Getting my print on and time with my boys!

Happy Thursday! (That's what day it is...right?!)

With summer officially here...the days seem to run together!  (And for those of you still in school....BRAVO!  I just don't know how you do it this far into June!) printer is getting A LOT of use these days!  In my last post I went and bought a few new things for my NEW room this year...and I have been busy making a few new things for it!

So if you are looking for a little extra WILD this year....check out these:

Starting with....

My new Zebra Alphabet line!

and Zebra shape posters....

and my new zebra number posters (with ten frames!)

So now I have had to get my print on!  

Can't forget your color posters!

It looks like I will be very busy in my new room!

Looks like a fixer-upper to me!  

In the meantime...I will be spending most of my time with my favorite guys!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!

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  1. Love your poster sets! Enjoy your time with your boys, they are adorable!

    Literacy Sundae


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