Louisiana Conference and a freebie!

Happy Friday!

I apologize for the delay in blogging.... but life has been nothing short of fast-paced these last few weeks!

We had off a full week for Thanksgiving, however much of my time was spent finalizing everything for the Louisiana I Teach 1st Conference in New Orleans!

This past week I flew out to New Orleans where I presented for SDE!  Let me just tell you.... it was a blast!  Each and every teacher I talked to was so sweet!  AND.... I got to catch up with this fabulous lady!

Reagan Tunstall @ I Teach 1st ~ Louisiana 

It was a fast trip... in one day and out the other....

AND..... we found out that Tom Cruise was in New Orleans filming his next movie.... so we braved the dark alley and threats of Bourbon Street to get a glimpse.... and although we didn't find Tom, we did manage to be up close and personal with a scene they were filming and a few of the actors/camera crew! Trust me.... Reagan and I quickly made our way back to the hotel! 
Some of the sweet teachers in one of my sessions DID get a selfie with Tom Cruise!!!  
We were so close.... Lol!

Anyways... all good things must come to an end.... and after my last session I was on the way to the airport to head back home...to my family.... and back to my kinder babies!

I played catch-up most of the week but did manage to slip in a quick craft today for Christmas!

I just grabbed some green paper... cut 4 pieces (4 inch, 3 inch, 2 inch, and a 1 inch piece) as well as a brown trunk and yellow star!

My babies were SO cute sharing their wish list....

O' Christmas Tree
O' Christmas Tree
This is what I want for me!

You can snag up this little writing freebie by clicking HERE!

Whew.... I think I'm heading to bed to try and catch up on some sleep :)

Until next time.....

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