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No Prep Interactive Word Work (w/ freebie!)

6 more days friends.  6 days.

Not that I'm counting how many days left of Christmas break I have.... but 6 days friends.

With a few days off I did manage to get a few products finished for my TpT store.  

You can never have too many word work activities in the classroom, as I am always changing these activities out to correlate with our standards and objectives for the week.  

(and even when you aren't teaching these particular objectives, they can always be used for RTI, small groups, review, homework, and even morning work!)

These new word work packets are all NO PREP and all are interactive!  (I don't know about you...but my kiddo LOVE their interactive notebooks!)

I created five packets that cover CVC words, CVCe words (long vowels/silent e), Blends (R, L, and S blends), digraphs (SH, CH, TH, WH, and some PH), and R-Controlled Vowels.

Each of the packets include 5 different activities for each of the phonics skills:

- Build the Word (or blend/digraph)
- Match the Word
- Read and Draw
Real vs. Non-Sense
- Match the picture

(I have also bundled the five packets together for a HUGE it is 
50% right now!!!)
Click on the picture below to take you to the bundle:

I also wanted to share how I organized my bundle..... 

I printed each of the packets and bought a 1 inch binder and a set of dividers.  (perfect... as the dividers come in a package of 5)

I just wrote on each of the tabs with a Sharpie....

Just place each of the individual packets under each tab...

If you want to use the covers and spine label.... just click on the picture below (I made it in color and b/w - which you easily just print onto colored paper to save ink!)

(It's probably going to give you an error code..... I have NO idea why.... I am talking with google support as I write this) - Hopefully it will be fixed soon!  (It's been happening on my last 3 posts - PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS)

With Jaxon being on Christmas break (and no school for 2 weeks....) it didn't hurt to let him help me with some of these activities!

(blends - Match the Blend)

(from the CVC packet - read and draw)

(CVC packet - Real and Non-Sense word sort)

(CVC packet - Matching the word family)

(Blends Packet - Match the picture)

These activities are simple to prep (just print and go!) and are perfect for so many things!

You can click on the links below to take you to each individual packet or scroll up for the BUNDLE!!



the first 2 people to leave a comment will get the bundle FREE!  Don't forget to leave your email address!!!

Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Jessica Travis
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  1. I would love a copy of your interactive phonics bundle, it looks interesting and fun. This is soooo awesome!!
    Happy New Year 2015

    Thanks so much

    1. I am unable to download the freebie :(
      Whenever I try this is the message I keep getting from Google:-

      We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.

      Find out more about this topic at the Google Drive Help Center.

  2. Hi Mia,
    I will email you the bundle AND the freebie. I have been in contact with google about this issue. It has been happening on my last three posts! (insert tears!) I have NO idea why it's happening but hope to find the fix soon!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    1. Thank you so much Jessica!
      Take care

    2. Hey Jessica. Was I the 2nd to comment. I didn't get the bundle emailed if so. Thank you so much and your blog is always awesome and so helpful!

  3. I would love a copy!! Thank you Kristin Undereood

    1. My email is Thank you!!

  4. Will you email me the freebie too please?!?!

  5. Can I get a copy too please. I tried and failed also.
    Thank you.

  6. These look WONDERFUL. ad for the freebie, Google is sometimes wonky. I know it is frustrating. :/ Off to check out these goodies on TPT. They really look like something I could use with my ELL students.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan


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