Father's Day Fun!

Can you believe it will already be Father's Day this Sunday?!   Geeez!!!  Slow down summer :)

The boys and I whipped up a really quick sign this morning and headed out to the railroad nearby and off we went!   Trying to get TWO kids to look at the camera at the same time definitely brought out my OCD and controlling mom!  {don't judge!} :)

While little M was more interested in the *enormous* collection of rocks he could play with, Jaxon did a great job at posing!  Little M did sneak up in a few pictures....usually with a rock in his hand :)

I did manage to get ONE picture of them looking at the camera at the SAME time!  

We gathered our favorite pictures and grabbed a frame and went to work!

I typed up a little saying:  "The greatest gift we ever got came from God.  We call him Daddy."  

This was the finished product:

So..... what are your plans for Father's Day?


  1. Jessica, your little boys walking along that railroad track is the cutest picture. I know you must love them so much!
    Deb at Fabulously First


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