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Comparing Numbers ....and a SALE!

So I made a New Years resolution to blog more.... and look here! Twice in a week :)

Life is *kinda* slowing down now .... who am I kidding?!  But I do plan on blogging more....

In our class we have working with numbers since..... like..... September?!  We are finally getting around to working all the way up to 120 so we will be moving on to another objective very soon!

This week we were ordering numbers to 120 and since we have been doing this for SO long, we needed something FUN... yet low prep and simple!

So I whipped up these number cards really quick and I ALWAYS keep lunch sacks close by (you can really use these sacks for just about anything!).

Here is what you will need:

(HINT - I copied mine onto bright colored paper - there is just something about bright paper that just makes everything better!)  

You may want to make 2 sets of copies so that students will have a *chance* of creating an equal comparison.

Here is how you play:

Dry erase markers on the desk..... always a favorite!  

You can play this game individually or with a partner!

They absolutely loved this AND were 12 kinds of excited when they got to take their bag of numbers home!  

You can grab up your set of numbers by clicking HERE!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now I am sure you have heard.... but the SUPER BOWL is THIS weekend.  

I am actually a pretty HUGE football fan.... but I must say I'm not really a *fan* of these two teams.... however I am pulling for Seattle!  

So.... if you aren't into football.... you can get your shop on while the game is going!  My store will be 20% off today - Monday.  The poster says it ends tomorrow.... but it is extended through Monday!

So.... Happy Shopping!!!

Have a great weekend :)

Jessica Travis
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Best Week Ever!! (and some Sentence Freebies!)


Rewind 8 months ago.

Eight months ago seems like yesterday.

I was sitting at my desk at school when I saw the message.  An unknown number.  But the voice on the other end was going to make me an offer I couldn't refuse!

Presenting for SDE!  The Texas First Grade Conference to be exact.

As the months went by and the day was getting closer, I was still living in a dream.  Was I really going to present to other teachers?  Me?!

Fast forward to real time.

The weekend arrives that I have to leave.  It's becoming real now.  

Let me just say.... everything that I imagined would happen or the way I would feel.... couldn't come close to what I experienced.

I met some of the MOST amazing people.  I met teachers who I have followed and admired for years.  These ladies are absolutely some of the sweetest and funniest people I have met!  They welcomed me into the presenting world with open arms and made me feel so much more comfortable!

Cara Carroll, Erica Bohrer, Reagan Tunstall, and Me!

I can't even put into words!

They were even so amazing that they let Mr. Husband hang out with us!  I'm sure he didn't mind spending a few days, dinners, drinks, and lunch with a group of ladies!  (I mean we had to have a photographer...right?!)

I attended at least one of each of their sessions and I definitely am taking SO much back with me to my classroom!  They are truly gifted in what they do!

Another group of amazing teachers that very own team of teachers AND administrators!

The ONLY thing that wasn't perfect.... was that I missed my sweet baby turning SIX!  I knew that when I accepted 8 months ago that this day would arrive, but it was a little hard (I'm not gonna lie!)

However I got out of my presentation and had a message on my phone from Jaxon's SWEET teacher....

Gosh I love this boy!  I just can't believe he is already SIX.  Gosh.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

So.... enough about one of the most amazing weeks that I have ever had.......   After getting home after 11:00 (at night!) ~ if you know me.... that's like 4 hours PAST my bedtime!  

The 5:00 alarm came WAY too early Wednesday morning :(

It was back to work in my classroom.

This week we got right back to where we left off last week..... Sentences!

I don't know what it is.... but my babies *always* struggle with punctuation.  They usually remember to put it at the end of  their sentence.... but finding the correct one..... can be a problem!

We started off by identifying our "question" words.  We are continuing to add to our list as we find new words within our text!

My sweeties were really getting the hang of this!  Every time they see a "question" word now.... it's like a celebration! HA!

Today we played an activity "Snowball Sentence Sorting".

I put these little telling and asking cards into a bucket of snow (cotton balls) and the kids had to pick one out.  

They had to write that type of sentence onto an index card using all of the correct parts of a sentence AND of course.... the correct punctuation!

Each of the students selected their card and wrote their sentences.

They each came up one at a time and read their sentence.  Their audience had to tell them where to sort their card!

Y'all!!  I actually talked about this activity in one of my sessions at the SDE conference.... but you can use these CHEAP dog dish bowls for just about anything!  (and at 98 cents.... I have a few!)

I just used Velcro to attach the title cards.....

You can grab these sorting cards AND some free punctuation posters by clicking the picture below.

(HINT - I made the smaller cards for the Snowball Bucket by just shrinking the printing settings on page 3 to 50%)

After we sorted all of our cards, my kiddos completed a little interactive page where they had to read sentences, identify the correct punctuation, and sort!

You can grab your FREE copy of the interactive template by clicking HERE!

The next big thing.... the 100th Day of School!  We are ONE week away!!!  

Happy Teaching :)

Jessica Travis
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What's the saying they always use..... better late than never?!

That pretty much sums it up when it comes to me and social media!  I finally joined Instagram a few months ago (which I absolutely LOVE) and now (probably the last one!) to join Facebook.

You can go find me as Wild About Firsties!

I plan to use Facebook for new ideas, classroom pictures, new products, FREE products, GIVEAWAYS (already had one!) and much MORE!

I am so excited that I now get to follow my favorite teacher-authors and educators!!

I will be updating the tabs at the top of my page to give you an easy link, but for now you can click on the picture above!!

Hope to see you over on Facebook!

Jessica Travis
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