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It's All About Addition....Halloween Style! {LOTS of Freebies!}


These kids are 12 kinds of crazy this week!  Is it just me?!  It must be the Halloween thing looming around the corner!  Today was Cruh-azy!

Oh... and I had that thing called "Formal Evaluation" this week too!
(It went pretty well... considering the holiday coming up!)  Those things still make me sweat a little......

Any who....

This week is all about addition in Math!  We are using all of our strategies to solve problems up to 20.

The thing I do love about holidays throughout the year is we can make FUN themes while learning!

This week we had a "delivery" from the Pumpkin Pals!

Our bucket included:
- letter from the Pumpkin Pals
- Vocabulary cards
-number lines
- addition number sentence cards

Our letter was explaining that there will be a "pumpkin party" this Friday and we are ALL invited...... BUT.... we have to solve an addition number sentence using our number line and sort them to the pumpkin sums. 

Vocabulary Cards:

Have you ever used magnet tape?!  I am IN love with it!  This made it easy to label a number sentence!

To start off whole group, I made a single PowerPoint slide that had a number line on it that we could use on our board to practice...

We used the speech bubble to write our number sentence in (from the cards the pumpkin pals sent us)

After working with our number line whole group, students each received their own number lines and chose their own number sentence:

Students chose a card and had to use the number line to solve it.  We practiced with a few different number sentences.

After a few times to practice, it was time to sort our cards to the pumpkin sums!  (I mean.... we REALLY want to go to the pumpkin party!)
(This pumpkin party will be our pumpkin carving party on Friday!)

My kiddos LOVED this activity and are dying to know what this little party will be all about!
(I haven't told them we will be doing fun pumpkin activities and carving, etc...)

You can get the PowerPoint number line slide by clicking HERE!

You can get the number sentence cards AND number lines by clicking HERE!

(I just printed enough number lines for each student to have one..... I laminated them and then the students could write with their dry erase markers!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sticking with the Halloween theme......

We made these adorable "Spider Sums" yesterday!  I copied the legs on multiple different bright papers and the students had to choose their legs.  The addition number sentence came from the colored legs.  (5 green and 3 pink = 5+3)

I made up this little poem (corny I know) to display above their Spiders!

You can also snag this spider craft up for FREE by clicking HERE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Have a great week friends!

Jessica Travis
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Numbers, Numbers, & Numbers....Oh My!

The title says it all!

This week was ALL about numbers in Math!

We were ordering numbers, comparing numbers, building numbers, placing numbers on a number line, writing numbers, expanding numbers, and just having a ball!

We have a huge number line outside of our classroom, but of course I didn't manage to pictures of us working with it!  However, with numbers in our curriculum ALL year, I'm sure there will be pictures to come!

After working with number lines for a few days, we focused on each number by building their value with tens and ones.  Right now we are only working on numbers up to 20 to build their foundation, and then we will progress to larger numbers later in the year.

The first day we worked with our unifix cubes by actually building tens and ones, but by day two, we were working with what we love....  Food! What better way to work with numbers than with food... right?!  We had pretzel sticks for our tens and goldfish for our ones!

We used my Monster Number cards (which can be found for FREE in my TpT Store!)

My kiddos are loving using their dry erase markers on their desk!  So as they built their number, they had to write the number, and then would check with our monster card to match!

You can also snag up a copy of the place value mat by clicking HERE.
(It's a different one, because the one we used is saved on my classroom computer!)

With one of my favorite holidays coming up... (mainly because of the candy and decorations).... we just had to come up with something for Halloween to do with place value!

So we went BATTY for place value!

Again....the bat from the pictures I had to make in class, but you can click HERE to get your FREE copy of the Going Batty for Place Value activity!

The next day it was all about comparing numbers!  (and I of course had to throw in some kind of Halloween theme!)  

My spider is crazy looking, but I had to come up with something that could be reversed either way to show our sign!  

Meet our Creepy Comparing friend...

(I had to put down white paper because our Creepy friend was blending in with my carpet!)

We used candy corn for the spider to eat!  Students would pull 2 number cards and we would place that number of candy corn on each side.

The spider had to "eat" the amount that was MORE, and we would place our sign!  

And you know... if the spider got to eat candy corn..... we did too!

We used pipe cleaners to create our greater than/less than signs:

I also whipped up a quick center using the Frankenstein cards from Cara's pack of Franken Fun!  

These little bat trays came from the Dollar Tree and I use them for SO many different things!

We will be finishing up with numbers this next week and then it's off to some more addition and subtraction!  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This next week we will begin our study with BATS!  I had purchased some adorable bat clipart a few weeks ago with the intention of making a Stellaluna packet..... so with bats in the lesson plans this week....I got my booty in gear! 

This packet has over 50 pages of activities that go with Stellaluna and Bats!  
There are also anchor chart labels, bat facts, interactive notebook pages, craftivities, graphic organizers, graphing activities, comparing activities, and MORE!!

It's on sale through today!!

You can click HERE to view the packet in detail :)

Have a great weekend.... and GO COWBOYS!  :)

Jessica Travis
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Fire Safety Week FrEEBIES

Happy Monday!

It's pouring down rain here and we are off for "Fair Day" today.  So why not blog and get a few things done!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and share some fire freebies for you today!

Do you use the Journeys Reading curriculum?  Well...we do!  We follow it pretty strictly when it comes to the concepts to cover and teach.

This week..... short u and the sight words that accompany the story this week.

Since it is Fire Safety week, I thought I would make my word work centers a little more themed this week!

So I whipped up these little Word Work activities for the next four days!  (You can still use these even if you don't do the Journey's..... two of the templates are pretty generic~!)

We are also going to be diving right into story elements!  I made these "fire themed" interactive journal pages you can also snag up and use with ANY story this week!

We have also already talked about short vowels a,e,i, and o, and this week we will be finishing up with short u.  
Since we have already dug pretty deep with the CVC short vowels, I will be including this center in my tubs this week!

Students will be reading CVC words and sorting to "Real Words" or "FIRE Words" {non-sense words}

You can snag up all of the activities by clicking on any of the pictures or by clicking

All of the activities are grouped together in one big download!

Hope you have a great week and FUN with Fire Safety!!

Jessica Travis
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NEW Design & NEW Products!

Happy Saturday sweet friends!

Notice anything different??

I am LOVING my new blog design!  The fabulous Kassie Garlock @ Designs by Kassie did an UH-MAZING job!  EEEK!!  My blog was in a desperate need for a make-over!

- - - - - - - - - - 

So..... can I just say that I have a FOUR day weekend?  We had a staff-flex day on Friday and then Monday is our fair day!  So that left me some time to finish up a product that I had been working on!

October kinda slipped up on me so I needed to finish my Math centers quickly!

This Frightfully Fun MATH Centers packet has 10 hands-on centers that cover a range of skills and concepts!

Each center has:
- a student "I CAN" card
- Colored title page (for easy organization)
- Colored center card pieces (each page labeled)
- Student Recording sheet
- Teacher directions

Here is a look at the preview:'s 50% off in my store right now! 

BUT..... the first three people to leave a comment will get this packet of centers for FREE!  
(be sure leave your email address!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I also updated a best seller of mine!  (and it's perfect timing because National Fire Safety Prevention Week starts this week!)

My Fire Safety Week Packet:

It includes:
- Multiple writing templates
- Fire Hat craftivity (2 versions)
- KWL and Can,Have,Are anchor chart titles
- Student booklet about fire safety tips!

You can also find this in my store (and it's on sale this weekend!)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Jessica Travis
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