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TIME for Fun!

As Tuesday comes to an does our unit on Time in Math!

The past week has been a blast learning all about the parts of the clock and focusing on hour and half-hour!

Just wanted to share some of the FUN we have had the past week....

Since we dipped into time to the hour earlier in the year, we began by reviewing and creating a life-size clock using our round group tables! (perfect huh?!)  We already knew the numbers on the clock, but since we were about to learn HALF hour.... we needed to learn a *little* bit more about these numbers and what they represent!

I had my friends create and label their own clock to get a good refresher in!

After getting to know our clock and just what these little numbers mean.... it was time for the (dun...dun...dun)
Half Hour!

Some kiddos pick right up on this skill.... and others .....well.... it's good we had 3 days of half hour!

With Easter right around the corner on this particular day.... we had to make it fun!

I stopped by the local dollar store and they had their packs of eggs on SALE (even better!) and I brought two little trays that I had picked up at Wal Mart the week before!

I just wrote the digital times for each o'cock and half-hour.  (This is ALL that we focused on during day 1 of half hour - being able to identify the difference!)

My kiddos selected an egg out of the bag and had to sort to the trays.  Such a simple activity.... but they LOVED it!

and by the end....

(I just printed these titles and folded some construction paper in half to create a little card)

After sorting the digital hour and half hour.... we busted out the ole' Judy clocks and worked on using the analog clocks for half hour!

We played a little "I SPY" detective game where my kiddos had clues and they had to write their evidence (digital times)

I gave them a clock to work out the clues and off they went...

I had my kiddos complete their flip-flap sort for hour and half hour:

Today we wrapped up time (taking our unit assessment tomorrow)....

We turned an individual student center into a group game!

I had my centers in individual bags and gave each group a bag.... they had to sort the analog clock cards to hour and half hour... and I'll admit... it turned in to a bit of race!

and just as if they were doing an individual center... they completed their recording sheet:

We had such a blast with telling time.... but we must move on!

You can find all of these activities and SO much more in my TIME Out packet!

Just click on the picture below :)

And it's on sale through tomorrow!!

Have a great week!

Jessica Travis
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