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One Proud Mama!

OK, so this post has nothing to do with school!  It's just me being a proud mama right now, so I had to share (and brag a little!)

So my oldest baby (not a baby anymore) just turned 4 in January....and he is literally growing up before my eyes!

Not only is he writing and reading small words (still a year & half away from Kindergarten!), he is doing 100 piece puzzles, knows all letters and sounds, knows the difference between long vowels and short vowels and all of their sounds, answers addition problems without even thinking, and so much more!  BUT.... today we mastered a new skill!

We have officially thrown away the training wheels!  Only FOUR years old and already riding without training wheels!  Will the time ever slow down?  It seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital!

It won't be long and his 7-month old brother will be riding right behind him!  I think I will definitely be one of those moms that is a complete mess on the first day of kindergarten!  HA!!  

Now...this just melts my heart!

He told me he wanted to do a "bubble-letter L" on the word love.....LOL!

OK...enough bragging....    

Have a great Easter!!

Jessica Travis
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Plants! Plants! .....More Plants!

Whew....Have we already been back for 2 weeks from Spring Break?!  I know many teachers are just now hitting their spring break (I'm still jealous, even though I already had mine!)  ;)

We have been super busy with new units and activities!  Our main unit...Plants!  I just love this unit because it is so hands-on with visuals, experiments, and so many things that students already know (they just didn't know it!)

I started off reading these amazing books (I bought them through Scholastic).   They have such great visuals for each part of the plant, and explains exactly what each part does!  (great for the lower grades!)

We then labeled the parts of a plant, using our anchor chart.  This shows some of the things that we labeled!
We also listed what Plants Have, what Plants Need, and what Plants Give!

What would a plants unit be without planting your very own plant??!!  We use garden beans, because they seem to grow the fastest and the students really get to see each part of the plant!  (use clear cups so you can see the roots!

To go along with our planting seeds activity, students created their How-To booklet for How To Plant a Seed!

You can grab your FREE copy of this little booklet by clicking {HERE}

My little firsties became Botanists for the day!  They created their little own hats that show each part of the plant!  

We planted our plants last week and they are FINALLY starting to grow! We had another cold-spell down here in Texas (spring break...82 degrees...last week 28 degrees in the morning....go figure!)
So, it's finally warming up a bit and they are growing!

I have a 3-day weekend and then it's back to work!  We still have TEN weeks left.. but I know they will fly by.  It won't be long and we will be posting our summer plans!  ;)

Have a great weekend and EASTER!!
Jessica Travis
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Giveaway Winners!

Happy Sunday!

For's kinda sad because my spring break is *officially* over :(

But...for the following two lucky are winners of my plant unit!  It will be sent to your email tonight!

Thank you to all of you who entered! 

Have a great week!!

Jessica Travis
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Five For Friday!

Before I start my Five For Friday..I just wanted to say that I am extending my Giveaway!  You now have till Sunday....I will still pick 2 lucky winners on Sunday...instead of today!!

OK, now onto Five For Friday!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and sharing my 5 random thoughts from this past week!


It is my spring break this week and earlier this week, we decided to have a "Family Movie Night!"  Now, if you have done this with a 4 year old and a 7-month old...well, you don't see much of the movie! HA!  
But we still had all the blankets and pillows out in the living it was lots of fun!

Little M was covering some eyes!  It must have been a scary part! (makes my heart melt!)


Speaking of Little M....he turned 7 months old this week!  He is literally growing up before my eyes....


OK... so the past few weeks I have been OBSESSING and addicted to these little chips below!  I mean, professional help should be in my near future, but I literally can't get enough of these delicious salsa chips!


Seeing as how I have had a week off.... I am finally getting some of my centers and laminating cut out!  I absolutely love laminating my centers and getting everything ready...but the cutting out part (not my favorite!)


Living in Texas, you never know what kind of weather you will get! just happens to be 82 degrees and beautiful!  So I think everyone else near Dallas had the same idea as us today and that was going to the Dallas Zoo! (seeing as how we parked a mile away and were stuck in a crowd at every turn!)
Little M and I just walked along (with him in the stroller of course!) and Mr. and Jaxon did most of the viewing!  

Whew!  This week FLEW by (as all holidays and weekends do!) and now back to work in just over 2 days!  

So.... what did you do this week?  Go link up with Doodle Bugs and share!

Have a great Friday and Weekend!!

Jessica Travis
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Plants! ....and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Tuesday!'s spring break....but does that mean we enjoy it by relaxing....probably not!  It just means more time to plan lessons and activities for when we return to class!

Next week, we will be diving right into our Plants unit!  Plants is one of my favorite units because it can be so hands-on with experiments and visuals and the kiddos really *get* it and understand the entire process! 

So.... what better way to celebrate than by giving something away!! 

I will be giving my "All About Plants!" unit away to 2 lucky people!!  All you have to do.... is leave a comment! The winners will be announced on FRIDAY!

Have a great week! 

Please follow my TpT store and blog for more updates, freebies, and give-aways!  Thank you so much to all of you who already follow!  Your support means so much and I am so blessed!

Thank you!!
Jessica Travis
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50 Followers SALE!

My blog has reached 50 followers now!  Woo Hoo!!

To say THANK YOU....I will be putting my TpT store on sale for Saturday and Sunday only!

Everything will be 20% off!!!

Thank you to Cara Carroll @ The First Grade Parade for these adorable fonts!!

Have a great weekend....and Spring Break!!  (for most of us!)

Jessica Travis
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Charlotte's Web, Open House, and SPRING BREAK!!

Happy Saturday Sweet Friends!

BUSY is really the only way to describe the past few weeks and the reason for my neglected blog!
Between Open House, testing, sick baby (who had a ruptured ear drum!....can you say sleepless nights!), and just absolutely no time....  I think I can finally relax and breathe now! (Thanks to Spring Break! Woo Hoo!)

So this past week we had our annual Open House, and with the change of curriculum this past year, we needed to do something new!  I chose to do Charlotte's Web, because it is one of my all-time favorite books!  I usually read the book at the beginning of the year to my class, but with maternity leave this year, I wasn't able to read it....until now!

These past few weeks have been filled with Main Idea, Contractions, Compound Words, Writing, and much more!

To begin running a farm...we of course needed a farmer!  My little firsties filled out their "Farmer Application" and they were SOOO cute!

This little guy would work for $102 / week!  Makes me giggle!!  (for that extra $2!)

Now the Pigs....or should I say Zuckerman's Famous Pigs!  

What's the PIG idea?  (Big idea...Main idea....get it??!! ha ha!)
We read a book about Farm Animals...and how pigs really are very clean animals!  

What would a County Fair be without a concession stand?  So we had our "Contraction Cones"  and our "Poppin' Compounds!"

Pardon the glare.....  I had to use my phone last minute to take pictures and the lamination didn't help!

The entire hallway looked something like this:

My firsties also had some projects on their desk, including their very own booklet on Farm Animals!   Of course, by the time I was taking pictures...they had already taken their booklets home!  

You can grab your FREE copy by clicking {HERE}

My kiddos had so much fun during this unit and we finished yesterday relaxing and watching the movie!  

With Spring Break OFFICIALLY here... hopefully I can get some of my to-do list finished and some of my packets uploaded!   (including my new Charlotte's Web packet!!)

So....What will you be doing over Spring Break???

Jessica Travis
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