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No Prep Interactive Word Work (w/ freebie!)

6 more days friends.  6 days.

Not that I'm counting how many days left of Christmas break I have.... but 6 days friends.

With a few days off I did manage to get a few products finished for my TpT store.  

You can never have too many word work activities in the classroom, as I am always changing these activities out to correlate with our standards and objectives for the week.  

(and even when you aren't teaching these particular objectives, they can always be used for RTI, small groups, review, homework, and even morning work!)

These new word work packets are all NO PREP and all are interactive!  (I don't know about you...but my kiddo LOVE their interactive notebooks!)

I created five packets that cover CVC words, CVCe words (long vowels/silent e), Blends (R, L, and S blends), digraphs (SH, CH, TH, WH, and some PH), and R-Controlled Vowels.

Each of the packets include 5 different activities for each of the phonics skills:

- Build the Word (or blend/digraph)
- Match the Word
- Read and Draw
Real vs. Non-Sense
- Match the picture

(I have also bundled the five packets together for a HUGE it is 
50% right now!!!)
Click on the picture below to take you to the bundle:

I also wanted to share how I organized my bundle..... 

I printed each of the packets and bought a 1 inch binder and a set of dividers.  (perfect... as the dividers come in a package of 5)

I just wrote on each of the tabs with a Sharpie....

Just place each of the individual packets under each tab...

If you want to use the covers and spine label.... just click on the picture below (I made it in color and b/w - which you easily just print onto colored paper to save ink!)

(It's probably going to give you an error code..... I have NO idea why.... I am talking with google support as I write this) - Hopefully it will be fixed soon!  (It's been happening on my last 3 posts - PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS)

With Jaxon being on Christmas break (and no school for 2 weeks....) it didn't hurt to let him help me with some of these activities!

(blends - Match the Blend)

(from the CVC packet - read and draw)

(CVC packet - Real and Non-Sense word sort)

(CVC packet - Matching the word family)

(Blends Packet - Match the picture)

These activities are simple to prep (just print and go!) and are perfect for so many things!

You can click on the links below to take you to each individual packet or scroll up for the BUNDLE!!



the first 2 people to leave a comment will get the bundle FREE!  Don't forget to leave your email address!!!

Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Jessica Travis
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Fun With Digraphs! (and BIG news!)

Happy Saturday friends!

Ahhhh.... Christmas break!  You have finally arrived.   The first official day.  

I'm sitting in the living room watching Home Alone with my littles (although they have dozed off)!  I've got my sweet tea, my slippers on, and I'm blogging for the second time in a week.  Life is good.

This past month has been ALL about digraphs in the classroom.  In the past, I have always taught digraphs so fast (that is how the curriculum went), but now I actually get to slow down and really dive deeper into each digraph.  

To help us get to know each of the digraphs, I made these little brothers....the H brothers!  


Charlie (CH) - the Train Engineer brother (choo choo)

Shane (SH) - the quiet brother (shirt or shhhhh)

Theo (TH) - the mean brother (he sticks his tongue out)

Wheeler (WH) - the coach (he wears his whistle)

Each week we introduced a new brother.  They introduced themselves to us and we worked with their sound (focusing on the beginning and ending digraph).

This was Theo:

We used a lot of my interactive printables from my FREE Digraphs-Interactive Style packet.

You can get all of these printables HERE!

You can also use printables from my other digraph packets by clicking on the pictures below:



You can also snag this FREE sorting activity below by clicking on the picture;

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

BIG NEWS:  (for me at least!)

Soooo.... this break I know is going to fly by and my TO-DO list is a mile long (and growing), but first up on my list is planning for my first presentation with SDE!

I will be presenting in January at the Texas First Grade Conference for SDE!  

I will be presenting with some *amazing* presenters.....  Cara Carroll, Reagan Tunstall, and Erica Bohrer!  (I'm still pinching myself) 

I will be presenting two sessions and while I am nervous to say the least..... My excitement is starting to take over!  I will be surrounded by amazing educators and I am so excited to meet so many new faces.

My two sessions are:

So.... while I should be enjoying my break, I will at least be enjoying getting things ready for after the break!

So if you are in Texas..... you should sign up and come join us in the FUN!

Hope to see you there :)

Jessica Travis
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Jam-Packed December!


Taking deep breaths has become part of my regular December routine!  You know what I'm talking about :)

The Christmas fever is in full swing!  I try to explain to my sweet friends that I am JUST as excited about the break as they are..... but I'm pretty sure they didn't hear me :)

December has been jam-packed with activities, shopping, Christmas get-togethers, growing to-do lists, class parties, family pictures, class parties, end of 1st semester fun (grades, tests, etc...), and did I mention class parties?!  I'll bet money that is ALL my kiddos thought about..... all month!

Today was our class party...which of course means I am now officially on a 2 week break!

The month started out with family pictures to get ready for Christmas cards...

Now that I have one of my own babies in school with me..... we have more activities and get-togethers school-related!  Kindergarten had a family gingerbread night where we all came to the school and built a gingerbread house.  (Daddy and Little M did a fine job of taste-testing ALL of the materials)

Next on our list was of course pictures with Santa.  Since Jaxon's first Christmas, we have gone to Bass Pro..... well.... because it's FREE!  And...they are actually pretty good and quality pictures!

This year we got our ticket and waited TWO hours ....... and this is what we got!

Little M did NOT like this hairy man in a furry all!  AND Jaxon was looking at ME instead of the camera.  It will just be one of those pictures we look back on in a few years and smile :)

So.... now onto the classroom!  

There are SO many fun themes to incorporate into the classroom.   I think my favorite will ALWAYS be Polar Express Day!  It just never gets old.  Of course by now *most* kids have seen the movie.... but still I LOVE it!  The bells, the hot chocolate, I just love it!

Another WONDERFUL day about Polar Express Day...... the pajamas!

And let me just say...... I had an AMAZING Secret Santa at school this year who got me these *adorable* camo pants WITH my initial embroidered on!  

We had our yummy hot chocolate with a *few* marshmallows!

We watched the movie, had our tickets, drank our hot chocolate, made our crafts, and wore our bells.  Pretty much a perfect day!

You can snag up the FREE INTERACTIVE pages for The Polar Express HERE!

You can get the tickets and crafts in my Polar Express packet HERE!

We also did a Reindeer day this year (my first year to do this..... but it will DEFINITELY be on the plans from now on!

We did our facts and vocabulary booklet, KWL, and her adorable little craft!!

Last week on Instagram, I had posted this fun little contractions activity (Rudolph's Crunchy Contractions)

You can snag this little craft for FREE by clicking HERE!!!

With Christmas Break officially here.....Jaxon and I had to celebrate....Sonic style!  

Stay tuned...TOMORROW I'll be back with some Digraph FUN!!!  (and of course....some freebies!) 

Jessica Travis
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Christmas Craft Freebies!!!

Can I just say..... I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!

The lights as you drive down the city streets, the cooler weather, the Christmas music in the stores (and my car!), the joy that just seems to magically fill the air!  I wish it could be Christmas ALL year!

I also LOVE this time of year in the classroom.  Christmas just seems to be one of those holidays where you could do a craft for ANY lesson or activity.  There are so many cute and fun things you can do with some Christmas cuteness!!

This week has been no different.

We started earlier this week reviewing nouns, but going a step deeper and discussing common and proper nouns.

We created these little North Pole Nouns which turned out pretty cute!  (some of my kiddos did NOT want their pole to have eyes.... so they didn't!)

(Sorry for the clarity.... taken with my phone!)

So the students had to write their common nouns on the white stripes and their proper nouns on the red stripes!  

You can get your FREE template of the North Pole Nouns by clicking HERE!
(Their are 2 title pieces - North Pole Nouns and a blank template)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This week in reading we have been all about sequencing.  We have been hitting this skill for a few weeks now, so they are getting pretty good at it!

We read "The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever" by Steven Kroll.  (such a cute story!)

After reading, we built our "Very Merry Sequencing" tree with the Beginning, Middle, and End!

The template includes the title box, however you can use this template with ANY holiday story!

Grab your FREE copy of this by clicking HERE!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Last, but not least..... our writing this week is all about poetry!  (these next three weeks really!)

This week was all about the 5 senses poems.  

We decided to be a little different and write a 5 senses poem from the point of view of Rudolph on Christmas!  "Rudolph's Five Senses of Christmas"

They were adorable!!!

You can grab your FREE copy of the templates by clicking below:

So now our hallway is much more Merry and Bright!!!

Let the countdown begin!!!  20 more days till Christmas :)

Have a great weekend!!

Jessica Travis
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Cyber Sale!!!

My oh My..... it's been OVER a month since my last post.  I'm pretty sure November was cut it half because I honestly can't believe it will be over after tonight.  #helloDecember

This past month was full of a little bit of everything!  (except blogging....obviously)

When the holidays roll into town, time is precious.  I LOVE my breaks from school, but it seems that so much more is piled on... and boy these breaks sure do fly by!

 This past week I was blessed to spend my break with my boys and the Mr. our at the deer lease.  (Even if that means no running water or shower for nearly 5 days)

It was good quality time with NO laptop.... which means I could focus on my family.  We enjoyed riding four-wheelers, cooking every meal outside, playing, dressing in layers, taking naps, spending time together, hunting, and just having FUN!

Each day I look at these little guys and they are literally growing before my eyes.  It seems like yesterday I was bringing little M home from the hospital and only the day before that, Jaxon was born.

So while my list of things to do grew a little longer this past week..... I am so blessed that I had quality time with my family.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Since my To-Do list is growing (both home and school)..... this week's CYBER SALE on TpT will help me knock a few of those things off my list!

If you haven't heard....TpT is having their Cyber Monday AND Tuesday sale starting tomorrow!!!  

My store will be 20% off....but enter the code and you get an additional 10% off!!!!

I know my wishlist and cart are piled high!!!!

Thank you Rachel Lamb for this adorable sale button!!

Need to stock up on a few items....check out some of these packets below!!

Alright.... off to add some more stuff to my cart!!!!

Have a great week :)

Jessica Travis
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It's All About Addition....Halloween Style! {LOTS of Freebies!}


These kids are 12 kinds of crazy this week!  Is it just me?!  It must be the Halloween thing looming around the corner!  Today was Cruh-azy!

Oh... and I had that thing called "Formal Evaluation" this week too!
(It went pretty well... considering the holiday coming up!)  Those things still make me sweat a little......

Any who....

This week is all about addition in Math!  We are using all of our strategies to solve problems up to 20.

The thing I do love about holidays throughout the year is we can make FUN themes while learning!

This week we had a "delivery" from the Pumpkin Pals!

Our bucket included:
- letter from the Pumpkin Pals
- Vocabulary cards
-number lines
- addition number sentence cards

Our letter was explaining that there will be a "pumpkin party" this Friday and we are ALL invited...... BUT.... we have to solve an addition number sentence using our number line and sort them to the pumpkin sums. 

Vocabulary Cards:

Have you ever used magnet tape?!  I am IN love with it!  This made it easy to label a number sentence!

To start off whole group, I made a single PowerPoint slide that had a number line on it that we could use on our board to practice...

We used the speech bubble to write our number sentence in (from the cards the pumpkin pals sent us)

After working with our number line whole group, students each received their own number lines and chose their own number sentence:

Students chose a card and had to use the number line to solve it.  We practiced with a few different number sentences.

After a few times to practice, it was time to sort our cards to the pumpkin sums!  (I mean.... we REALLY want to go to the pumpkin party!)
(This pumpkin party will be our pumpkin carving party on Friday!)

My kiddos LOVED this activity and are dying to know what this little party will be all about!
(I haven't told them we will be doing fun pumpkin activities and carving, etc...)

You can get the PowerPoint number line slide by clicking HERE!

You can get the number sentence cards AND number lines by clicking HERE!

(I just printed enough number lines for each student to have one..... I laminated them and then the students could write with their dry erase markers!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sticking with the Halloween theme......

We made these adorable "Spider Sums" yesterday!  I copied the legs on multiple different bright papers and the students had to choose their legs.  The addition number sentence came from the colored legs.  (5 green and 3 pink = 5+3)

I made up this little poem (corny I know) to display above their Spiders!

You can also snag this spider craft up for FREE by clicking HERE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Have a great week friends!

Jessica Travis
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