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Celebrate Freedom......Early SALE!

The last day of June.  Seriously?
Where in the world is the time going?  I don't know about y'all, but time *needs* to slow down!

I can't believe that in six weeks, I will be heading back for my 8th year of teaching and my littlest will be TWO.  Holy Cow!

Since 4th of July is coming (and I can't slow down time).... I'm throwing a little sale!

My entire store will be 20% off through Wednesday night!  

This past weekend.... our little bitty town (I think our population has now reached 700!) threw their big annual fireworks show. 

...and what show isn't complete without some serious delicious chocolate ice the form of a shake?!  (my thoughts exactly!)

We took sweet husband's truck and sat in the back and watched the BOOMS.  (according to Little M....they are boom booms!)  

By the way... pretty sure I have permanent scars from Little M's nails digging into me with every BOOM that went off!  Not really his cup of tea!  Jaxon on the other hand could have sat there ALL night!

(taking pictures of fireworks at night with your cell phone..... not so much!)

Have a great Monday sweet friends!

Jessica Travis
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Back To School ~ Interactive Style!

I know....I know.... we just got out for summer!  But I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking a *little* about the beginning of next year?!

Don't get me wrong....I'm still in my pajamas (it's 1:00 in the afternoon!) and lounging around is pretty normal these days, but I still think about school sometimes!

I just whipped up this little FUN interactive back to school packet....perfect for the first week of school!

I really plan on using interactive journals in multiple subjects and activities this why not start the first week?!

I know the first week we are still sorting supplies so you may not have student journals ready, so you can easily make this with a student journal or simply make a construction paper foldable!  (Then they can take them home!)

I like to print my pages on bright colored paper.... but you can just as easily use white paper and the students can make it their own!

After choosing which route to go (journal or construction paper)....  it's simple from then on!

Here are both examples of the cover that is included!  

Students can easily color the cover to make it their own!

(Yes...Little M decided to grab a green crayon and attempt to make this his own!)

(I chose black construction paper because it made the colored paper pop out...and students could write in a white crayon!  If you would rather have them write with a pencil, of course choose a different color!

While this page has first graders in mind, I did include templates for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd grade!

Don't want to use colored paper.... no problem!

Just print on white and it's just as FUN!

Your students are sure to have fun sharing about themselves, while getting to know their new classmates!

You can click on the picture below to check out the packet!!  (on sale for a limited time!)

AND.... the first THREE people to comment will get the packet for FREE!

Don't forget to leave your email address :)

Jessica Travis
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It's Moving Day!

Well I guess I can officially say......I am moving!

I will be leaving my only teaching home I have known and where I have taught the past seven years.  I have taken another first grade position in a district much closer to my home and I am SOOO excited!  (nervous, happy, scared, but very excited!)

I have been packing up my room the past two days at school and bringing it all home..... lucky for me I have an upstairs that is rarely used, so I have plenty of storage!

This is only two loads of "stuff" and I have about two more loads to go!  

I have had both boys up "helping" me pack which has been loads of fun!  {insert sarcastic tone!}

However....with a few big boxes, they were pretty entertained!

Jaxon even grabbed a big box and made it into a fort..... however he decided to write "Jaxon Shed" on it!  This guy cracks me right up!   
But he is so smart...... I'm over packing and he says "Mama.... this is my shed and it starts with an SH cause it makes a /sh/ sound!"  Your future kindergarten teacher will be so proud! :)

And of course Little M had to make his mark too!  (see the beautiful orange marker coloring masterpiece?!)

So..... now I get to plan a whole new room and meet a wonderful new team!!  

Jessica Travis
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Father's Day Fun!

Can you believe it will already be Father's Day this Sunday?!   Geeez!!!  Slow down summer :)

The boys and I whipped up a really quick sign this morning and headed out to the railroad nearby and off we went!   Trying to get TWO kids to look at the camera at the same time definitely brought out my OCD and controlling mom!  {don't judge!} :)

While little M was more interested in the *enormous* collection of rocks he could play with, Jaxon did a great job at posing!  Little M did sneak up in a few pictures....usually with a rock in his hand :)

I did manage to get ONE picture of them looking at the camera at the SAME time!  

We gathered our favorite pictures and grabbed a frame and went to work!

I typed up a little saying:  "The greatest gift we ever got came from God.  We call him Daddy."  

This was the finished product:

So..... what are your plans for Father's Day?

Jessica Travis
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A little bit of Randomness & a Mystery!

Ahhhh.... summer is officially here!  (However with two little kiddos that got up at 6:30..... no sleeping in!)

I of course have my summer planned out with what I *need* to accomplish and what I want to do .... but I am just going to try and relax for a while!  I am currently taking a summer course for graduate school, so besides that.... life is good!

Lots of changes are coming soon (more with details later!)

Starting with......  this little guy!  He graduated Pre-K last week and will be in kindergarten this year!  (insert sad face!)

He is just so handsome!  He won the award for "Best Handwriting"!  

I also never shared what went on the last week of school!  I wasn't that great with taking pictures because we all know the last week of school can be cruh-azy! 

We had a "Reading Camp-Out Day!" where we brought in our blankets and flash lights and of course made some delicious s'mores!

We also made our little "This Year Was SWEET" craftivity!  We reflected on the year and shared our favorite moments!  (you can find this craft for FREE in my store!)

Do you remember last year when I shared that we got a new pet.....a turtle?  Well we still have him....although he has grown quite a bit!  

This was when we got him....  is he not the cutest little thang you ever saw?! (He was the size of a quarter)

and this his him now....

When we clean his tank out, we let him get some exercise and sun outside!  We of course have to keep our eye on him....cause he would be GONE! 

I'm telling y'all....this post is all kinds of random!

But now onto the mystery.....

I am doing "The Mystery 5!"  There will be FIVE products in my store that will be half off....yes you read that right!  50% off my friends!

But it's a mystery!  You have to head on over to my store to find out!!!  

The products will be 50% off through FRIDAY!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer....and for those still in school..... hoping the time passes quickly for you!!!

Jessica Travis
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