice some of their words!!

Just click on the picture!

Have a great weekend!!!!
Jessica Travis
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My First Week Back! What we have been learning...

WOW!!  I have been back for two days and I am so excited to be back in the classroom!  I of course miss my boys....but being back in the classroom is AMAZING!  I have a great group of firsties this year and we are having so much fun already! 

We are reviewing patterns in Math this week and the kiddos are loving it! We have been doing various activities with different manipulatives creating so many different patterns and labeling them!  One of the activities we did was creating Super Patterns! 

You can download this Super Patterns sheet HERE!
In ELA (English Language Arts) we have been exploring Adjectives and boy let me tell has been so much fun! 
Our dear friend....Adjective Andy helped us out by helping us learn what an adjective tells us!

We then filled in our own sheet about what an adjective is!
Today...we went even farther!  We came up with EVERY descriptive word we could to describe a pumpkin!
My firsties are so creative....coming up with SOO many ways to describe a pumpkin!!! 
These activities came from my Spook-Tacular Adjective packet in my TpT store!  
In Science this week, we have started our force & energy unit with Light! 
Of course... I am loving me some anchor charts (and so are my kiddos!) so we came up with everything we could think of that gives off light!
Have I said that my firsties are AMAZING?   Some of the lights they came up with were SOOOO creative!  From glowsticks to camera flashes.....they amazed me!
We also filled out our KWL chart about light (the K section) and they know SO much already! 
You can grab this KWL chart HERE!
I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!  And I am so excited for FALL!  I love bringing a thematic approach to our units!  The kids get so involved and it is SO MUCH FUN!! the plan some more before I have to hurry off to bed!

Jessica Travis
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My "WILD" Classroom

So I got to spend my Friday afternoon preparing my room for me to come back next week!  After not being there for six weeks, I definitely had some fixing up to do!  It is slowly getting back to what I would like for it to here we go!
 This is one side of my wall.  It has my calendar area and cubbies.  The large bulletin board is my "Going Bananas for Sight Words".  Each student has their name on a monkey, and if they can read their bundle of sight words for the six weeks correctly, they get a banana up with their monkey!  At the end of the year, if you have received all of your bananas, you will get to participate in a "Banana Split" party!
This is my desk area!  (Don't mind the drawer falling out in the background!)
I have my files hanging of documents I use often, my bookshelf with my personal resource books, file cabinet, and all of my paper and desk items!  It's a little messy! (forgive me!)

This is our Word Wall!  The words are color-coded based on the six weeks that they are introduced in.  We add words throughout the year as needed!

These are my student helpers!  The bottom helpers need to be fixed!  It kinda drives me crazy when things are NOT lined up!

The fun stuff....BEHAVIOR!  We do a color-code system school wide, beginning with WHITE and ending in RED.  I just attach clips with student names and move them as needed.  They begin each day on white and start over!

I think everyone is L.O.V.I.N.G these oh so popular dismissal ribbon charts!  Soooo easy to just move a clip when a student has a different dismissal for the day!  Love it!

This is my WILD ABOUT WORK wall where it is still not completed!  OOPS! 
This will be great for student work and anchor charts!  I am loving some anchor charts right now!  (I am already making mine for this coming week....will have to share in a different post!)  I also have the bookshelf that holds my math & literacy tubs (which still have to be labeled!)
Gosh....I still have A LOT to do since I was out on maternity leave!

Whenever I get the time to "fix" everything I will have to post updates! to plan the rest of the week's lessons!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica Travis
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Friday Freebie & A Sale

T.G.I.F. is a bitter-sweet Friday for me!  My last official day of Maternity leave!  I return to work next week! Now I know the weekend will fly by!

In honor of Columbus Day (coming on Monday!) I am throwing a sale in my TpT store starting Saturday (Oct. 6) through Monday night!  Everything will be 20% off!

AND as promised every Friday.... here comes another freebie.  This one will help you celebrate Columbus Day!
Just click on the picture below!
I hope to post this weekend some of the fun activities I have planned for when I return to work next week!

Jessica Travis
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Mystery Sight Words !!

Sight Words!
We all know how important it is for our little kiddos to learn their sight words right?  We drill them every day with flash cards, games, sight word activities, and we are ALWAYS looking for new fun ways for our students to learn them (and retain them).

I am always creating and making sight word games and fun activities for my kiddos, and here is my newest activity!

Mystery Sight Words!!

Click on the picture to download!
Using a 100's chart, students not only will get to be sight word mystery detectives, but this activity also integrates math and place value!
For the younger learners, you can always just use the number iteself (48) but as the students go through the year, you can make it more of a puzzle by using place value (4 tens & 8 ones). 
It will also be easier for the students to identify the words if different colors are used for each letter!
IF YOU WANT TO USE IN A CENTER for independent work... just simply make a card that has the numbers for a particular word that the students will fill in!
I hope your students have a blast being sight word mystery solvers!!
Have a great day!

Jessica Travis
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Guided Reading & Stuff

So...I have to go back to work next week :(  My maternity leave will officially be over!  I am definitely ready to get back into the "swing" of things...but I hate leaving my little boys!  Being that I have ONE week left, I have kinda hit the panic side of me! 

So...I have started planning some things and how I want to organize parts of my day!  Starting with.....Guided Reading!  Dun Dun Dun.....

Since I don't know my students that well and where they are exactly in their reading abilities, I have started with *MY* planning side of it!  I have my binder ready to go...

It includes my blank templates for my Running Records, my organizing sheets for my groups, and all of the strategies, tips, plans, etc... for my groups!

My biggest challenge is always...What will the other kids do that aren't at my group?   I don't really implement the Daily 5, but I have come up with my own centers that will hopefully work with this group of firsties!  (It can always be modified if needed!)

I have FIVE groups (including my teacher group that reads with me). 

Students will complete one center a day....completing all five by Friday!  There will be individual activities for the students to work on independently at their area while I am with my reading group. 

This is just the start of my planning...but it's getting there! 

So...what do you do during Guided Reading??

Have a great Monday!!

Jessica Travis
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