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Crazy for COINS!!

Saturday.  You are beautiful!

Y'all...this week was CRAZY!  Please tell me it isn't just me.  My kiddos were on party-mode/ full moon/ spring break kind of crazy.... and we didn't have ANY of those!!

We have been cooped up in our classroom from testing, wet and muddy playgrounds, cold weather.... and we NEED TO RUN!!!  Ha!

I know some of you have had numerous snow days lately and are probably *ready* to get back into your classrooms!

This coming Monday...we have a *CHANCE* of some light freezing drizzle.... and here in Texas... that's all we need to cancel school!  (I'm not kidding!)

So it's probably a good thing that we just finished up our unit on Coins!!  Let me just say... we have been working with numbers and place value for FOUR months straight!  I was 12 kinds of excited to get onto something new!  (and so were the kids!)

For the last two-ish weeks, I have been creating as we go and finally compiled ALL of our activities PLUS MORE into an almost 100-page packet for you!

We started off by introducing the coins and learning their attributes.  I made LARGE classroom posters from butcher paper, however I eventually wanted something simple and colorful with the basic characteristics of each coin!

I had my students make their own coin booklets too, which they had to identify the coin both front and back.

My kiddos also got to make their coin hats!  Simple, yet they had to identify the coin and the coin name.

(I just copied the title onto bright paper and the coins on white to let them color!

Here are some little wallets you can also make!  (We REALLY want our kiddos to be able to identify coins and their worth!)

(Use a 9x12 piece of construction paper!)

After learning what each coin is and how much each coin is worth, we began working with multiple coins together, starting with pennies and nickels.  

Students had to identify the amount of the coins together.  We made these FUN sorting pockets and went to sorting!

We did a 3-pocket folder (as shown below!)

Then go to sorting!

The next day we became some serious detectives!  We were called to solve the "Case of the Missing Coin". 

We had REAL coins in our "evidence" bags.  You can pick any number of coins you want your students to pull out.... I chose SIX!

They had all the detective gear!  The hat, the evidence, and of course their magnifying glass!  I mean.... what detective looks at evidence without one?!  Not us!

After they picked out their SIX coins, they found the same matching paper coins and glued into their magnifying glass.  

They filled out their TOP SECRET detective sheet that described the coins they pulled out and the total amount.  (Some needed some help with this... but they LOVED it!)

We just placed our detective pieces onto a piece of construction paper to keep it all organized!

Later this week, we HAD to go shopping!  

We had a fun little "Coin Carnival" with some extra yummy goodies!  

The poster had all of our items and their price.  (I laminated the poster that afternoon so it can be used in future years!)

Students had to select TWO items they wanted to purchase.

The activity has the students choosing their two items and building the amount with coins in order to purchase the items.

Here is a peek at some of the other FUN activities in the packet!

Just place some coins in a cup and shake out!  Students will sort how the coins landed.

Here is a look at some centers that are included!

Some fun and EASY spinner games!  I have included multiple variations depending on your learners!

and of course some simple and NO PREP printables!

(interactive pages, foldables, cut/paste, and MORE!)

You can get ALL of these activities AND MORE in my "Crazy for Coins" packet!

Want to check out the packet?!  Just click on the picture above or click HERE!

The first THREE people to comment will WIN the packet for FREE!!!  
(in case you missed the Facebook giveaway!!)
Don't forget to leave your email address!!

Also... did you notice the little "Facebook" tab on the side of my page now?!  Super excited for that!!
Be sure to hop on over to my new Facebook page for future giveaways and freebies!!

You can also click the Facebook flag at the top of my page!


Jessica Travis
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100th Day and Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friends!

So this past week was crazy busy hectic exciting and fun!  We had multiple celebrations, beginning with the 100th day of School!  (Last Friday!)

Can I just say that in the past two weeks we have had a full moon, benchmark testing, class parties, and a Friday the 13th all thrown into the mix!

Well Played.  Well played.

So let me rewind back to the 100th day of school.  There are SO many activities you can do for the 100th day ... yet only one day to do them.  

We couldn't begin without our festive hats!  (Just copy onto BRIGHT paper and your class will pop!)

We sorted our activities that would take 100 seconds OR 100 minutes
(Just put some magnet tape on the back for an easy activity!)

This activity always cracks me right up!  I want 100 of.... and I DO NOT want 100 of...

I love the precious child who said she does NOT want 100 brothers! 

They then completed their interactive journal page...

We had a pretty big parade through our school (can't show pictures because I would be having to cover all of their faces!)

I had my kiddos write what they would buy with $100... and this little guy must have been HUNGRY!  We did this right before lunch...

Cracks me right up!

Jaxon and I made our shirts for the BIG day..... 

100 days of Achieve-MINT!

However... the shirt... not so much of an achievement! 

By the end of the day.... Jaxon was celebrating the 7th day of school! 

You can find all of these activities and LOTS more in my 100th day packet!

And of course my team was all in the 100th day spirit!  (We missed you E!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now... onto Valentine's Day! 

Y'all.... the kids were 12 kinds and 50 shades of crazy!  (Was it just me?!)  
We had benchmark testing this week which meant NO recess, NO PE, NO nothing!  


My babies had to make their little baggies (made these last minute!) to hold all of their goodies!

Love Bug Baggies!

I got the bags at Michaels (13 pack) - comes in ALL colors!  

You can your FREE template for the Love Bug Baggies by clicking

We also played Candy HEART bingo..... Y'all.... each time a number was called you would have thought they won the lottery!  They were so funny!

We also did this favorite (we did this last year too!) Making 10 activity with candy hearts!

The game is SO simple!  Just put 10 candy hearts into the cup...shake and pour!

Words face up + words face down = 10!

They LOVE this activity.... probably because they get to eat the hearts when they are finished!

You can also snag up this activity for FREE by clicking 

We have one nice weather day today (although I will be spending most of it doing Grad School work...) Happy Valentines...right?!  Ha!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - 

Need to snag up something for the upcoming weeks?!

My entire TpT Store is 20% off Today AND Tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Jessica Travis
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February Centers (HUGE FREEBIE)

Well look who just showed up!  Yep....February!

I blinked and January flew by and February swooped right in.

With my crazy and hectic schedule....I didn't get my February literacy centers out early....  but they are DONE!

I did a Valentine's theme, so I only created FIVE literacy centers.  I mean.... you don't want hearts and flowers and tons of pink for the entire month.  There are some other great holidays and themes that tag along with February!

I also wanted to share a little bit about how I store my centers when we are NOT using them :)
(Trust me.... it's nothing fancy... just simple!)

- - - - - -

So I printed and prepped all of my Valentine Literacy centers today (or my girly centers as some of my boys like to call them!) (Although I am sure they will LOVE doing them next week!)

Here is a quick look at each of them!

Center (1) - "Sweet Sentences"  - Students are sorting telling and asking sentences!

Center (2) - "Long Vowel Love Bugs" (matching pictures with silent e & /ee/)

Center (3) - "Love Letters" - sorting picture cards to the "BLENDS" and "DIGRAPHS" mailbox!

Center (4) - "Cupid's Complete Sentences" - sorting sentences that are complete and incomplete.

Center (5) - I Heart Contractions

So there you have it.... my FIVE literacy centers!  

Random note - When I create my centers.... I really try to make them the most user-friendly when trying to prep!  I always send the entire sheet through the laminator and THEN cut out the pieces.  I always create my center cards to where you simply cut and they are ready! (boxes are attached!)

When I store my centers, I ALWAYS include each of the center pieces, title/directions card, and the recording sheet.

I place each parts of the center into the large manila envelopes!  Sometimes I use the center title card and place onto the envelope to laminate, but usually I'm last minute and just write!

I have clear plastic bins for each season of the year.... and they are filling up quick!  

(Back to school / Fall centers)

(Christmas / Winter (snowmen, etc...))

(Winter (valentines/presidents day)/ Spring)

(End of Year / Summer)

I am sure I will need to start adding additional tubs.... these are only my Literacy :(

- -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

So if you have stuck around to the end of this post.... then LUCKY you :)

You can snag up these literacy centers for FREE!  Yep.... you read it right. Free.

Just click {HERE} or on the picture below!

Hope you enjoy!!

AND... big news.... the 100th day is tomorrow!  

I probably need a mommy drink tonight because my kids have been on Full Moon mode ALL week and tomorrow just may be the kicker!  

Happy *ALMOST* Friday!
Jessica Travis
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