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End of Year FUN! {with a freebie!}

8 days my friends.  8 days.

In 8 days, the sweet sweet sound of summer will be here!  This year has been amazing!  It has definitely flown by, but it has been amazing! I had a great group of kiddos and I really feel they all made so much progress!  #proudteacher

This year also marks the last 8 days my oldest baby will attend daycare.  He will *officially* be with me next year as he enters Kindergarten!  I'm pretty sure I blinked a few times and he literally grew up before my eyes overnight!

Sooooo.... when there are only 8 days left, that means that we have pretty much finished up our regular curriculum and we are reviewing and finding some fun activities to keep us busy and engaged!

I'm usually coming up with random activities on the spot and rushing to create them......which brings this little writing activity!

We used it for sight words and writing complete sentences, however I included a blank sun and blank writing template that will allow you to use vocabulary words, spelling words, challenge words, or any words that have been an important part of your year!

We chose words from our word wall that now includes all of the sight words we have added to it this year.  They then had to write a complete sentence for each sight word on their sun!
We have been working VERY hard the past few weeks making sure that all of our sentences look complete with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing!

You can snag your FREE copy by clicking on the picture below:

By this time of the year, we are also thinking ahead about our sweet little ones as they head into summer.  Many will regress and come back forgetting some very important information!  

My newest packet was created to prevent this from happening!  Sink or Swim will be the perfect little summer review for your first graders heading into second grade.  You can simply make a packet or put together in a folder for a more organized look!

There are 3 calendars included that has a specific activity for each day (excluding weekends!)
Students can complete the activities in order or how they please.  Just color in the box when you complete the activity!

Each activity page includes the title that matches with the calendar:

You can click on the picture below for a more detailed look!

With only 8 days left..... it's like a full moon every day.  The kids can smell summer and they are ready!  

We are doing our balloon incentives again which of course gets them all kinds of excited!

While I am *very* excited for summer to come, I also won't be having much down time.  

I have started back to school on my Master's Degree and I will be doing summer courses!  

I am already in a course right now....which is very interesting (I'm actually loving it!)  However I have been out of school for 8 years, so getting back into study mode has been challenging.  The last time I was in school, I didn't have kids and no full time career!  

I'm excited to share next week some of the fun activities planned! (of course after we finish testing!)

Have a great 3-day weekend!

Jessica Travis
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Measuring with AREA!

Where in the world did May come from?!  I can't believe we only have 24 days left of school.  This year has flown by!

With the end of the year crazies in full swing, our activities definitely need to be engaging and interesting!  This week we were all about measuring!  We focused on length at the beginning of the week, however this little missy forgot her camera until Thursday!   We kept going and dove right into AREA!

We started off with by getting all "crack"ed up with Area!  I brought in three different types and sizes of crackers (get it...."Crack"ed up...crackers? maybe I have joined the end of the year crazies! ha!)

Anyways, each student got one of each of the three crackers:

They had to fill in their "Crack"ed up about Area page where they simply just compared the area between the crackers!

They of course got to eat their project, so that made them a *little* excited!

Next we made area all about us!  

Students were given four topics to describe themselves where they had to fill in a grid for Area:

Students had to answer four questions using the Area grids:
* How old are you?
* What grade are you in?
What letter does your name begin with?
* How many letters are in your name?

I had my kiddos count as they went and write the area under each grid.  This helped them when they needed to fill in their All About Me Area recording sheet:

You can grab your FREE set of these activities by clicking

With Spring in full swing, we have been knee deep in life cycles!  

This week was all about the Chicken life cycle!

We had an amazing parent bring her own chickens for the students to see.  They were adorable and I'm not going to lie....I kinda want a baby chick now! 

She brought the mama hen and shared about how they lay eggs, how often, what they look like, etc....

Next were the baby chicks.....what everyone was truly waiting on!  They were so scared and shaking with eager six year old hands waiting to grab them!

I could have just stuck one of these little guys in my pocket and been just fine!

Inside, we made our large chart with all of our chicken facts;

The students got to make these adorable little chicken life cycle crafts and chicken facts by Alexa Contreras at Bilingual Scrapbook

I don't know about y'all, but tomorrow we will be mid-90's here and it's only the beginning of May.  I'm sure the summer will upon us quickly!  

I also had to share a picture of my little guys..... 

Have a great weekend!

Jessica Travis
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