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First Week Back..... Exhaustion!

Let me just say.... Happy FriYAY!!!!

Here in Texas we have been back in full swing with school this week!  Our kiddos came back this past Monday and we've been going strong ever since.

As you know, this was my first year in Kindergarten, after spending my entire career up to this point in first grade.  I was a little nervous, excited, anxious, and quite honestly, a little overwhelmed!  Y'all.... kindergarten is tough! {As you all know!}

With the first week one of the busiest and most important weeks of the school year.... I was limited on pictures this week! I will say that I didn't lose any children this week.... everyone got fed.... so I would say the week was a success!

Here is what DID happen this crazy week!

Day 3 - Fire Drill (although... not a drill} DURING KINDERGARTEN LUNCH!  Yes.... I couldn't believe it either!  Imagine grabbing 80 kindergartners away from their lunch that they have been asking for since they arrived at school {y'all know... "When's Lunch?" and it's only 8:15....}  I must say... it went pretty smoothly considering....

Day 4 - Fire Drill {NOT A DRILL - this time... smoke was involved!} DURING DISMISSAL!!  Yes... it happened again.  You can imagine all of the parents in the pick-up lanes having to watch all of their children being escorted to the fields and the fire trucks and their blazing sirens coming through the parking lot.....  

Day 5 - Two sweet little kindergartners just bringin' their little ole' country self out to the playground and peeing on the side of the school.... I mean... when you live out in the country that's what you do...right?!  {My own boys are guilty of this.... although not at school!}  I definitely had to laugh at this!

Well.... week one down..... and ........ a lot more to go!

I spent last Saturday up at school finalizing everything and making sure my room, materials, lessons, activities, etc... were all ready to go for Monday morning....

Here are few pre-first day pictures!

Table baskets do NOT go on the tables first thing.....  I would be scared to see what would happen if these were just there on the first morning.... scary!  
After learning about our supplies and how to use them.... THEN they may get their table buckets!

Their daily folders were ready to go as well in this super cute {and cheap!} basket from Michaels!  {It was only $3.00 with their summer clearance!}

We also wanted to show Jaxon's FIRST GRADE{what?!} teacher how much she is appreciated and how thankful we are for her!  We put together a little basket of goodies {chocolate included!} to hopefully ease the stress of the first week!

Welcome to the first day!  

I of course had crazy dreams, interrupted sleep, and finally crawled out of bed at 4:30 to get ready!  No sleep for this girl on the night before school!  Even after teaching for nearly a decade.... butterflies come every.single.year!

The husband was too sweet and took off that morning to take the boys to school  for me and bring Jaxon up to school!  

I must say.... that is one hard thing about being a teacher and having your kids in the school.  I miss out on their "Meet the Teacher", first day, class parties, and other school day events!  Luckily.... sweet husband is there and grabs some pictures for me!

He snapped his annual first day pic at the house....

First Day of First Grade:

Of course.... little M felt left out and had to have his first day picture as well.... for his new 3-year old class!

He even stopped by my classroom to snap a pic with mama!!

{Not sure what's up with my face.... I think I was in the middle of talking?!} 

Now as far as snapping pictures during the week.... well that didn't happen too much!  

I did manage to grab a few of us working with our new sight word for the week {I} and creating our predictable chart!

and..... working with our nursery rhyme this week....

Seriously.... that's about all of the pictures I took. 

While I enjoyed every single minute of the week {ok... most of the minutes}, I must say that I am one.exhausted teacher/mama/human being! 

You truly forget how young these sweet babies are at the beginning of the year and how they come from so many different backgrounds and life experiences.....  My repeat button was on all week long.... rules and procedures are permanently etched in my vocabulary {and hopefully their's too!} and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED!

So tired... I couldn't even bring myself to blow dry my hair the rest of the week...  {luckily it's naturally curly and I can just go!} 

Whew... there truly is no tired like teacher tired!  

I am super excited for this school year and getting all of my kinder kiddos where they need to be and seeing how they grow!  They have come in at all different levels of experience {both socially and academically!} so we definitely have lots of work to do!  

I will be trying to soak up all of the rest I can this weekend before I'm back at it on Monday!  My LAST SEMESTER of grad school starts Monday as well {Praise the Lord!} and I have SDE deadlines coming up.... so my stress level probably won't be going down anytime soon!  

So.... I apologize for the randomness of this post.... I'm so tired I've already forgot what I typed in the beginning!  HA!

So.... have a great weekend and *hopefully* I'll have some more pictures and things to share next week from the wonderful world of Kindergarten....

Jessica Travis
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Classroom Decor Galore! {Freebies!}

We all know it's that time of year....

The smell of freshly painted classroom walls {for some of us!}, the absurd amount of school supplies at, going back and forth to your classroom to set up what you can, waiting patiently for your class list, and *trying* to stay on top of everything before the first day of school!

Yes.... it's officially "Back to School" time!

I have been posting a *few* classroom decor pictures as I have been setting up my room {over on Instagram} and I have had gobs of questions and emails about my posters I have hung up!

Well... wait no more.... here they are!  {AND... they are FREE for all of you!}

I am doing a basic color theme in my classroom and all of the posters have the teal/light blue stripes behind the graphics so the whole set will match!

Let's get started.....

You can snag all of the posters below by clicking on the pictures!!!

No room is complete without an alphabet wall!  {At least in Kinder and first grade!}  This is so important to have as a reference for letter identification, beginning sounds {I always include a graphic with the capital AND lowercase letters!}, and students will refer to this all.year.long!

Shapes and Color posters are also important as students will refer to these for spelling, identification, and are great for you ELL students!

and the color posters....

Numbers and number sense is probably one of the MOST important concepts for our little learners.  This is something that builds each and every year and students will use what they learn with numbers through out their entire life!

A few years ago I began putting ten frames on my number posters and this year was no different!  Students can easily identify the number, number word, and the visual representation!

Another set of alphabet posters that I have posted {on Instagram!} were my word wall headers!  

These are great for small groups, student center to order the alphabet, and building words.

These pictures do match my alphabet an easy reference for students!

Some additional projects that I have recently completed {and posted in my Teachers Pay Teachers store} are also available for free as well!

Reading Strategy Posters:

These are a great reference to use when teaching your reading and decoding strategies with your small groups!  I also included student bookmarks and small poster cards for the teacher. 

Classroom Dismissal Chart:

With students changing dismissal throughout the year {parent notes, last minute changes, etc...} it's important to organize this information somewhere in your classroom!  {and great when you have a substitute!}

Hopefully this will help you get started in your classroom decorating experience or will help you if you use something from this post!

The days are counting down.... it won't be long till we are ALL back in the classroom!

Also... if you still need to snag up the FREE calendar set from me.....  Hop on over to my Facebook Page and click on the "Fan Freebie!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now I'm off to get things ready to celebrate my Little M.... he turns THREE tomorrow!  Where in the world has the time gone?!?!?!

Jessica Travis
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Setting Up Your Calendar! {and it's all FREE!}

Well, just like June, July swept right by and now we are well into August!

Many of you are back in school (with students!).... so I guess I can't complain too much!  I go back next week for a full week of in-service/teacher meetings/meet-the-teacher, and then we welcome our students back on August 24.

With the BIG day less than two weeks away now, that means I have been up in my *new* classroom getting things ready for my little kindergartners!

I just set up my calendar area today, but already have had so many questions and comments about everything... I figured it would be best to finally blog again!

Do you do a calendar routine in your classroom?!  I think this time is SO important for our students!  So often, we have so many that still struggle with the days of the week, months, etc... however this time with our students is also a great mini-teach time!  {LOVE}

You can include quick questioning with your students, review important skills and concepts, and just be a little family.... all in the matter of 10-20 minutes!

Here is how I set up my calendar {today!}

AND.... every thing {except the buckets} is attached to the dry erase board using magnetic tape!  

It's simple.... all in one area.... and has multiple concepts we can cover in a short amount of time!

I'll break it down and explain how I hung it up... what I plan to do with it, etc...

Ten frames are SO important.... for SO many reasons!!  I decided to include this to help us count our days of school!
I plan on either using circle stickers to fill in the days or you can easily use seasonal stickers, dry erase markers to write/draw, etc...

While we won't dive too deep into place value with kindergarten, this will definitely be laying the groundwork for these little babies! 

These little baskets!  They were a 3-pack for ONE DOLLAR people!  I use these in my center buckets, I hold supplies, and so much more {and they come in multiple colors - lime green, pink, and this blue!}
The big question I have been getting.... "How did you attach them to the board?"

One of my favorite inventions..... VELCRO!

These will hold my calendar cards {which we will add together each day, weather cards, days of the week, dry erase markers.... and whatever else you want!}

Yesterday Was, Today Is, and Tomorrow Will Be.....

I have little circles with the days of the week that I have magnetic tape on the back of that we will use to hang them up!  {These will also be kept in the little attached buckets!}

This is where we will write the date {remember... it's held on with magnetic tape so I can easily take it on and off the board to allow students to be involved!}

After we fill in our ten frames, we will also write in our place value chart (again.... dry erase markers are your friend!}

The weather chart.... I have also created little weather cards that will be held on by Velcro as we switch out the weather each day!

Now for the big FREEBIE!!!!

You can have EVERYTHING in this picture {except the buckets and the black calendar.... which I purchased at a teacher store!}..... but everything else can be yours for FREE!!!

The "CALENDAR" circles, the ten frames, the weather, posters, place value, etc..... ALL FOR YOU!!! :)

All you have to do is hop on over the my Facebook page and grab the "Fan Freebie"!!!!

I hope you enjoy it and can hopefully use some of them!!

I'll be back with some more classroom ideas, decor, and MORE..... soon!
Jessica Travis
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