Back to School goodies {with a Freebie}

I know those words in the title probably made you cringe just a little.... but we have to face reality because school starts NEXT MONTH!  

This year I will begin the year in kindergarten.... which scares me a little bit.  I have done this for nine years now, but the first day still always gives me a great way!  I am eager to meet new faces, the smell of new supplies, teaching the rules and procedures.... but I have always done that with first graders.   While some of you may be thinking.... oh first grade is just ONE grade different.... but Kindergarten is a different world {especially on the first day!}

I am very excited though, as I absolutely LOVE the younger grades!  They are just starting their education experience... and lucky me because I get to be there from the beginning!

So.... I have been thinking a little a lot about the first days of school this year.... how many students will I have... what will my schedule look like.... how many boys? girls?  etc....  Trust me, my mind NEVER shuts off!

While I have been doing quite a bit getting all of my classroom decor ready and organized... that means NOTHING without content and managing your classroom!

So.... I wanted something a little different this year for back-to-school.... and while I'm sure I will still use so many things from different sources and packets.... I will most definitely be doing some things from my newest back-to-school pack!

It's time to get the "SCOOP" on the first day!

This little pack {with 40 pages!} has a yummy craftivity, a student hat, writing templates, first day booklet, and certificates {in pink and blue} to celebrate the first day!

You can choose 1 scoop, 2 scoops, and any color you want to help create your crafts!  There are also multiple writing templates to accommodate your new and seasoned writers! 

This booklet {easy to prep - copy, staple, cut in half} has minimal writing... because we all know the first day ain't got time for all that!

Choose two, three, or all of the pages to complete the book!

Create a hat {I have included MULTIPLE scoops with different prompts} to help celebrate your first day!

These fun certificates will end the day just right!   {Maybe you can even celebrate with a little cup of real ice cream?!}
I have also included a black and white template as well to save on ink!

You can click on the picture below to take you to the packet...

Which is 20% through tomorrow night!!!

One of the things that we ALL really focus on the first day     week     month... who am I kidding... we work on it all year long.... is behavior management!

Something that I have done the past few years are Non-Verbal Hand Signals!  

These signals are perfect because you can manage your students, answer questions, and keep the classroom managed... all without ever saying a word!

I used to use them only during small groups and rotations, so I could solely focus on my small group without being interrupted, but as the years have gone on, I use them!
(Hallway, teaching, whole-group on the rug, centers and rotations, and dismissal!)

I made some posters for this previous year {If you came to see me at the Texas First Grade Conference this past year with SDE,  then you may remember these!}

I have compiled the posters into a FREE set for YOU!!!

Just click on the picture below :)

Don't want full page posters?!  You can easily change the printer settings to print TWO to a page for mini-posters!

Hope you can use these in your classroom!

I'll be back later with some back-to-school activities and first day fun!

But first.... more grad school papers and TRYING to get my youngest to nap!

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