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It's All About Addition....Halloween Style! {LOTS of Freebies!}


These kids are 12 kinds of crazy this week!  Is it just me?!  It must be the Halloween thing looming around the corner!  Today was Cruh-azy!

Oh... and I had that thing called "Formal Evaluation" this week too!
(It went pretty well... considering the holiday coming up!)  Those things still make me sweat a little......

Any who....

This week is all about addition in Math!  We are using all of our strategies to solve problems up to 20.

The thing I do love about holidays throughout the year is we can make FUN themes while learning!

This week we had a "delivery" from the Pumpkin Pals!

Our bucket included:
- letter from the Pumpkin Pals
- Vocabulary cards
-number lines
- addition number sentence cards

Our letter was explaining that there will be a "pumpkin party" this Friday and we are ALL invited...... BUT.... we have to solve an addition number sentence using our number line and sort them to the pumpkin sums. 

Vocabulary Cards:

Have you ever used magnet tape?!  I am IN love with it!  This made it easy to label a number sentence!

To start off whole group, I made a single PowerPoint slide that had a number line on it that we could use on our board to practice...

We used the speech bubble to write our number sentence in (from the cards the pumpkin pals sent us)

After working with our number line whole group, students each received their own number lines and chose their own number sentence:

Students chose a card and had to use the number line to solve it.  We practiced with a few different number sentences.

After a few times to practice, it was time to sort our cards to the pumpkin sums!  (I mean.... we REALLY want to go to the pumpkin party!)
(This pumpkin party will be our pumpkin carving party on Friday!)

My kiddos LOVED this activity and are dying to know what this little party will be all about!
(I haven't told them we will be doing fun pumpkin activities and carving, etc...)

You can get the PowerPoint number line slide by clicking HERE!

You can get the number sentence cards AND number lines by clicking HERE!

(I just printed enough number lines for each student to have one..... I laminated them and then the students could write with their dry erase markers!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sticking with the Halloween theme......

We made these adorable "Spider Sums" yesterday!  I copied the legs on multiple different bright papers and the students had to choose their legs.  The addition number sentence came from the colored legs.  (5 green and 3 pink = 5+3)

I made up this little poem (corny I know) to display above their Spiders!

You can also snag this spider craft up for FREE by clicking HERE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Have a great week friends!

Jessica Travis
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1 comment:

  1. Jessica,

    I seriously love everything you do! That spider craftivity is adorable - I just might need to create some wall space for it this week!

    Paiges of Learning


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