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Frugal Friday {Week 2}

Friday has rolled back around and it's time to hear some new deals for YOU and your classroom!

Last week was all about the Dollar Tree and you can read about those deals HERE!

This week is all about one of my favorite go-to stores when it comes to classroom materials! {and things for myself too!}

It's no secret that I love me some Wal Mart {if you follow me on Instagram, then you probably notice some of my deals that I find at Wal Mart - and not just for school!}

This week I put together 12... yes, that's right... TWELVE things you can get at Walmart for your classroom this year!  {a lot of the items are to help you decorate your room this year.... on a budget!}

So let's get started....

Washi Tape for days!  I can not get enough of this adorable tape!!  I use it on everything!!  You can stock up ... and it's LESS than one dollar!!!

These little goody/gift bags are a gem!  They come TWENTY to a pack for less than one dollar!!  So many possibilities!!!! {and colors!}

These little cuties can really spice up your room or even a cute bulletin board!  Multiple colors to choose from AND they come two to a pack!!!

How cute is this little chalkboard banner?!  One of the popular themes for classrooms is the vintage chalkboard style.... and this will fit right in!  

Tables covers?  Yes please!  You can use these for your walls, table covers, large sorting mats {just use duct tape to section off!} and so much more!  And I LOVE that there are SO many colors to choose from!!

Chevron... polka-dots...and bright colors?! You can splurge on these when they are less than a dollar per banner!  Turn a drab wall into a fab wall!

You can never have too many lunch sacks!  A lot of supply lists include these bags already... but if not... stock up now!  We use these ALL.THE.TIME.

And this isn't even the lowest price!  Some Wal Mart stores offers these babies for only 5 cents a piece!  {There is often a limit!}  Who doesn't need a box of journals?!

We use these plates in small groups all the time!  So easy to show addition, subtraction, sorting, building words, etc...  And for less than 3 quarters.... grab a few!

Hanging chalkboard signs?!  Grab a few because they probably won't be there for long!  

I know.... I know.... almost $7 for tape?!  But y'all!  This stuff is like GOLD!  I use this on EVERYTHING!  You can stick posters to your whiteboard.... and use that filing cabinet that just takes up space for a center!

This was probably one of my most favorite finds at Wal Mart last week!  {Again... many schools supply this for the teachers, but it not..... RUN to Wal Mart now!}
This just isn't ANY construction paper.... it's color separated paper!  {score!}
I organize my paper by color in the classroom and this helps SO much when running projects and crafts!
(They even have GRAY and HOT PINK!) - you can't find that in your regular multi-color pack!

I hope that you can find some of these products and ideas helpful!

Next Friday will be a NEW store with NEW finds!!

Have a great weekend :)

Jessica Travis
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Wish List Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

If your TpT wish list is getting full... then today is YOUR day!  I am linking up with Jen @ Teacher by the Beach again to celebrate Wish List Wednesday!

Each Wednesday, we are putting one of our top wish-listed products in our stores on sale for YOU!

This week.... it's all about inventions!

"Famous Inventors" is one of my best selling products throughout the year!  

It includes almost 100 pages of activities, posters, facts, and crafts for the following inventors:

* Benjamin Franklin

* Garrett Morgan

* Thomas Edison

* The Wright Brothers

* Alexander Graham Bell

You will also find templates about inventions in general where students will get creative with their own inventions {craft and templates included!}

Here is a quick overview of what you will find inside the packet:

Click on the picture below to take you to the product and for more details!

Happy Wednesday :)

Jessica Travis
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Monday Made-it {School Organization}

It's Monday!!

You know what that means.... I'm back and linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made-it!!

I hope it's okay that I whipped up this little graphic :)

Since I am moving classrooms this year I wanted something fresh!  I think I have decided to go with turquoise as the main color scheme throughout the room!  
{of course with a little leopard print mixed in and some bright colors that match with turquoise}

I have been on Pinterest a little more than lately searching for ideas and inspiration and I found the most adorable idea using coffee cans!

Now I am not a coffee drinker.  At all.  I could smell it and be just as happy!  

So.... I called my dad.... who drinks enough coffee for the whole family and it just so happened that he saves ALL of his coffee tubs!  {Lucky me!}  

I went back to Wal Mart and grabbed a few more cans of paint (to match my Anchor Chart storage buckets from last week!) and some more chalkboard labels!

This is where I began:

I headed back to the front porch with some paper {although I may or may not have got a little turquoise on the porch this time}
I put all of the cans upside down {with the lids off} and went to painting!

I did the lids in black to offset the light color!

After they completed drying, I put a few together and added my labels!

I have not labeled all of the buckets yet because I want to get into my classroom and see just exactly what I need!

So far, I have glue sticks, pencils, and crayons!

Here is just a close up the chalkboard label - they are so simple to use {just write, peel, and stick!}

You do not have to use coffee tubs {I know it can take a while to collect a few!} so you can always use the Tupperware bowls or containers that you can also find a Wal Mart! 

Are you busying creating and making something this summer?!  {School or Personal}
Be sure to head on over to 4th Grade Frolics and link up to share with us!!

Also.... don't forget....

Tomorrow is....

DOLLAR   *   DEAL   *   TUESDAY!!!!!!
(and there may be a *few* products included!!)

Have a great week!!!

Jessica Travis
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Frugal Friday! {Ways to Save}

Happy Friday!

I am wrapping up my second week of summer although I know some of you are still trudging along with the last days of school!  I honestly don't know how you are still going.... hoping your summer is close by!

- - - - - -

For people that know me personally.... I just happened to be the girl who got to marry the most frugal man in the world!  {lucky me...right?!}  And I'm not kidding.... Frugal is really the nice way to put his characteristic!  I don't even think there is a word to really describe him... I may have to make one up!  {He has multiple excel spreadsheets that organize exactly what we spend and how we spend it {food, gas, etc...}, what we make {and where we make it from - work, TpT, etc...} , multiple savings accounts... and that's just the surface of all the frugal-ness}

While it's a struggle at times {I mean... getting a drink at Sonic is spending WAY too much in his eyes - when water is free} he does have a plan for the future! {I have to applaud him for that}  I mean... he wants to retire in a few years {he won't even be 40} so I guess I can't complain too much when you look into the savings account!

So being a teacher {you know... where you have to spend A LOT of your own money for your classroom}, I knew this would be a challenge!  I have had to come up with some interesting ways to spend a little but get a lot out of it!

I'm sure MOST of you have stepped foot into a little store called "Dollar Tree"?!  Right!?  You know... where EVERYthing is only ONE DOLLAR?!

So... to make me and my dear husband happy.... I have become a frugal teacher {when I can!}


I plan on doing "Frugal Friday" on Fridays throughout the summer!

I will find a different store each week with various items that can be purchased in that store and ideas on how you can use the items in your classroom!

SO... all of the items this week have come from Dollar Tree!

Let's get started....

Y'all..... how fun are these number spinners?!  AND... you get 4 to a pack!

The possibilities are endless with these little guys!!

Say what?!  How cute are these chalkboard labels?!  Definitely a must have!!!

These little storage containers are so cute.... and useful!   I'm already thinking of so many ways to use these little guys!!!!

You can never have too many Popsicle/craft sticks... right?!  We use these all.the.time in our room!  

We use manipulatives every day in our class!!  These little poms will be a bright new way to have fun in our class!!!

Y'all!!!!   My kids LOVE to use these bowls!!!   We have used them for so many different sorting activities!  {Our most recent - sight word assessments - students sorted the words to "word I know" and "words I need to practice"}

These little babies are not just for baking!  Students can be using these in SO many different ways!!!

You may just have a little cooking section in your classroom this week!  Cookie sheets for only $1... yes please!

When Dollar Tree created a teacher's section.... I just wanted to hug someone!  You can now get these dry-erase pockets at the Dollar Tree!!  I will take 20 please!

These 3-section Tupperware bowls are perfect for your classroom!  The center section is the largest so it can act as your holding section and use the smaller two sections for sorting.... or use all three sections!!

If you have never visited the Dollar Tree.... you need to RUN now!  No time for walking or waiting around.... Everything is ONLY one dollar!!

Be sure to stop by next week for more FRUGAL ideas!!!  

Jessica Travis
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Wish List Wednesday {with a freebie}

Happy Wednesday Morning :)

I'm listening to the rain pouring down right now #TropicalStormBill as the boys are just waking up.

I'm linking up today with Jen @ Teacher by the Beach to celebrate Wish List Wednesday!!

Here is how it works:

TODAY ONLY, my top wish-listed item in my store will be marked down to 50% off!  My paid-product that is the most wish-listed is my "No-Prep Interactive Word Work Bundle".

This bundle has 5 different packets combined at one low cost!  (200 pages)

Included in this packet are NO-PREP packets for CVC words, CVCe words, Blends, Digraphs, and R-Controlled Vowels.

You can click {HERE} for a more detailed look at the packet!

To help with the organization of this packet, I printed out each of the packets and organized them into a binder with tabs!

If you want to organize your packet like I did, you can click on the picture below to grab the covers!

These activities are great for reinforcement, word work/centers, fast finishers, morning work, and MORE!!!!

Here are a few samples of the activities being used:

Hop on over to my TpT Store and grab it at 50% today only!!!

or  click

Next Wednesday, I will choose the next item that is wish-listed the most, so the products will change each Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday!

We are off today to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday!!!

Jessica Travis
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Summer Organizing

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I just wanted to pop in real quick to share some recent summer organizing and crafts that have taken place at the ole' Travis house :)

Since I will be moving grade levels this year, I have been on Pinterest a lot more than usual! I'm looking for a fresh new start with new ideas, new organizational tips, new activities, new everything!

One of the organizational tips I found was organizing your anchor charts... which is something I definitely need!

I make charts almost every day in my classroom for the activities and lessons we do, but I usually end up throwing away all of my charts because I don't have a specific place to put them.

I knew this was something that I needed to take care of this summer!  So off to Wal-Mart I went....

This is what I came home with:

* 97 cent trash cans
* duct tape (I chose leopard)
* Spray paint (in your choice of color)
* Sticky chalkboard labels (in the arts & crafts section)
* Paint pens (I got two - fine point and regular)

All together... under $12!

I took the trash cans out to the porch {for obvious reasons} and put some paper underneath 
(definitely didn't need the husband coming home to find a turquoise porch!) 
and went to painting!

I even had a little helper...

After letting them dry {which didn't take hardly any time at all}, I got the duct tape and cut a long strip.  (I then cut that piece down the middle to make the piece of tape thinner)

I used the fine-point marker to write on the chalkboard label.

I wanted to organize my charts by subject to make it a little easier to organize! 

After I am finished using the charts in the classroom, I will roll the charts and rubber-band them... and in they will go!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This summer is a BUSY summer for me.... a little overwhelming at times honestly.  

Not only am I planning for a new grade level, moving classrooms, and mentally preparing for a change in my grade, but I am also taking a FULL schedule of classes for Grad School (2 classes in Summer I.... and 2 classes in Summer II) 

Yes... My eyes are popping out sometimes and my hair is turning gray!

On top of school changes and Grad School overload.... I am also having to plan for SDE conferences (handouts, presentations, etc...) for this upcoming year.  

So... while I think of myself as a pretty organized person, I need a little help!

I whipped up these little planner pages that I can use to hopefully allow me to check off some important things on ever-growing to-do list!

I have started planning for this week:

I also have a different template to help plan for the Back-to-School to-do list...

You can download these calendars by clicking {HERE} or on the picture below:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And... to help you get ready for the next school year {besides organizing your To-Do lists}, I am doing a Tuesday DOLLAR DEAL in my TpT store
this summer!

Today.... you can grab my "Fun with Numbers" and "Fun with the Alphabet" packs for ONLY $1.  

That is 75% off each product!!!!

Just click on the links above to take you to each product!

AND... be sure to follow me here AND my Facebook {Wild About Firsties} page to get updates on product deals throughout the summer!

Have a great rest of the week.... we will staying indoors and waiting for the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bill!  #morerain   #rainfordays

Jessica Travis
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