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Snowmen, Winter, and MORE!

What day is it?

That's right.... winter break has me not knowing (or caring!) what day it is!  Although I do know it ends in t-minus 5 days!  Then it's back to work for the second half of the school year!

I am sure many of you have heard about the horrible storms that passed through North Texas Sunday evening.  We had nine confirmed tornadoes, ranging from EF-0 to EF-4 in damage.  Many friends have lost everything and are having to pick up the pieces day by day.  One of the tornadoes missed our home by about 5 miles (an EF-3) and the largest tornado passed by about 20 minutes from our home.  Definitely thankful and blessed I have a roof over my head right now.  My thoughts and prayers are definitely with everyone right now!

With Christmas break in full swing, teachers never really stop working (do we?).  I have been planning and prepping for January for the last week now and wanted to share some of my newest products with you!

Let's start with the next installment to my Guided Reading for Kindergarten bundle!  

These activities are center-like activities that can be used in small groups or even independent learning stations.  Here is a look at what is included in the January bundle:'

Snowball Sounds
Focusing on matching pictures to their beginning sound (includes a picture for A-Z)

Snowman Sounds
This activity focuses on ending sounds.

Sledding for Syllables
Students will identify and say the picture, then sort to the correct number of syllables.

Mitten Match Rhymes
Students will be matching rhyming pictures.

Sight Fight
Students will be building, reading, and writing sight words.  You can use the snowball letters provided or use you own magnetic letters!

Do You Wanna Build a Sentence?
Students will build sentences (using the themed cards) and then writing/illustrating their sentence.

Penguin's Parade of Punctuation
Students will be reading (with teacher assistance) and sorting sentences to telling/asking sentence mats.

Waddle with Words
Students will be identifying the CVC picture card and then reading, writing, and  building the word.

Polar Bear: What Do You See?
Focusing on identifying picture noun cards (person, place, thing, and animals are included)

Winter Emergent Readers
Two options included for students to use!  

We have been doing the activities from Guided Reading series since October and my students absolutely LOVE the activities!

You can grab yours by clicking HERE!

The work didn't stop there.... it was on to all about winter, snow, and snowmen!

Here is a look into my newest unit, The Great Snowman Palooza:

Snowman Anchor Charts
All cards are provided and students can sort these whole group or small group!

Fun Snow Facts
Create a chart and sort away with the fun and interesting snow facts!

Snowman Facts Booklet
Create a snowman fact booklet using the anchor chart facts!

Snowman Printables
Use these printables to complete your activity or for additional snowman fun!

Snow Experiment and Graphing Activities
Have some fun and gather your data with these fun snow-themed activities!

Snowmen at Night
Activities that correlate with the fun winter book.  Includes crafts, printables, and anchor chart!

The Biggest Snowman Ever
Includes a measuring activity, story sequencing snowman, and student snowman hat!

The Snowy Day
Write about you own snowy day with the fun craftivity and a sorting activity with things you can or can't do on a snowy day!

No-Prep Literacy Printables

No-Prep Math Printables

Student Booklets
Two different versions about snow and how to build a snowman!  Easy and no-prep!

You can grab you Snowman Palooza pack by clicking HERE

Both packs are on sale and ready to prep and go for Winter!!

And.... I couldn't leave without showing you a few pictures of my little stinkers precious boys on Christmas!

Enjoy the rest of you Winter break!!!  

Jessica Travis
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Let's Play Catch-Up...Shall We?

Happy Monday!

and yes... I say "happy" because I am officially on Christmas Break for the next two weeks!

(For those of you still trucking away in the classroom... I'm saying a little prayer for you!)

The last ten days of so have some what of a blur due to the Christmas crazy of the classroom, traveling, sick child, graduation, Christmas shopping, and the list goes on and on!

I decided to play a little catch-up today on the blog and get me (and you!) back up to speed!

It all started about a week ago when I got the dreaded call from the daycare.... your child has a fever and you need to come pick him up!  (definitely not what I needed to hear.... but you have to expect it when you have daycare!)

We went straight to the local urgent care as I was traveling out of state 3 days after this and NEEDED a quick fix for both he AND I!  It also didn't help that on the way to urgent care.... he got sick all over himself in my car!  After having another child who suffered with strep throat for over a year before having surgery, I can spot the signs from a mile away!  

We grabbed his medicine and he was quickly on the road to recovery!

Three days after this, I was heading to Illinois for the Kindergarten and First Grade state conferences!

After a VERY scary plane ride in solid thunderstorms (you can read about that here
I finally arrived in Chicago to warmer than usual weather and ready to meet some new faces and sweet sweet teachers!

Not only did I meet so many adorable and sweet teachers in my sessions, but I also got the chance to meet these fabulous ladies:

With it being so close to Christmas... the hotel and conference rooms were decorated with the most beautiful Christmas trees and music.... 

AND... bless each and every teacher's heart that came to a session of mine.... the first day was so absolutely HOT in the room that we were begging for the air to come on.... and the second day was FREEZING that the hotel staff actually had to bring in portable heaters just to keep us from turning into little snow teachers!  (and you can see... they set it to 64 degrees and that was to warm it up.... it was probably only 50 degrees in the room!)

But... we made it! 

To all of the teachers on day 2 at the Kindergarten sessions.... I said that I was going to write a blog post that night at the airport.... however I only had 30 minutes of internet (airport policy unless I wanted to spend $12) and there was NO way to get everything written and published!  I do apologize!

There have also been several of you that have already emailed for some of the things that were mentioned in the sessions... I will be responding and the next 2-3 days with everything!!

After coming home and getting 3 hours of sleep and heading back to work the next day (thank goodness for Pajamas and Polar Express Day!) it was time to finish up our Christmas crafts so they were ready to send home for Christmas!

Still looking for a simple and quick Christmas ornament?  These popular reindeer hand prints are super easy and make for a great keepsake for years to come!

I was also getting teacher gifts ready (which we know that teachers deserve WAY more than we could ever give!)  And I'm not just saying that because I am a teacher... I see my own children learning and growing daily because of the wonderful teachers that they have had (and have right now!)

The way to any teacher's heart is food, cozy items, school supply items. and something personal!  

This year the party schedule just so happened to work out that I got to attend my own sweet baby's first grade party! (which as teachers... you know that never happens!)

Usually the Christmas parties sum up the first semester... but when I left on Friday I was looking forward to something WAY more fitting to close out the semester!  

After spending the last 20 months working away through each semester AND all summer and mini-sessions, I was officially finished with my Master's Degree!  I had been finished for a couple of weeks but the ceremony definitely sealed the deal!

I honestly don't know how I have been functioning this last year... with moving grade levels, planning and presenting for SDE, grad school for days and days, and still being a wife and mommy.... it will definitely be nice to sit and relax over Christmas break! 

So... this post was ALL over the place but hopefully we are all caught up now and ready to enjoy Christmas Break!!

Teachers never completely relax over Christmas break... I will be finishing up the next edition of my Fry's sight word pack and January Guided Reading pack soon!  


Jessica Travis
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I Teach 1st ~ Illinois

Happy Monday sweet friends!

Most of us are on the final countdown for Christmas break..... (can you believe it's already Christmas time?!)

While I too am counting down, I have also been having such a wonderful time in Illinois with some FABULOUS teachers at the I Teach 1st Conference just outside of Chicago!!  (and it's only the end of Day1....)

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with the kindergarten teachers for the I Teach Kindergarten ~ Illinois conference!! 

Back to today....

The ending to a jam-packed day was having dinner with this sweet girl....

The morning started off a little HOT.... literally!  We had absolutely NO air conditioner in our conference room and even though we are in Chicago and temps are normally FREEZING.... it has been anything but that lately!  Thankful to the sweet gentleman that came in and fixed that for us!  A bunch of teachers that are sweating.... NO BUENO!
The good thing.... our hotel and conference center is completely decorated for Christmas!!! I absolutely love having the decorations and music in my conference room!!  Feels a little like home!
I was secretly hoping for snow though... Down in Texas... that white stuff is rare!!  So when I found out I would be in Chicago during December... I was a little excited... but snow is nowhere in sight! 
Instead.... when I flew in yesterday from Dallas... this was the radar:
I was the green dot.... and going to Chicago was solid thunderstorms!  We weren't even served drinks or anything on the plane as the pilot and air traffic control ordered all passengers AND flight attendants to remain seated and buckled the ENTIRE time!  I said a few prayers and was definitely thankful to be on the ground!!  Kinda scary when the pilot comes across the loud speaker and orders you to remain buckled... orders from Air Traffic Control and to prepare for a very bumpy and turbulent experience.
This was the view:

We finally got above the storm when we left Dallas (picture on the left) but it only last about 5 minutes!  We hit the storm clouds (picture on the right) and it remained that way for the remaining 2 hour flight!  Not my cup of tea when it comes to being in an airplane!!
Can you tell how the picture on the right is out of focus?!  My phone couldn't even sit still long enough for a still picture....


I'm off to get some rest before Day 2 tomorrow with the Kindergarten conference (and watch the Voice finale!)!!

Can't wait to meet some more new faces tomorrow.... and then head home to my own babies!!!
Jessica Travis
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The Silly Sentence Station

It's Sunday.

You know... the day where you spend most of your time planning.... soaking up the last minutes with your family and for me... watching football

I wanted to stop in real quick to share a new little favorite writing activity of mine (and my students!)  I have done this for years and in a variety of ways, but I was finally able to  put it into a complete set to share with YOU!

Writing can scary for our little guys (and girls!) in the classroom.  They often struggle with what to write... how long to write... how to spell words, etc...

The Silly Sentence Station is here to help you (and your little writers!) fix those problems!  It's a simple but fun writing activity that will have them begging for more :)

This alternative writing station is perfect for your centers, once-a-week writing theme, morning work, or whenever you feel the need to introduce and implement it.

My students ABSOLUTELY love the Silly Sentence Station!  It's quick... they are confident because the way I designed it includes visuals AND the words, and they get to use their imagination!

After many years.... here is the final (although I keep adding to it!) pack of "The Silly Sentence Station":

There are a variety of ways to set this up in your room including but not limited to:

Put the cards on Popsicle sticks!  Students love being able to choose from the collection of cards and it makes a simple and organized center for you!

You can easily put the cards into bags and either write the title or use the provided cards in the packet to label your buckets or bags.

Students will simply pull a card from the bag and write :)

Sometimes the sentences are quite silly!

If you already have a pocket chart set-up in your writing center, you can easily use the provided cards to create a writing center that hangs on the wall or board and leaves more room for your writers!

Your students will be begging for more Silly Sentences!!  It's simple, engaging, and your students get creative as they write and create a visual!

In the pack you will find 48 sorting cards (16 "who", 16 "did what" and 16 "where" cards).  There are also four different templates (2 full page and 2 different half page templates!)

The pack is on sale right now and you can hop on over to check it out by clicking HERE or on the picture below :)

I know many of you are on the countdown to Christmas Break.......  so until then....
Happy Teaching!

Jessica Travis
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Louisiana Conference and a freebie!

Happy Friday!

I apologize for the delay in blogging.... but life has been nothing short of fast-paced these last few weeks!

We had off a full week for Thanksgiving, however much of my time was spent finalizing everything for the Louisiana I Teach 1st Conference in New Orleans!

This past week I flew out to New Orleans where I presented for SDE!  Let me just tell you.... it was a blast!  Each and every teacher I talked to was so sweet!  AND.... I got to catch up with this fabulous lady!

Reagan Tunstall @ I Teach 1st ~ Louisiana 

It was a fast trip... in one day and out the other....

AND..... we found out that Tom Cruise was in New Orleans filming his next movie.... so we braved the dark alley and threats of Bourbon Street to get a glimpse.... and although we didn't find Tom, we did manage to be up close and personal with a scene they were filming and a few of the actors/camera crew! Trust me.... Reagan and I quickly made our way back to the hotel! 
Some of the sweet teachers in one of my sessions DID get a selfie with Tom Cruise!!!  
We were so close.... Lol!

Anyways... all good things must come to an end.... and after my last session I was on the way to the airport to head back my family.... and back to my kinder babies!

I played catch-up most of the week but did manage to slip in a quick craft today for Christmas!

I just grabbed some green paper... cut 4 pieces (4 inch, 3 inch, 2 inch, and a 1 inch piece) as well as a brown trunk and yellow star!

My babies were SO cute sharing their wish list....

O' Christmas Tree
O' Christmas Tree
This is what I want for me!

You can snag up this little writing freebie by clicking HERE!

Whew.... I think I'm heading to bed to try and catch up on some sleep :)

Until next time.....

Jessica Travis
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