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Fun with Fry's!

Happy Monday friends!

I had a little more pep in my step today .... thanks to an unbelievable last minute touchdown pass by THE Tony Romo to give the Cowboys a victory last night!  #Cowboysfan


I must say that I am enjoying the world down in Kinder-land!  Being in first grade for so many years... I was in a groove and doing my thing.  I was comfortable.  I knew what I was teaching.... and I enjoyed it.  And then I went to Kindergarten.... and I didn't think it was possible, but I *think* I may actually enjoy kindergarten more than first! {insert gasp!}

I'm not gonna lie to you.... the first week {or three!} were definitely exhausting and trying, but now that we are into a groove of things, I am completely head over heels in love with kindergarten!  I absolutely love the content, these little kinder babies say the most absurd and adorable things all at the same time, and I am SO happy!  {I know... I know... it's only week 4....}

One of the biggest things that I have learned so far is that kindergartners are brand SPANKEN new to everything!  Many have never used scissors, never used an actual desktop computer {using a mouse has been interesting}, never walked in a line with other students, not speaking or interrupting someone when they are talking, never held a pencil, colored in lines,  never seen an alphabet letter, and have never seen these little things called sight words.

After teaching first grade for so many years, I knew exactly where I needed to get these kinder babies in order to be successful in first grade.  Sight Words..... are a BIG thing!  I knew I needed to come up with something that would get my kinder friends excited, engaged, and learning these important sight words.   Some don't know a single alphabet letter.... so I knew I had to come up with something!

I wanted our sight word to be visible to my students at all times.  I started thinking... where do my students look the most throughout the day?  What do they see?  .... and then it hit me.... they look at ME  I grabbed a sentence strip, wrote our word "like", and clipped it right on my shirt.

sorry it's blurry.... cell phone picture {gotta love them!  and it was pouring down rain this day}

Did I mention that I am NOT a fan of "selfies"?!  Ugh!

So my kinder friends had to read my word all day long.  I would ask "How many letters are in my word?"  "Read the letters in my word"  etc...

Let me just tell you that these kinder babies probably went to sleep at night reading the word "like" we practiced it so much!  

Sight words clipped on shirt = success!  

This past weekend I wanted to create a resource that I could use throughout the year in small groups, morning work, and other quick activities to reinforce these words!

So while I will still be wearing these words on my shirt everyday.... all day.... I whipped up this little {not so little!} pack of "Fun with Fry's" activity pack {250 pages worth!}

It focuses on the first 25 Fry sight words, which our kids are expected to learn {plus color and number words!} as well as a few extra {including the word "like"}

Introducing "Fun with Fry's"

In this packet, I have created a sight word booklet where students will be identifying the word, tracing the word, writing the word, and building the word.

I also included a no-prep activity page as well as letter blocks to build the word.

My favorite part.... the sight word songs!

Y'all.... I was singing and jingling all weekend as I made up these little quirky songs!  

We jumped right in today with our new word "THE".

I introduced our word as well as our song!

This was the black and white version and I just colored it {saved on some ink!}  but I did include both color and b/w versions in the packet!

The orange letters you see.... are the letters I included where we build the word every morning during our morning message.  I just laminated and put magnetic tape on the back.... super easy!

After singing our song and building the word {way too many times to count!} I gave my kinder friends the no-prep activity sheet to practice with. 

Later this week we will make our "this" booklet!  It has multiple concepts all rolled into one and it simple... yet effective!

There is a tracing page as well as a writing page!  {I did mine in color, but your students can write in crayon, marker, or pencil!}  

I have included a page where students will identify and color the word as well as building the word.

These are the words that I have included in the packet {so feel like just because you don't use the "FRY'S" list... you can't use this!}  These words overlap in almost every beginning sight word list!

I also have the bundle at 50% off right now....

but to give you a free trial, you can join in with us this week and download the "THE" activities for FREE!!  

Just click {HERE} for the freebies!!

And to give you a better look at what is included in the pack... here is a more detailed preview!

Just click on the packet below for a more detailed look and option to purchase!

I'll be back this week with some math activities and more classroom fun!

Until then.... Have a great week :)

Jessica Travis
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