Let's READ!

Spring Break is in full swing here!   And with an 80 degree day, it is BEAUTIFUL!  (I better enjoy it because tomorrow will only be 50 degrees!)

While I worry about my own students having only 50-something days left to learn EVERYTHING, I also stop and look at my own child who will be starting kindergarten in less than 6 months!  WHAT?!

He is already so smart and I know he will do fine, but as a mom AND a teacher, I worry even more!

He is always asking me to bring books home from school (the little leveled readers) because we have read his own books over and over again!  I thought, why not make him some leveled readers that he can keep and read any time he wants!

Introducing..... Let's Read (8 emergent reading books using the Pre-Primer sight words and CVC words)  I created the packet in colored books and b/w books.

Jaxon dove right in...

I printed the b/w copy for him to cut out and put together.

They are SUPER easy to make!  Just cut out, cut through the middle, and staple together!

I also printed the same book in color and laminated.  

There are 8 different books included in the pack...

and VERY simple directions:

These books are great for your end of year Pre-K friends, your beginning readers in Kindergarten, and even great for your RTI in first grade!

Just click on the cover below to grab your copy!

Happy Reading!

I just had to share this picture of Little M...... what kid (or adult!) doesn't love bubbles?

His little expression just says... "WHAAAT?!  Bubbles!!!"

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