Cyber Sale!!!

My oh My..... it's been OVER a month since my last post.  I'm pretty sure November was cut it half because I honestly can't believe it will be over after tonight.  #helloDecember

This past month was full of a little bit of everything!  (except blogging....obviously)

When the holidays roll into town, time is precious.  I LOVE my breaks from school, but it seems that so much more is piled on... and boy these breaks sure do fly by!

 This past week I was blessed to spend my break with my boys and the Mr. our at the deer lease.  (Even if that means no running water or shower for nearly 5 days)

It was good quality time with NO laptop.... which means I could focus on my family.  We enjoyed riding four-wheelers, cooking every meal outside, playing, dressing in layers, taking naps, spending time together, hunting, and just having FUN!

Each day I look at these little guys and they are literally growing before my eyes.  It seems like yesterday I was bringing little M home from the hospital and only the day before that, Jaxon was born.

So while my list of things to do grew a little longer this past week..... I am so blessed that I had quality time with my family.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Since my To-Do list is growing (both home and school)..... this week's CYBER SALE on TpT will help me knock a few of those things off my list!

If you haven't heard....TpT is having their Cyber Monday AND Tuesday sale starting tomorrow!!!  

My store will be 20% off....but enter the code and you get an additional 10% off!!!!

I know my wishlist and cart are piled high!!!!

Thank you Rachel Lamb for this adorable sale button!!

Need to stock up on a few items....check out some of these packets below!!

Alright.... off to add some more stuff to my cart!!!!

Have a great week :)

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