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A little Number FUN {w/ a freebie!}

Week 2... complete!

I *think* I am starting to get in a routine and feeling a little more comfortable with things down in Kinder-Land!

This past week we started with more content and I really got to see how my littles are entering into this year!  Some are right on target.... others are a little more advanced..... and well.... some have come in with not much previous experience or all.

I'm not gonna lie.... I'm pretty sure "Jaws" was in our room this week with cutting, because let me tell you friends, some of these kinders and scissors.... yikes!  There was shredded paper all over the place and literally, Jaws came and shredded their papers!

This was a great experience for me though, because it really brought me down to a kinder level and made me realize....yes, you have to explain, demonstrate, model, and repeat {for everything!} {REPEAT being the key word}

So, this week in Math was all about numbers.... 0-5 to be more specific!  Let me just say, I absolutely LOVE the content and concepts that are taught in kindergarten.  Their little eyes witnessing everything for the first time, some shouting out the answers because they are so darn proud of themselves for already knowing, and then the deer in headlights look from others, {which makes me proud too because I know I get to really work with them this year to get them up to speed!}

Back to Numbers....

I really wanted to come up with something that had my kinders making a connection and relating to these numbers so they stick and they retain the information!  So.... "Number Pals" was created!

Each number has a name {and we called them by name!} as we introduced the number for the day.

I made these little charts {thanks to my wonderful teammates!} which helped us focus on that number!  It's nothing fancy, but gives a visual and allows us to see everything about the number!

This next week we will be working more with numbers, so I created these little number cards as a reinforcement and review each day.  You can easily do these whole group, small group, table centers, or individually!

I just store them in a Ziploc baggie {again, nothing fancy!}

Included are the numbers, number words, ten frames, tally marks, pictures, and number line.

Students can easily sort these on the floor, table, or even on the board {use a little magnetic tape!}

I put all of these activities into a little pack "Number Pals" which includes number pals for 1-10, as well as number sorting cards 1-10.  

You can click on the picture below for more details! {and it's on SALE!}

Sorry for the glare {gotta love lamination!}

When we completed our charts together and practicing writing and building the number for that day, I had my students complete a quick {and no-prep!} activity page for identifying numbers!

You can use crayons or dabbers!  
{These Bingo dabbers with only ONE DOLLAR from dollar tree!}

You can grab these FREE dabber sheets {0-10 included!} by clicking the picture below!

Hopefully you can use these little number pals and no-prep printables with your kiddos!

I'm working on and finishing up another packet for all things with COLORS!  Hopefully it will be posted this weekend.... we shall see!

I'm off to start celebrating this handsome fellow's birthday {which is tomorrow!}.... which means we will be at the lake all afternoon today :)  It's a 3-day birthday weekend...right?

Have a great 3-day weekend :)
Jessica Travis
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  1. Super cute freebie! I want to teach kindergarten so badly! I would really love to do a kinder to first loop!

  2. These are all so fabulous! Can't wait to use the freebie when we start introducing numbers! :)

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press


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