Celebrate Freedom......Early SALE!

The last day of June.  Seriously?
Where in the world is the time going?  I don't know about y'all, but time *needs* to slow down!

I can't believe that in six weeks, I will be heading back for my 8th year of teaching and my littlest will be TWO.  Holy Cow!

Since 4th of July is coming (and I can't slow down time).... I'm throwing a little sale!

My entire store will be 20% off through Wednesday night!  

This past weekend.... our little bitty town (I think our population has now reached 700!) threw their big annual fireworks show. 

...and what show isn't complete without some serious delicious chocolate ice cream....in the form of a shake?!  (my thoughts exactly!)

We took sweet husband's truck and sat in the back and watched the BOOMS.  (according to Little M....they are boom booms!)  

By the way... pretty sure I have permanent scars from Little M's nails digging into me with every BOOM that went off!  Not really his cup of tea!  Jaxon on the other hand could have sat there ALL night!

(taking pictures of fireworks at night with your cell phone..... not so much!)

Have a great Monday sweet friends!

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