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R-Controlled Vowels (and a freebie!)

Happy Saturday!

Can I just say that the weather down here in Texas is C-R-A-Z-Y!  I am in the northern part of Texas and in the past week we have seen 70 degrees, 13 degrees, gusting winds, and back up to 70 by tomorrow! I have family in Houston who saw SNOW and ice!  Now, I know it's January and Texas is notorious for up and down weather....but let me just say that I am ready for spring!

We were all outside 5 days ago and now we are bundled up in blankets and sweats!

Jaxon got a new set of golf clubs for Christmas so we practice all.the.time!

Thanks to this crazy weather, we are all suffering from some form of illness - from allergies and colds to even (dare I say) the flu!  Two weeks ago I was blessed to have two sick children in my house (flu and RSV and strep throat....again!)  And that was WITH their flu shots in November!  (ugh!)
This was our counter for a few days earlier this month!

Jaxon will be having his tonsils out in two weeks so hopefully he will be feeling much better!

(I promise to get to school-related things shortly!)

My little (not-so-little) guy will be turning FIVE tomorrow!  I mean...five?  Really?  He starts kindergarten this year so I'm pretty exited about that, but it literally feels like I was bringing him home yesterday from the hospital!  He is reading and writing and getting so smart by the minute!  I bring books home from our library at school and we just sit and read!  (He reads to me!)  I am definitely a proud mama!

OK.... onto the school stuff!

This past week we were ALL about R-Controlled Vowels!

We broke it down into groups.... one day /ar/, the next day /or/, and finally /er/, /ir/, and /ur/ were altogether!

We started with /ar/ and we all magically became mateys!  (Pirates that is!)  We watched an adorable YouTube video with /ar/

(I hope the link works!)

Each group made their own pirate chart of /ar/ words and then we all came together to create one large chart.  They made their own little pirates and pirate chests with treasure and /ar/ words.

You can grab your copy of this craft by clicking HERE!

The next day we dipped into the /or/ sound.  We were all about popcORn!  Since we had already learned about the /ar/ sound, we played a little sorting game with /ar/ and /or/ words.  The dollar section at Target (a favorite little place of mine!) had these popcorn buckets a while back and they came in handy for this!  

Students played a group game and they had to sort the /or/ words into the popcorn bucket.  The /ar/ words were discarded to the side!

The final day was our favorite by far!  

We received a "package" from the /er/, /ir/, and /ur/ triplets!  

They sent us a letter, pictures of themselves, super fun hats, word cards, our very own super hero masks, and a super fun word hunt!

The letter explains that if we wanted to become a super hero with our friends, we would have to sort and identify the r-controlled vowel in our words.  We had to of course practice with our friends first, which got to wear these super cool hats and be our supER leadERs!  

After sorting the cards to our leadERs, we had to sort to the super triplets!

When they had sorted all of their cards correctly, they became a super hero!!!  They created their super fun masks and had a blast!  (they *may* have been a little excited and LOUD!)

I could not find my elastic for the life of me!  So these {random} paint sticks were all I could find!  But they didn't care....they had a blast!  

They grabbed their masks and magnifying glasses and went hunting!

They had a blast!  

I'm pretty sure their super hero powers lasted well into the rest of the day!  

You can also snag this activity up for FREE by clicking HERE!

We also had some *super* fun with telling time this past week!  I am working on a packet now and I can't wait to show you what we were up to! 

Have a great weekend :)

This little guy says hi!

Jessica Travis
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