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Monday Made-it {School Organization}

It's Monday!!

You know what that means.... I'm back and linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made-it!!

I hope it's okay that I whipped up this little graphic :)

Since I am moving classrooms this year I wanted something fresh!  I think I have decided to go with turquoise as the main color scheme throughout the room!  
{of course with a little leopard print mixed in and some bright colors that match with turquoise}

I have been on Pinterest a little more than lately searching for ideas and inspiration and I found the most adorable idea using coffee cans!

Now I am not a coffee drinker.  At all.  I could smell it and be just as happy!  

So.... I called my dad.... who drinks enough coffee for the whole family and it just so happened that he saves ALL of his coffee tubs!  {Lucky me!}  

I went back to Wal Mart and grabbed a few more cans of paint (to match my Anchor Chart storage buckets from last week!) and some more chalkboard labels!

This is where I began:

I headed back to the front porch with some paper {although I may or may not have got a little turquoise on the porch this time}
I put all of the cans upside down {with the lids off} and went to painting!

I did the lids in black to offset the light color!

After they completed drying, I put a few together and added my labels!

I have not labeled all of the buckets yet because I want to get into my classroom and see just exactly what I need!

So far, I have glue sticks, pencils, and crayons!

Here is just a close up the chalkboard label - they are so simple to use {just write, peel, and stick!}

You do not have to use coffee tubs {I know it can take a while to collect a few!} so you can always use the Tupperware bowls or containers that you can also find a Wal Mart! 

Are you busying creating and making something this summer?!  {School or Personal}
Be sure to head on over to 4th Grade Frolics and link up to share with us!!

Also.... don't forget....

Tomorrow is....

DOLLAR   *   DEAL   *   TUESDAY!!!!!!
(and there may be a *few* products included!!)

Have a great week!!!

Jessica Travis
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  1. These are so cute! And the possibilities are endless of what you could put in them. Maybe I need to start buying bigger coffee canisters or finding someone like your dad who drinks lots of coffee!!

    Sara J Creations

  2. Those are absolutely.too.cute! I love the color contrast, and as Sara said, you can store literally anything in them! Great cost effective storage solution that will match your decor! :)
    Storybook Endings in Second

  3. I love those!!! My classroom is all turquoise and green and I'm always looking for ways to store things. I may need to make a trip to Home Depot for some spray paint. :)

  4. Great project!!! Great colors!!! Great recycle project!!! I'm always looking for ways to reuse items. Thanks for sharing!
    iTeach 2nd


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