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A week of Apples, Fun with Pumpkins, and the Winners!

I am SO glad it is Fall!  This is my favorite time of year for so many reasons!!

Starting off...with Apples!  It's one of the first big units we teach of the year and it is!

There is really way too many great activities to fit into one week.

We started out with our K-W-L for apples!

We of course had to taste each of the apples....

To my surprise...the golden apples won the favorite taste test!  We graphed our results...

I think my favorite part of the week was the yummy delicious homemade applesauce! 

We brainstormed how to make it...

and then we went to work!

Oh.My.Word.....I could have demolished the entire pot myself.  (and our classroom smelled phenomenal!) 
We wrote our steps and they completed their own recipes and How-To writing for the week!

You can snag up our Applesauce activity sheets by clicking the picture below!

Now.... since we are almost in October, I have finally finished my Pumpkins unit!  (It will be posted today on TpT!)

It has over 100 pages of centers, activities, crafts, experiments, and more!!

and now....for the giveaway winners!  

The two lucky winners of the $20 in my TpT store are:


Ladies, please email me with your choices from my TpT store!  

Have a great weekend!!!

Jessica Travis
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100 Follower Give-Away!!!

I just had to get on and share.... my little blog has over 100 followers now!  (on Bloglovin!)
I posted about it over the weekend, but something like this deserves it's own post!!

I have met so many people through the blogging world and have some really great "online" friendships with some AMAZING teachers and friends!  I know 100 seems small.... but I am so blessed to have this blog and be able to share some ideas!

So in honor of this wonderful milestone....

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what you love about fall!

(I will still keep the comments from the previous post and just add on to that list!)

I will randomly choose 2 winners this Friday (September 27).  You will get $20 to spend in my TpT store...any way you like!

All of you are Amazing!! 

Thank you so much!!!
Jessica Travis
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Alliteration & a GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Saturday sweet friends!

I just wanted to stop in and share an alliteration activity we did this week in class!  The kids just ate it up! (literally!)

We did multiple activities throughout the week...but my kiddos *loved* this one:

We read the book "Some Smug Slug" which is full of s-alliteration!  Very cute and fun to read!!

I wanted to stick with the "s" theme, so I picked up a bag of individually wrapped skittles for each student - since they are all about the letter "S" (perfect....since all of the Halloween candy is already out!)

As a class, we came up with some very cute and creative S-alliteration sentences!  (My babies were very creative with this!)  After writing their S-sentence, they glued a skittle down on each of the S- words in their sentence!  Here were some of my favorites! 

{ Some snakes slither on sand.}

{Shiny stars sparkle in the sky.}

You can get your copy of this activity sheet {HERE}

Now onto the giveaway....  

My little bitty blog has reached 100 followers on Bloglovin!!  To celebrate this milestone and to say THANK YOU, I thought it was time for a give-away!  I haven't had one in a while....and this is perfect!

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what you love about FALL!
I will randomly pick 2 winners to win $20 to my TpT store!!

Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you :)

I will choose the winners this Friday (September 27)!!!  

Have a great weekend!!

Jessica Travis
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Let's Rhyme!

Another week down!  Can you believe we are already half way through September?!

We are about to head into my favorite time of year.... full of holidays and fun activities, but first we have to get through these weeks!

This past week we had so much fun with rhyming!!

Have you ever read "Rhyming Dust Bunnies" ?  It is a hilarious rhyming story and the kids *LOVE* it!!  (Yes, we read it three times in a row!)

We went through each "dust bunny" in the story and shared our own rhyming words!

Next, we created a little craft that sucked them right into rhyming! (literally!)  We made a rhyming vacuum that sucked up dust bunnies that rhymed!

You can grab your vacuum craft HERE!

The next day we had to hunt for our own rhyming dust bunnies!  (They loved this activity!)

I had a jar filled with little dust bunnies that had rhyming words attached!  (little poms that had words hot glued to them!)

The dust bunnies "spilled" all over the floor....

and they went hunting...

This was also a great observation to see who was reading and sounding out the words! 

Once they found their matching dust bunnies, they filled in their sentence to show their rhyming words!

They could choose one or both of the words to illustrate!  
They *loved* working with the dust bunnies and of course trying to be "BOB"....the oddball bunny! Ha!

Now... off to plan for next week and enjoy the weekend!!

Have a great weekend :)

Jessica Travis
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Ten Frames & Alphabet Fun!

Happy Saturday!

Two weeks of school have FLOWN by!  (I guess it helps with a 4-day week last week!)  But looking ahead, I can't believe we are about to begin our 3rd week of school!

I have a great group of firsties this year and we have been having so much fun!  In the past two weeks, we have been working so hard on our alphabet and numbers!  (I love the first week or two because you can really see who is struggling or who is mastering these skills!)  Most of this should have been a review for most of the kiddos....but we all know our kids are on ALL different levels!

We dove right into numbers and ten frames and they *loved* it!!

I made these ten frames with duct tape and the foam circles came from good ole' Wal Mart!  :)
We worked on numbers up to 20 and they so good!

They also got into groups and put their numbers 1-20 in order!  (we may have even had a few races!)

Graphics from Melonheadz.

We also used our cubes to fill in our individual ten frames!

The alphabet is one of my favorite units at the beginning of the year....we don't spend too much time on it, but when we do, we have lots of fun!  We started with putting our letters into order....

(again...there may have been some racing going on!)  They get into it!!

This was an individual activity!
and you can get your FREE copy by clicking {HERE}

Then we focused on our capital letters and lowercase letters.....  

We sorted them as a class and then in small groups!  

Each group presented their charts to the class!
graphic: Melonheadz

They did a great job!!

Whew.... although we had a *great* time.... I am beat at the end of the week!  

Next we start rhyming....which is another favorite!!

Have a great week :)

Jessica Travis
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The Kissing Hand - craft freebie


One week down....and a lot more to go!  I must say, this past week was one of my favorite first weeks that I've ever had!  I think I have a really great group of kiddos this year and we sure worked hard this past first week!

I wrote about some of the crafts we would be doing, and we did do our Kissing Hand craft!  We read the book and discussed all of our feelings on the first day of school.  Then they completed their little craftivity to share their first day feelings!

These two sweethearts were "happy" on their first day!

The craft below was made by a DOLL!  I could literally eat this little guy up!!
His little craft was so cute!  

I have had so many emails about this craft this week and now you can snag it up!  

I had just traced and drew it by hand, so I had to scan it in, but now it's available for you....for FREE!

Just click {HERE} and it's yours!

You can use the craftivity templates for ANY kissing hand activity sheet :)  

Hope you all got some rest this 3-day weekend!!

Jessica Travis
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