Interactive Math Notebook for Winter!

Hello sweet friends! apology to my neglected blog!  I almost had to search for a "How-To" book on blogging....I almost forgot how!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends!

Down here in Texas the flu is supposedly going around like wildfire!  I am praying we all stay healthy this winter!  Jaxon ended up with strep throat AGAIN....and now we have to see the ENT!  (He has had it 5 times since April....not looking to promising!)  Luckily we have an amazing ENT since both boys have had ear tubes and infections their whole life!


Being off for Christmas break will hopefully allow me to get a few of my things crossed off of my to-do list!  Starting with some of my TpT projects.....

I finally finished my Interactive Math Notebook for Winter (Grade 1)!  I am so excited to start using this when we get back!

It features multiple templates and activities for 8 different concepts (addition to 10, addition to 20, subtraction, fact families, place value, time, money, and odd/even number patterns)

The packet has 75 pages and each concept includes picture examples and multiple interactive templates!  

These are just a few of the examples from the packet...

I am excited to try the interactive "craze" when I get back!  I know my students will enjoy it and with it being so hands-on and visual, I know they will retain it better! 

You can check out the packet HERE
It will be on sale for a limited time :)

And for a little winter FREEBIE..... Here are a few activities to add to your snowman collection!

You can click on the picture to download :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and a Happy New Year!   I can't wait to see what 2014 brings :)

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  1. Love your interactive math notebook for winter! Excited to use it when we return from break!


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