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Plants....and more plants!

I must say the weather is gorgeous today!  Spring is here (for today at least!)  You never know here in North Texas!

With spring in full bloom, it was time to begin our unit on Plants!  We usually spend a good two weeks with plants.  The first week we gather all of our information, learn all about the parts and what they do, and conduct a few whole-group experiments.  The second week I like to have the students plant their own plants (which we do this coming week!) and we observe our plants daily and document our findings!

This past week we were talking about plants in almost every subject!    We even saw plants during our contractions unit!

Once we reached Science, we really started to dive into plants!

We focused the first two days on what plants need and made a few booklets, flip charts, and crafts!

We then labeled our plant and all of the plant parts:

After learning about each part of the plant, we focused on what each part of the plant is responsible for!  We got to meet our friends Larry, Sally, Steve, Randy, and Fran.   

Each friend has their own card the explains in detail about their part of the plant and what they do!

The students also received their own cards in black and white to help them complete their own Parts of a Plant book.

On Thursday, we read "Tops & Bottoms" which I absolutely LOVE! 

After reading our story, we made a chart where we sorted different vegetables and where they grow!

One of my team teachers brought in *tons* of vegetables for our entire grade level and we went to sorting!

We placed a table cloth on the ground and divided it into four sections (roots, stem, leaves, and flower)

I just wrote on it with a sharpie! 

I placed all of the vegetables in the center!

...and we went to cutting, breaking, sorting, and some of us wanted to take a bite of them!

This is what it looked like when were finished!

We just *had* to save a stem and place it in some colored water.  We had learned that the stem carries the water to the other parts of the plant and leaves, so we just had to test it out!

Just after one day.....  it worked!  (imagine that!) 

They turned BLUE!!  

Most of these activities came from my newest plants unit:

You can click on the picture above to take you to the unit!

It is already marked down AND an additional 20% off through Monday!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Jessica Travis
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EGG-Cited About Compound Words- FREEBIE!

Happy Tuesday!!

I know many of you are on your Spring Break this I hope you are enjoying your time off (although I'm sure many of you are still working on school stuff!)  We never stop!

We have been diving head first into spring activities and everything that comes with spring!  This week is no different.  We have been flying high with fractions, starting out with plants, and having an early Easter with a little hunt....a compound word hunt that is!

We worked a lot with compound words after the winter break, but we touched back on it for a few days this week.

I stopped at the local dollar store (my favorite!) and picked up some plastic eggs and a $1 basket.  I wrote a few compound words on the eggs (first word on top and second word on bottom).

Pretty simple huh?!

Each student chose one egg....

(I want the blue one...... I want a yellow one....... Oh just pick one!!!)  
I say that with my sweetest little voice ;)

They each get their own "EGG-Cited about Compounds activity sheet, which allows them to break apart their egg and dissect their compound word.  (seeing as how a compound word is made up of two real and complete words!)

You can grab your FREE copy of this little recording sheet by clicking

Today we went on a little compound word hunt.....and they LOVED it!  I just printed off some simple compound word pictures and placed them all around the room.  

They took off with their clipboards and wrote away!  We set the timer to see how many words they could actually identify and write onto their recording sheet....

So simple..... yet so FUN!  Some kiddos wanted to put ball....or flower....which allowed for a quick reminder of what a compound word is!  So they quickly changed their answer!!!

You can grab your pictures and recording sheet for FREE by clicking 

Tomorrow we start contractions and continue with plants!!  It's a busy and fun-filled week!!!

Jessica Travis
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Let's READ!

Spring Break is in full swing here!   And with an 80 degree day, it is BEAUTIFUL!  (I better enjoy it because tomorrow will only be 50 degrees!)

While I worry about my own students having only 50-something days left to learn EVERYTHING, I also stop and look at my own child who will be starting kindergarten in less than 6 months!  WHAT?!

He is already so smart and I know he will do fine, but as a mom AND a teacher, I worry even more!

He is always asking me to bring books home from school (the little leveled readers) because we have read his own books over and over again!  I thought, why not make him some leveled readers that he can keep and read any time he wants!

Introducing..... Let's Read (8 emergent reading books using the Pre-Primer sight words and CVC words)  I created the packet in colored books and b/w books.

Jaxon dove right in...

I printed the b/w copy for him to cut out and put together.

They are SUPER easy to make!  Just cut out, cut through the middle, and staple together!

I also printed the same book in color and laminated.  

There are 8 different books included in the pack...

and VERY simple directions:

These books are great for your end of year Pre-K friends, your beginning readers in Kindergarten, and even great for your RTI in first grade!

Just click on the cover below to grab your copy!

Happy Reading!

I just had to share this picture of Little M...... what kid (or adult!) doesn't love bubbles?

His little expression just says... "WHAAAT?!  Bubbles!!!"

Jessica Travis
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Let's Do Some MATH!

So it's Monday morning and I'm still in my jammies playing with my boys!  NOT because it's Spring Break already....but we have a snow day! (insert HUGE smile!)  The crazy thing..... it was 85 degrees less than 48 hours ago!  That's Texas weather for you!

I guess I should say we have an ICE day, because we had freezing rain and our temp is only 18 degrees so we have some fun roads right now!

This allowed me to finish up my latest packet: Math For Me!  This packet has activity sheets for most of the objectives and standards we cover in first grade.  I personally will have these in a notebook and use them in my small Math groups!

I have two different packets included: (1) My Math Notebook: which includes the activity sheets that students can complete quickly and give ME a quick look at where my students are, and (2) My RTI Math Notebook: this mini packet of activities are perfect for your struggling kiddos who are in need of a little Math intervention.  These sheets are below the first grade level, however it will let ME know if they have the foundation to continue!

I put the notebooks together last night and my sweet Jaxon tested them out!  (Forgive the backwards numbers and writing..... my little Pre-K buddy is working so hard!)

Jaxon was asking to do the ENTIRE notebook..... so it must be fun!  I mean, who wouldn't love to use dry-erase makers WHILE working?!  

I also put together the RTI packet, which is a mini-packet of ten pages that cover skills from numbers, shapes, and even basic addition with pictures)

(These notebook covers come in color and B/W)

Jaxon could have done the whole notebook last night if I would have let him!  

If you don't want to use a can always copy the packet and using a 3-hole punch, just put into a folder for every student or just a small group.  It's up to YOU!

Just click on the picture below for more details and to snag you a copy!  

It's on SALE through today for 40% off!!

Have a happy Monday!!!

Jessica Travis
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