Random Summer Fun!

So this post has NOTHING to do about school....(I'm still doing school things and thinking about the first days of school...) but I am definitely enjoying my summer!

Me and the boys have been *busy* the past few days......

Starting with.... I GOT ME A BRAND NEW CAR!!!
Woo hoo!!

We traded in my car and got a shiny new Honda Pilot!!  (love!)  However....we had 2 kids and one husband who were very impatient waiting over 5 hours at the dealership (not a pretty picture!)  So.... they told us we had about an hour wait and we went driving!  (mainly to help little M get to sleep!)

On our little drive we stopped by the most beautiful field of HUGE sunflowers...and had to stop!

I'm telling you...these sunflowers were HUGE!  I guess I'm not the only one who does this....cars were lined up down the highway doing it too!

Yesterday we went to the pool!  Jaxon had a blast!

Little M had fun too....but really at 10 months old....all you can do is splash and hang out with Mommy!

AND...the neatest thing.... our neighbor's lawn mower had some unexpected guests.... and we actually witnessed them coming out of the eggs!!  (where is this during our life cycle unit?!)

It was so neat (although not too happy about the mama birds who were just ready to peck us at any moment!)

So that pretty much sums up our last few days!

Pretty random huh?!

Hope you are all having a great summer!!

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