Five for Friday (on a Saturday!)

Better late than never...right?!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday....on a Saturday!!

Let's just say the doctors know us around here now!  Both boys have been sick...Little M for the past 2 weeks!  We have had chest x-rays, 6 doctor visits, new prescriptions, a lovely little breathing machine, double ear infection (again!), and now Jaxon has strep throat! (lovely huh?!) 

(Yes...that is Little M getting an x-ray!) :(

Speaking of doctors appointments...I FINALLY made me an eye doctor appointment!  (I haven't been in 7 years!)  I have worn glasses for years, but between straining my eyes and pregnancies....they have gotten much worse!  So...I finally got me some new glasses...and I CAN SEE! 

Not a big fan of the self pictures...

Earlier this week, we had a day off for "Bad Weather" that didn't use earlier in the year...and it was BEAUTIFUL here!  Over 80 what better way to celebrate....with a tractor wash of course!  Jaxon has been *OBSESSED* with tractors since before he could walk!  I think we own every toy tractor plus some!  But he had a great time washing his gator!

(and yes....we wear the boots everywhere....with shorts!)

So Little M is only 8 months old...but he is growing before my eyes!  In less than a month,  he went from sitting, to crawling, and now he's pulling up everywhere!  He is into anything and everything in his way! I am seeing an early walker!!


Since I live in Texas....and we can expect warm weather just about any time, I am definitely a flip flop girl!  (even in Winter!)  I finished up my Mother's Day packet this week....and it's definitely for us Flip Flop moms!  You can snag it for FREE by clicking the picture below!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Jessica,
    Your glasses are so cute!
    And I love your Mother's Day unit! BRAVO! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Thank you Julie!!! I hope your kiddos love the activities!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Your boys are so cute! I love that Jaxon was "washing" his tractor!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT


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