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Mini Shape Posters

So I just looked at the calendar and I have only 2 weeks left of summer {insert nervous, scared, sad, excited face here!}

I have 2 days this week of workshops/professional development, 2 days next week, and then I go back full time the week after that!

So.... I am in official panic/get ready/ set up classroom / hurry / what are you waiting for? mode!
I have been printing and laminating my little heart out!  (The cutting out....yeah, well, it's still waiting to be cut out!)

My last post included some pretty big freebies!  (did you snag some of them up?)

Well...this post will be no different!  It's another freebie!  This time.... it's shape posters!

These are mini posters so they will take up less space {and less ink!} 

You can click either of the pictures or click HERE to snag up your Shape Posters!

So.... how long do you have left?

Jessica Travis
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Classroom Decor {freebies}

Hi y'all!

Just like many of you....I have been thinking all about my classroom and back-to-school!  {The summer sure does fly by, huh?!}

My printer currently has some very rude words for me  (poor thing has been working over time!)  However.... I just wanted to share a few of the decor packets I have been printing....

and they are FREE for YOU!!

These mini little rules posters:

you can click HERE for the Rules Posters!

and these little dismissal cards (easy to make a dismissal clip chart!)

you can click HERE for the Dismissal Posters

and these little number posters with ten frames!  {I printed mine 2 to a page....saved on some ink and will be perfect on a bulletin board!}

you can click HERE for the Number Posters!

and these little word wall letters! (perfect to hang up and put your word wall words underneath!)

you can click HERE for the Word Wall Letters!

Hope this will help while you get ready for Back-to-School!!  

Jessica Travis
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Word Work {Build, Read, & Write}


Who am I kidding?  It's like Friday everyday in the summer :)  Although.... school will be here before I know it!  (Less than three weeks and I am back to work full time!)

I just finished up my latest Word Work packet!  {Build it, Read it, & Write it}

This is one of my favorite activities that my kids do!  I have had my babies doing this center for the past few years, however I never really had a complete packet to access.  It was always....let's write something real quick....whip up a recording sheet (or get your writing journal out!) and go from there!

This packet is so much fun because it is hands-on AND engaging for the students!


This packet includes 35 different poems, chants, songs, and familiar sayings that kids have been singing for decades!

Each poem includes:
~ complete poem in color (attach this to your envelope OR just stash inside your center container)
~ The word pieces of the poem (this is for the students to manipulate and re-create the poem!)
~ 2 recording sheets

Setting up the center is SUPER easy too!

Just print out your poem for the week (or however often you wish to change them out!)
I use the large 9x12 envelopes as it makes for easy storage!
Paste the complete poem cover on the envelope (serves multiple purposes - easy title for storage and easy visual for the students!)

Print out the poem pieces on your choice of paper (I used brightly colored paper because it just pops out better!)
Print your recording sheets and place all of the pieces inside the corresponding envelope!

The students will get all of the pieces out and have to manipulate the pieces to re-create the poem, using the completed poem as a visual.

I have included TWO different recording sheets for EACH poem.  Students can simply write the poem only or use the recording sheet that includes an illustration box.

You can easily print paper copies for each student and collect the writings for a mini portfolio, or you can easily insert the recording sheet into a writing sleeve or sheet protector to save on paper!

This center is easy to store, easy to use, and your students are accomplishing multiple objectives while completing this. 

I have the packet for 50% off right now in my store!  (it's almost 200 pages and only $3.75)

However, as usual..... the first THREE people to comment below AND leave their email address will receive the packet for FREE!

Happy Friday :)

Jessica Travis
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Alphabet Posters {FREE}

Hi Y'all! I have made probably about 6{ish} different alphabet poster sets for this year!  {call me crazy...I can't pick a theme!}

Since I get a new room this year...I have really tossed multiple ideas around with how I want to set it up, organize it, colors, etc....

I think I have it now!  I know I want the bright colors.... lime green, hot pink, turquoise, orange, yellow. But these color really POP when they are on black.... so I think that is what I am going with!

I whipped up these alphabet posters real quick and they are going to be FREE!!!  You can click below to get them through Google Docs or you can always go to my TpT store and snag them up :)

You can click on the picture below or HERE to get your set!

These posters are in the traditional manuscript :)


IF you don't want to use so much can always adjust your printer settings and make 2 posters per page!!

Enjoy :)

Jessica Travis
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Tackling a New Year! {Back to School FUN!}

Happy Sunday Friends!

I'm watching me some golf right now...the British Open to be exact.  Yep...I'm that girl!  I LOVE sports!  I played sports...I still play sports (not competitively) and I love watching sports!  I am all about some baseball, basketball, golf, football, and I even go as far as to watch the fishing and hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel!

However...there isn't nothin' like football season in our house!  And yes...I am a HUGE Cowboys fan {gasp!}.   The husband....not so much!  He likes every team EXCEPT the game days are really fun at our house!  I'm the one all decked out in my cowboys gear screaming at the TV and being obnoxiously annoying! {in a good way!} And the husband...well...when the Cowboys aren't on their "A" game....I get a lot of laughs!

So it was pretty easy coming up with a sports-themed back to school packet this year!  Of course.... it's football themed!

Introducing........"Tackling a New Year!"

This packet is perfect for Back to School..... as it covers rules, consequences, teamwork, and how to be a good teammate {friend!}  
I have included all of the writing and activity sheets for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade and it includes both the primary writing lines and the advanced writing templates.  There are also multiple craftivities (for both boys and case you have some girls who would rather think cheerleading and not football!)

There are two different versions of the craftivities.

Craftivity {1} will focus on making a booklet for how to be a good teammate {being a good friend!}

Each creates a booklet and you can copy as many blank writing template pages as needed to make the book as long as needed!

Each of the booklets also comes with both types of writing lines.  (picture above is the primary writing lines)

Also included in the packet is a craftivity for students to write "How to Tackle a New Year!" Students will get to write all about how to make this the best year yet!  

These will make a great hallway display and keepsake!  

The packet is on SALE right now so you can snag it up before school starts!

Just click HERE to check it out! 

Also...the first THREE people to comment AND leave their email address...will get it for FREE!!

***Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and my TpT store..... I usually post pictures of the units right before they are released....and usually do a FLASH FREEBIE for EVERY unit I post!!  

Have a great weekend!!!!

Jessica Travis
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A Summer Sale! {and a freebie!}

Happy Thursday (I think?!)

It's kinda nice when all of these summer days seem to run together!

With July over half way over... I decided to throw a little Summer Savings sale in my TpT store!  Now through Sunday, everything will be 20% off!  Go stock up now from your wishlist :)

I have been reading everyone's posts and seeing all the wonderful pictures from Vegas last week.....and I *HAVE* to go next year!  There was no way I could make it this year....but after seeing all of the fun and wonderful experiences you all have been sharing....count me in!

I have also been working on a few packets and they are finally posted in my store...

This packet has TEN hands on literacy centers and are *perfect* for back to school / September!  

(The first 3 people to leave a comment will get this little packet for FREE!)
Don't forget your email address!!  

I also created this mini-packet on digraphs ~ interactive style!  

This packet you can snag up for FREE in my TpT store (or just click the picture above!)

Wow...this post was kinda random...huh?! 

I will be heading up to my NEW classroom in a few weeks..... can't wait to post all about this new adventure :)

Happy Summer!

Jessica Travis
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Mornin' Y'all!'s official.   I have *finally* joined Instagram! As I say.... #betterlatethannever!

and yes.... there is only one post {for now!}

I plan on using Instagram to give you sneak peaks at what I'm workin on..... classroom, home, and everything else!  (My boys will probably show up from time to time too!)

So.....PLEASE head on over to Instagram and follow ME!  :)
It's looking a little lonely over there!

Have a Happy Monday!!!!

Jessica Travis
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Sweet or Sour.....Behavior that is!

Hello July.  You have come much quicker than I really wanted.

Now I have to officially say.... I start school NEXT month.  Thanks July.

Don't get me wrong... I am SUPER excited to start at my new school this year.... but that doesn't mean that I want summer to fly by.

Anywho... I have been thinking about the first week of school. A lot.  Like really a lot.  This year will be different.  I won't know a single student (except my own child....and that doesn't really count!)  I don't have the background knowledge of these babies and where they are coming from.  I won't know any of the parents. I don't know their behavior reputation.  It's a completely fresh start.  Kinda excited about this!

Speaking of the behavior.... I really want to have a visual for the students when they think of behavior this year.  I want to have that little line I can use when I see poor behavior and say.... "Hey...remember this?"

Introducing.... "Sweet & Sour Behavior"

This little packet has various activities that you can use at the beginning of the year to help your students really separate the sweet (good) and sour (poor) behaviors!  
These are some of the goodies you will find inside:

(I included an example!)
They will get to write their very own recipe of what Sweet Behavior looks like!

Some graphic organizers....flip chart (with multiple variations!) 

and my favorite.... a little craftivity booklet!

This booklet has two different templates (one with lines for writing.....and one is blank (with prompts!) that students can illustrate in the lower grades!

and the best part of this whole little snazzy pack.....   it's FREE!  

AND.... I created a version for our Canadian friends that includes the behaviour spelling :)

Both packets are posted in my store! 

Just click on the picture below :)

or click HERE for the Canadian version....

Have a happy and SAFE 4th of July :)

Jessica Travis
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