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Fun with Plurals!

Yes it's Monday morning and I should be teaching right now....but when your 4 year old has strep get a day off.  (Not the best way to get a day off but I get an extra day with my sweeties!)

We spent Sunday at the local Urgent Care....not the best way to end the weekend.  Good thing he's feeling much better after a few doses of antibiotics, so he should be back to school tomorrow!

So this gives me a little time to catch up on my blogging (and the other 101 things on my to-do list!)

Last week we dove right into plurals!  We really only get into -s and -es, but we still had a lot of fun!

We made a little chart together and ONLY focused on words that receive an -s.  Then we focused on words that are "special" that receive an -es!

Each student received a card and had to sort it to singular or plural and explain why!  

They made their cute and delicious little Pizza Plurals....

The next day we received a little "package" from the Plural Pilgrims....  

Inside, we found an envelope with a letter and some mini-posters, as well as three pilgrim hats.

The letter written to our class explained that the Pilgrims were having a Plural Feast and we were all invited!  There was one rule....we had to sort the words to the correct pilgrim.  (The -s pilgrim and the -es pilgrim)  The pilgrims gave us a bag with Thanksgiving foods with singular nouns.  We would have to sort them to the correct pilgrim.  

The hats were for our "practice".  Two students wore the S and the ES hat and the students had to sort their cards to the correct plural student.  

After practicing, we sorted to our "real" pilgrims!

After we sorted all of the food words to the correct pilgrims "mailbox", we pulled them out and sorted them to their feast plates to make sure they were all sorted correctly!

You can grab your FREE set of the words by clicking HERE

After sorting all of our words and being "officially" invited to the feast, we wanted to say thank you by bringing a turkey to the feast.  (of course these were plural turkeys!)  Each student took one of the words and made it plural on a feather....

So our board looked a little something like this at the end....

The students had a blast and could probably tell you with their eyes closed which words will get an -ES now!  (instead of looking at the pilgrim chart!)

And I just had to share a picture of my crazy and cute little guys! They went bowling for the first time a few weeks ago.... 

Do you see that evil grin?  Always planning something!  And Little M was always planning a way to get the bowling balls!  He's waiting for them to come out :)

Have a great week!

Jessica Travis
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