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Meet: Polly PLUS and Molly MINUS

Happy Friday!

This week FLEW by!  (I'm sure it really flew by for those of you on Spring Break!!)  

We had so much to accomplish this week....starting with Math! This week we continued with addition and subtraction, which we have dipped into a few times already this year, but this time we were covering both addition and subtraction within the same unit!  I wanted to change it up a bit this time, so I would like to introduce....

Polly and Molly! 

Introducing:  Polly Plus and Molly Minus

These two friends were with us ALL week, helping us with our addition and subtraction facts!

Before we solved any problems, we needed to figure out exactly what Polly and Molly were looking for!  Polly Plus was of course looking for addition and Molly Minus was all about subtraction, but we needed to find the key words that they would be looking for!  

We needed to find the keywords that would help us identify which problem belonged to which friend!  
After coming up with words that Polly and Molly would be looking for, we filled in our own web that we could keep to help us with our word problems!

After writing all of our keywords, we looked at real word problems and identified the key words within the problem, circling them as we found them!

We made little pocket folders to help us sort our facts!  They had so much fun sorting their problems to Polly and Molly!

Later in the week, we used actual number sentences.   My kiddos had to carefully read their number sentence and write the correct sign that would complete the problem.  Once again, our dearest friends were there to help us!  After filling in their signs and completing the fact, they sorted their cards to their pockets!

We had a blast with Polly and Molly this week!  (and a big thanks to Nikki @ Melonheadz!  Her graphics are adorable and I used them to create Polly and Molly!)

Now...for the laugh of the day!

Here is my conversation with my 4-year old on the way home:

Jaxon:  Mommy, did any of your kids get in trouble today?
Mommy:  Yes.  I had to get on to some of my kids.
Jaxon:  Did you get on their back or their belly?
Mommy:  I didn't get "on" them, I had to talk to them.
Jaxon:  Well did you sit on them?
Mommy:  No son, I did NOT sit, stand, or lay on any student.  I just spoke with them!

So cute.....and so literal!  

Have a great weekend!

Jessica Travis
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  1. This is so cute! I'd love to see this on TPT! It would be perfect for the beginning of 2nd grade!

  2. Adorable! Polly is my momma's name and Molly is her twins name :) love this!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! That is too funny about the names!! Small world :)

  3. Please post on TPT! LOVE IT!!,!

    1. Thank you! I am working on it now!!! :) Have a great night!

  4. Your blog is so adorable. I love it. I am your newest follower!


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