Gobblin' Up Shapes!

Happy Sweet Oh My Goodness Friday!

While I have a BIG date tonight watching Ice Age in the living room with my two little guys (pretty jealous huh?!), I wanted to pop in real quick to share an activity with you that we did today :)

This week was all about two-dimensional shapes in Math down in Kinder-world. We only introduce circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles at this point in the year, but we go to the extreme to make sure they know every single detail and attribute about these little shapes!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I wanted something I could do theme-wise and integrate with shapes! So.... Turkey Shapes was born!

Today we were definitely "Gobblin' Up Shapes", hence the little turkey I put together to accompany these darling crafts to hang up in the hallway.

Each student created a different turkey shape (circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares) and they had to describe their turkey telling how many sides and vertices their turkey had.

Here are a few examples:

(This was my teacher example)

You can grab this FREE turkey craftivity by 
clicking HERE or the picture below:

Alright... off to my BIG date with two little cuties :)


Story Elements & Adjectives {freebies}

It's only Thursday.


This week has been L ...O...N...G.   

Last week was supposed to be our kindergarten field trip, however the yucky stormy weather had different plans.  So yes... we had to tell 80 kindergartners (the morning of!) that their long awaited field trip was re-scheduled! 

This week was the big evaluation... you know the BIG one!  So while that's not a HUGE deal, it was still something that I was having to plan and get ready for (mentally!)

The week after Halloween.  Enough Said.

We celebrated the 50th day of school this week. 

Oh yeah... and indoor recess ALL week thanks to more rainy weather.  Oh.... and did I mention there are multiple tornado warnings right now (fun night!)

So... this week has been L...O...N...G.

However... the learning must continue!  

My dad comes and visits us quite often on the weekends and he always brings us his stash of magazines that he has completed reading!  Normally we take them to the deer lease to have something to do while we sit for hours at a time, however our stash was growing quite large, so I took a big stack to school this week.... just knowing that I could use them somehow!

The past few weeks we have been knee deep into adjectives, beginning with our sensory words and gradually moving towards "adjectives" to describe.  

Today I whipped out the stash of magazine and had my students select a picture.  (I monitored this prior to them cutting!)  

They then had to find three things within the picture to describe and use the simple recording sheet to record this!

Super simple.... absolutely NOTHING fancy... but they LOVED it!  (and I got to use my magazines!)

We have been focusing on colors and numbers to describe this week, and I just love this one!

This colorful rock picture had "adjectives" written ALL over it :)

This is just a larger look at some of the pictures they chose!

You can grab your FREE adjective recording sheets by clicking on the picture below:

Next week we will be jumping into story elements... which I can't wait for!!  This is one of the reasons that I absolutely love the fall season.  The themes.  The colors.  Ahhh.... I just can't get enough... until Christmas and then that brings a whole other obsession! (sorry...got off topic!)

We will be making these little turkeys next week but here is the example that I created that I will show my kiddos.  

This is based off of the book "The Thanksgiving Surprise" which is absolutely adorable.

You can grab your FREE templates for this activity by clicking HERE.

You can use ANY Thanksgiving or turkey-themed book for this :)

Here are some of my favorites:

Before I head on out to check on these tornado warnings we keep having....  I had to share this picture of us from the 50th day of school!

And yes... those are roller skates :)

Happy (almost!) Friday :)

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