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End Of Year Countdown & Behavior

I can see the end!

We have 8 more days of school and summer will be all mine!

We all know that the last few days weeks months of school are challenging.... behavior wise!  Our patience is nearly gone, the kids are ready for a break, and we still have to plan, teach, and manage their behavior!

The last 10 days really begin our countdown!  My team at school and I have planned a a few things...

We have decided to do a *sweet* countdown for the last 10 days!

(Click on the picture to download!)

Instead of Banana splits, we are doing Behavior splits!
In my class, students will have their very own calender.  At the end of the day, if they have shown good behavior throughout that day, they will add an ingredient from the behavior splits list.  

At the end of the ten days (on the last day of school) they will get to create a behavior split (banana split) with the ingredients on their calender.

On the last day we will eat our banana behavior splits! 

The ten ingredients go in order.  So if the students shows poor behavior one day, the spot on their calendar will be left blank!  So at the end of the ten days if they only have five ingredients, it's all they get!  
(kinda mean...but hey, the kids really think twice about their choices now!  They want ALL of the ingredients!)

The list includes a blank copy as well if you need to change any ingredients or change the order!


We took this super cute (and fun!) idea from Pinterest! W have ten balloons at the top of our board and pop one each day!  Inside is a fun-filled activity for the day!  

(This picture is from Pinterest!)

- - - - - - - - - - -'s memorial day!  We have had a 4-day weekend (and I am not complaining!)

We have been busy with outdoor activities...... the lake....a cookout and some very competitive fun water volleyball!

(Jaxon at the lake.... he couldn't resist getting in fully clothed!)

Jessica Travis
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Writing a Letter, Mother's Day, & a FREEBIE!

Did we make it to Friday?  The last few weeks of school are definitely "survival"!  This week was no different!  (But today was better....because it is my BIRTHDAY!!)

To top it of my sweet little students had to go to the ER from school and ended up with plastic surgery done to his face due to his injury!  (let's just say....a recess game turned bad quick!)  It was very scary!!

This week we jumped right back into writing a friendly letter! We always focus on the parts of a letter and make sure that each of our letters include these important parts!  We had fun with this little activity where the kiddos had to sort different greetings and closings!

They make their own little sorting folder using construction paper!
You can grab your FREE copy of this activity by clicking the picture below!

We also completed our anchor chart all about letters!

During our unit, we made these adorable little postal service hats as we worked on our letters!

What better way to conclude a letter unit than to write letters!  
With Mother's Day coming, they wrote to their mom! 

They made a little booklet for their mom that included some really fun activities!  They had their letter to mom, an interview about mom (these answers were HEE-LARIOUS!), some coupons, a mom-lib (a cute twist on mad-libs for their mom!), and a recipe for the perfect mom!

I just completed my new Writing a Letter packet....and you can check it out by clicking on the picture below!

Can you believe that Mother's Day is even here?!  We still have a few weeks left of school, but I know that time will FLY by!  Soon we will all be posting about our summer activities!

Have a great weekend and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Jessica Travis
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Five for Friday (on a Saturday!)

Better late than never...right?!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday....on a Saturday!!

Let's just say the doctors know us around here now!  Both boys have been sick...Little M for the past 2 weeks!  We have had chest x-rays, 6 doctor visits, new prescriptions, a lovely little breathing machine, double ear infection (again!), and now Jaxon has strep throat! (lovely huh?!) 

(Yes...that is Little M getting an x-ray!) :(

Speaking of doctors appointments...I FINALLY made me an eye doctor appointment!  (I haven't been in 7 years!)  I have worn glasses for years, but between straining my eyes and pregnancies....they have gotten much worse!  So...I finally got me some new glasses...and I CAN SEE! 

Not a big fan of the self pictures...

Earlier this week, we had a day off for "Bad Weather" that didn't use earlier in the year...and it was BEAUTIFUL here!  Over 80 what better way to celebrate....with a tractor wash of course!  Jaxon has been *OBSESSED* with tractors since before he could walk!  I think we own every toy tractor plus some!  But he had a great time washing his gator!

(and yes....we wear the boots everywhere....with shorts!)

So Little M is only 8 months old...but he is growing before my eyes!  In less than a month,  he went from sitting, to crawling, and now he's pulling up everywhere!  He is into anything and everything in his way! I am seeing an early walker!!


Since I live in Texas....and we can expect warm weather just about any time, I am definitely a flip flop girl!  (even in Winter!)  I finished up my Mother's Day packet this week....and it's definitely for us Flip Flop moms!  You can snag it for FREE by clicking the picture below!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Jessica Travis
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