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Alphabet Centers & My New Best Friend!

Happy Saturday!!

Well I was looking at the calendar....and let me tell you....there is not much time left before the alarm clock will start ringing again!  School is less than a month away which has left me into a rush!  It always sneaks up on us doesn't it?!

So, I have been busy planning and thinking about TONS of stuff!  I still have so much to do in my classroom.... but at the same time I am thinking about the first week and actually planning what to do with my kiddos!

The first week is basically a review (for most kiddos!) so we are mainly dipping into the alphabet pretty hard.  So I have just completed my new packet of alphabet centers!

FUN with the Alphabet!
This packet has 5 hands on centers and recording sheets for your kiddos!  
Just click on the picture above to see the packet!

I have already printed and started getting my centers ready!

Alphabet order (includes 3 different recording sheets to meet each student's need!)

Capitals & Lowercase
(I included 2 different versions of this center..... one version with the word *capital* and one version with the word *uppercase*

What's Missing?
This center will have students filling in the missing letters within a sequence!!

Letter or Word
Students will sort these cards and use the recording sheet to complete the center!!

What's That Sound?
Students will get to review beginning sounds with this center!

Jaxon was so excited with these centers! I printed his own little set (in b/w) for him to cut out and use!  He kept working with my centers and doing them all by himself!  (And he is still *over* a year away from kindergarten!!)

I just can't believe how big he is!  (I wish he would teach some of my firsties how to cut!)


********The first person to guess our newest pet (our only pet!) will win this packet for free! 
 (hint: it does NOT have fur!)

Now..... let me introduce you to my NEW best friend!

Say WHAT??!!

How in the world have I not had one of these already?!  
My own little personal laminator??  

I am in *HEAVEN*  

Of course I had to test this little baby out....

These are my helpers.....
I have them placed in the laminating pouch.....


Now....I need to go by a JUMBO size box of pouches!!!   :)

Don't forget to guess our pet and you get the Fun with the Alphabet pack for FREE!

Have a great weekend!!!


Congratulations to Lori!!  Yes, we are now the proud owners of a *tiny* turtle.

Meet:  Franklin

We adopted him from Jaxon's teacher.  He is about the size of a quarter, although he eats like a horse, so I'm sure he'll grow fast!  We even purchased a HUGE aquarium for him, so he's a keeper!

Lori, check your email for the Alphabet packet!!

Jessica Travis
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Freebie for YOU!

So I have had a few emails about the helpers that  I posted earlier in the week....

Remember these:

Graphics are by:  Melonheadz, Graphics from the Pond, Lovin Lit, Ashley Hughes, & KG Fonts!

Well you can grab your FREE set of these by clicking the picture above or by clicking {HERE}!

I used stars as the example of accents, but you can use anything you want!!  Just use Velcro or a thumb tack to attach each day. (If you use a thumb tack, just use a hole punch and make a hole in the top of your accents, then you can easily slide the accent on and off the tack!)


Jessica Travis
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Getting Ready....

Hello sweet friends!

Let me start by saying....we have RAIN!   We are in a drought (again!) and it is raining (and cooler weather!) YEA!!

I haven't been able to get into my classroom, so I have been working and getting things ready at home.  Hopefully this week, I will get up into my room and start actually putting these things up on the wall!

But you know....when I bring two kids to "work" in the classroom, I end up spending more time cleaning and chasing and yada yada yada!  Between Jaxon getting out manipulatives and games, and Little M wanting to eat them all....we don't get much work done!

So.....  I just wanted to share what I will *hopefully* get up this week!

I made some new helpers.....

Don't you just love Melonheadz clipart??!!  I am love!!

This is what they look like before hanging them up...

You can use Velcro or thumb tacks (just punch a hole in the top of the accent to easily hang!)  to attach the student names (I will have my "STAR Helpers") but you can use any accent with student names! 

I am also trying to get everything for my calendar ready to go, so here is what I have so far....

I have it on a black background, because that is what I have up in my room...

I have also made a new dismissal clip chart...

It's a slow start....but I'm getting there!  

I also purchased Amy Lemon's numbers..... and I printed them on neon paper because they will also be on a black background, so they will "POP"!!  I LOVE these!!

I have also made my new "Non-Verbal Hand Signal Posters" which work great in my classroom!  (I never had the posters, but we have used the signals!)

Click on the picture or {HERE} for the posters!

I have also been working on my morning work packets, because I just really wanted a change this year!  I will start having their folders for each month with their MORNING MUNCHIES activity sheet for each day. 

Each day has multiple Literacy and Math activities that *most* students should be able to work on independently! 

Click on the picture or {HERE} for Morning Munchies!

Aside from working on school stuff...Little M had to get a *minor* surgery done on Friday, in hopes to prevent further illness!  Here he is in his little hospital gown!  (and long blonde curly hair that needs a trim!)

Between this and I have to start planning a FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  Where has this time gone??

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Let's have a little fun....  the first 3 comments can pick their choice of the Hand Signal posters OR the Morning Munchies packet!!  Just leave your email address and let me know which one you want!!

When I get everything up in my room....I will post updated pictures!!

Have a great week!

Jessica Travis
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Celebrate Freedom SALE!


To celebrate....

My entire TpT store is 20% off (today only!)

(KG Fonts, Krista Wallden, Cara Carroll, & Lovin Lit)

Have a fun and SAFE day!!

Jessica Travis
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Guided Reading FREEBIE & Giveaway Winner!

Holy Cow....2 posts in 2 days.... What's wrong with me?!  :)

Before I show you the freebie..... I want to announce the winner of my Guided Reading is SWEET packet.....

You guessed right with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!  Yummy!  Check your email for the packet!
Really anything with chocolate will do....but peanut butter cups seem to call my name if they are there!
Now for your freebie....
In my guided reading packet I made some word work mats (Build-a-Word) mats for CVC and CVCe words.....  and you can grab your copy by clicking the picture below!

The mats come in color and b/w as well as the gumball letters (color & b/w)  Just laminate and you are ready to go!

Have a great week!!

Jessica Travis
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Guided Reading is SWEET!

All I can say's July already?!

I can officially say that I go back to month!  WOW!

So I have been wanting to change up my guided reading for some time now....and now its ready!!  I always change up something each year and tweak my previous guided reading set-up, but I have created a completely NEW set up!


Guided reading is SWEET!

This packet has everything with a SWEET theme!  It has center rotation signs, sight word cards, build-a-word mats, questioning cards, teacher binder organizer, bookmarks, gumball groups to stay organized, and so much more!  

Here are some of the pictures from the set-up...

I had this planned with actual rotations in mind, so I have included these in 3 versions (the pictures above, a set of posters without the directions, and set of posters that are blank)

To keep track of the groups..... Gumball Groups!

This system will be easy to use with Velcro, just write their name on the gumball and place into their groups.  (This set includes machines up to Group 6)

This teacher's edition will be the easiest way to keep track of my students progress!  It has group lists, running records, student information, reading logs, and weekly schedules!

I have included 2 different sets of decoding strategy posters....simple posters with the strategy as well as a gumball machine set up of posters in the first picture!

All of these activities can be used with your small group (questioning cards, sight words cards - which are great to put on a ring and go through daily, and word building mats that include gumball letters to help build words!)

I am so excited to put all of this together!  I think this will also be a great incentive for my kiddos to stay motivated, as there will be SWEET rewards for them!

To check out this packet in more detail.... click {HERE}
It has 130 pages and is so easy to set up!  All directions are included with various ways to use each of the activities!  It will be on sale through Sunday!

If you have stuck around this long......  then you are in luck!  

If you can guess my favorite win this packet for FREE!   

Just leave your guess and email address in the comments below!

Jessica Travis
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