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Frugal Friday! {Ways to Save}

Happy Friday!

I am wrapping up my second week of summer although I know some of you are still trudging along with the last days of school!  I honestly don't know how you are still going.... hoping your summer is close by!

- - - - - -

For people that know me personally.... I just happened to be the girl who got to marry the most frugal man in the world!  {lucky me...right?!}  And I'm not kidding.... Frugal is really the nice way to put his characteristic!  I don't even think there is a word to really describe him... I may have to make one up!  {He has multiple excel spreadsheets that organize exactly what we spend and how we spend it {food, gas, etc...}, what we make {and where we make it from - work, TpT, etc...} , multiple savings accounts... and that's just the surface of all the frugal-ness}

While it's a struggle at times {I mean... getting a drink at Sonic is spending WAY too much in his eyes - when water is free} he does have a plan for the future! {I have to applaud him for that}  I mean... he wants to retire in a few years {he won't even be 40} so I guess I can't complain too much when you look into the savings account!

So being a teacher {you know... where you have to spend A LOT of your own money for your classroom}, I knew this would be a challenge!  I have had to come up with some interesting ways to spend a little but get a lot out of it!

I'm sure MOST of you have stepped foot into a little store called "Dollar Tree"?!  Right!?  You know... where EVERYthing is only ONE DOLLAR?!

So... to make me and my dear husband happy.... I have become a frugal teacher {when I can!}


I plan on doing "Frugal Friday" on Fridays throughout the summer!

I will find a different store each week with various items that can be purchased in that store and ideas on how you can use the items in your classroom!

SO... all of the items this week have come from Dollar Tree!

Let's get started....

Y'all..... how fun are these number spinners?!  AND... you get 4 to a pack!

The possibilities are endless with these little guys!!

Say what?!  How cute are these chalkboard labels?!  Definitely a must have!!!

These little storage containers are so cute.... and useful!   I'm already thinking of so many ways to use these little guys!!!!

You can never have too many Popsicle/craft sticks... right?!  We use these all.the.time in our room!  

We use manipulatives every day in our class!!  These little poms will be a bright new way to have fun in our class!!!

Y'all!!!!   My kids LOVE to use these bowls!!!   We have used them for so many different sorting activities!  {Our most recent - sight word assessments - students sorted the words to "word I know" and "words I need to practice"}

These little babies are not just for baking!  Students can be using these in SO many different ways!!!

You may just have a little cooking section in your classroom this week!  Cookie sheets for only $1... yes please!

When Dollar Tree created a teacher's section.... I just wanted to hug someone!  You can now get these dry-erase pockets at the Dollar Tree!!  I will take 20 please!

These 3-section Tupperware bowls are perfect for your classroom!  The center section is the largest so it can act as your holding section and use the smaller two sections for sorting.... or use all three sections!!

If you have never visited the Dollar Tree.... you need to RUN now!  No time for walking or waiting around.... Everything is ONLY one dollar!!

Be sure to stop by next week for more FRUGAL ideas!!!  

Jessica Travis
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  1. I love Dollar Tree! I didn't know they had dry erase pockets! I'm going to have to check that out!

  2. Genius ideas! I am obsessed with Dollar Tree, but I never even thought of using dog bowls for activities! I'll also have to check them out for those spinners. I'm heading there right now!! I can't wait for more of these Frugal Fridays!

    Kelsey Buckles
    Simply Magical Learning

  3. Love all your ideas! You have given me some inspiration. Dollar Tree is on my list of places to stop today!


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