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100th Day Fun!!

WOW!!  Can you believe 100 days have already gone by?!  We celebrated our 100th day today....and the day was filled with FUN activities!

We couldn't start the day without our 100th day hats!  This kicked off our day and the students looked adorable wearing their hats throughout the day completing their activities!

We then completed many activities from my 100th Day Unit....

We flipped coins 100 times, we had 100 chart races, we completed creative writing (If we had $100, If we could have 100 of anything....)
We drew our self-portraits of ourselves at 100 years old.... (these were darling!)
We filled in 100's charts, we measured out various measurements of 100 (100 feet, 100 inches)
We read 100 words, we wrote 100 words....

Each student took home a baggie the night before asking to bring in 100 of the same item!  They then had to write 3 clues about their objects.  This kicked off a great lesson on inferring and predicting! Students came up one at a time and read us their clues!  Some students brought in some *interesting* items!

Can you guess what item this students brought?  ........ TOOTHPICKS!

Students brought beads, pennies, noodles, staples, cheese balls, popcorn, rice, playing cards, marshmallows, and rocks!

One of the last activities we did of the day....was by far the favorite of the day!

We used a FREEBIE activity from Mrs. Jones' Creation Station...... My 100th Day Snack!  (Food makes anyone happy!)

Students had 10 different snacks with 10 pieces each!  They counted out and created a 100 piece snack! Yum!

Can you say DELICIOUS?!

The 100th day always goes by so fast! There are SO many activities, that we never accomplish all of them!

The 100th day also brings out our fun dress-up side!  We dress like we are 100 years old!  My-oh-My.... this was interesting!  It was a day for slippers, knee-highs, night-gown, and chains on my glasses!  Definitely a FUN day!

I hope your 100th day was just as much fun as ours!

If you still haven't had your 100th day....or you are ready to stock up for next year, check out my 100th day packet!

Have a great rest of the week!!

Jessica Travis
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