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FUN with Fractions!

Monday is almost over.... but before my least favorite day of the week goes in the books.... I wanted to share some Fraction Fun that has been taking place in our little room!

Last week we introduced the whole fraction concept with equal and unequal parts.

We made a really simple but easy to understand anchor chart using basic bright colors of course!  (trust me.... it was spur of the moment... not fancy at all!)

I also had my students create their own T-chart of equal and unequal parts.... I just gave each student 2 small squares.  They had to cut one into equal parts.... and the other into unequal parts.  Simple...and FREE!

The next two days we ventured into "halves" and "fourths".  Our standards took out thirds this year, so we are ONLY focusing on halves and fourths....

Have I mentioned how much my kiddos LOVE sorting pockets?  It is SO simple.... but such an easy assessment tool!   Just label and sort!  It's like a game.... so I guess that's why they LOVE it!

Here is a closer look at the sorting pockets:

Today we made these adorable and quirky little bugs.....   

I had my kiddos select 4 bug spots (using any color combinations) and off they went!

The craft comes with a little recording sheet to describe the parts of your whole (the spots on the bug!)

We were definitely going "BUGGY" for fractions today!  They made a really cute hallway display too!

You can find all of these activities AND more printables by clicking the picture below:

and yes.... THEY.ARE.FREE!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have also bundled my most recent math packets together in one large GROWING bundle!  

I'm currently working on my fractions unit which will be added to the unit very soon... which means the price will be going up!

Snag up the growing bundle now for the lowest price yet! 

That means you will be getting EIGHT units for the price of 2 1/2 units IF you buy NOW!!!

(click on the picture below for more details!)

Have a great week friends!

Jessica Travis
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A LITTLE Bit of Everything.... (and a LOT of Freebies!)

Happy Hump day friends!

Two more days. Two more days.  We CAN do this!

So this week has some FUN activities in the ole' plans!  We are getting our feet wet with some fractions (just equal and unequal parts today!), story sequencing, and plants!  

Just a warning... this post may be ALL over the place!  

So down here in our neck of the woods....we have a basal story that we read each week and that is basically where we plan from.  (phonics, L/A, reading, vocabulary,

This week's story is all about butterflies and our objective is to be able to sequence the story using sequential order words (first, next, then, and last).

I desperately needed something springy in my hallway (seeing as how I *just* took down my snowmen last week)  True story.  

So on my conference I whipped up a little butterfly writing craftivity where my kiddos could do just this!

I used the title of our story in the center.... but in your freebie (keep reading!)
there will be a blank template!

And they eventually made it out into our hallway!

You can snag up this little FREEBIE by clicking on the picture below!

This week we also started the beginning chapter of Fractions!

Today we made a big chart of equal and unequal shapes (with neon paper of course) and then my babies had to create their own t-chart of two shapes (1 equal and 1 not-equal)

Nothing fancy.... but it gets the point across!  

We will also be creating some fun springy fraction crafts this week... including this little froggy fraction friend!

You can snag up this craft and some other fun printables by clicking the picture below!

AND.... we are all about plants this week!

We started off by labeling the parts of our plant with a big poster!  

We also discussed the needs of a plant...cause well.... you can have a plant unless you have these needs!  

I had my kiddos make this super easy and FUN craftivity.....  they had to identify the needs and parts of a plant:

Their projects turned out so.darn.cute!

(Here is a sneak peak of our poster we labeled)

And these of course made it to the hallway too :)

You can snag up this little craft for FREE too!!!  Just click on the picture below!

And there you have it!

See... I told you this post would be ALL over the place!  

Hope you can use some of these goodies in your classroom :)

Happy Teaching!

Jessica Travis
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ScOOpin' Up Words (/oo/ words)

Happy Monday sweet friends!

I know many of you just said adios to Spring Break last week but we have been back now going on our second week... so we are gettin' back in the swing of things!

This week we are doing some seriously FUN things!  We are finishing up shapes...heading into fractions....getting our feet wet with plants....AND dipping into some /oo/ sounds in our phonics!

Ok... please tell me I'm not the only one.... but when I venture to Wal-Mart for some groceries, I come back with the most RANDOM things and think to myself...I could use this for something!

Last week was no different.    In the checkout line (I know they do this on purpose when they see me coming!   I'm a sucker for last minute "throw it in your cart" kinda stuff!)

So they had these 98 cent buckets and scoops.... of course I snagged up FIVE!  I mean... my own boys can have them when I'm done... right?!   Of the purchase is justified!

This week is all about the long /oo/ sound in phonics.  The moment I saw these buckets I knew we would be scOOpin' Up Words!

I cut apart the word cards (some with /oo words and some not).  I put some sand in the buckets (A.K.A. manila paper!) and the cards and scoops.

I divided the class into groups and each person in the group took turns scOOpin' out words.  They sorted the cards into /oo/ words and "other".


Yeah.... the "sand" was getting in the way!

After we sorted all of our /oo/ words... we scOOted right into our craft!  (see what I did there?!)

They made these fun little buckets with shovels that had their /oo/ words!

And they made for a wonderful display!!!

You can snag up this FREE craft by clicking HERE or on the picture below!

Have a GREAT week friends!!

Jessica Travis
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March Madness A.K.A. Free Centers

Let me just tell you....March is FLYING by!  In 10 weeks...yes just TEN weeks, I will be saying adios to school and helllloooo summer!

But until then....

I wanted another week of March centers in my tubs before switching over to Spring/Easter-themed centers!

Since we are past St. Patrick's Day.... what better theme than March Madness!!!

I whipped up these literacy centers for this week....Mad About Literacy!

It includes these six centers:

All of these centers have recording sheets and center cards!

Join in the madness :)

Best part.... these centers are FREE!!!   A Fan Freebie to be exact!

Hop on over to my Facebook page and "like" my page.  Click on the "Fan Freebie" tab on the left side of my Facebook.  Then click on the cover picture!

You can get directly to my Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook banner at the top of the page!

Have a great week!!

Jessica Travis
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St. Patrick's Day Craftvitiy ~ Freebie

One week from today... you better be wearing some GREEN (or ya gonna get pinched!)

St. Patrick's day is coming up quickly and I'm not sure about y'all, but we are usually on Spring Break during this pinchy holiday!  However this year our break fell a little early and we WILL be in school next week on this day!

I wanted to get in a fun little craft...yet keep the learning going!  

I whipped up this little craftivity which can be used for ANYTHING in your classroom!  

The example I chose was sight words, however I have included a list of examples on different ways that you can use these templates!

I have included a blank pot as well as this pot above, A Pot of Words.

You can easily write sight words, spelling words, words that match your weekly phonics pattern, words that begin with your letter of the week, etc....

You can even use the blank pot template and write math facts, numbers, etc...

I have also included the shamrocks to write the title of the theme or even write the student's name.  Your choice!

Just print all the templates and cut out;

Attach all of the pieces:

Whatever your topic/theme is, simply write the words (or what you are doing) onto the golden coins!

You can get this FUN little craft for FREE!!!

Just click on the picture below:

Have a great week!!

Jessica Travis
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Cookin' Up Words! {Freebie with /oo/}

Happy Monday sweet friends!

I am officially on SPRING BREAK!!!  (I apologize for those of you still trudging along at work this week... hoping you get a break soon {and it's not because of snow!})

The bad thing about a week off.... it gives me a whole week to make my To-Do list even longer!  But here's to hoping to knocking a few of those tasks off my list!

When we get back next week we are all about 2-D shapes in Math (which I will be back on here later to share another new packet of mine!)  Can't wait till the next post?  You can check it out by clicking on the title below!

120 pages of activities, printables, crafts, centers, and MORE for 2-D and 3-D shapes!

We will also be working with vowel pair /oo/ in phonics when we return, so I put together a little mini-packet of activities that I have used in the past!

This little packet includes some fun activities that will help my babies see and sort the short and long sounds of /oo/. 

These cards are included along with title cards to help sort: 

You will also find a student hat (2 versions).  Students can write /oo/ words on the hat, or simply just wear the chef hat as they are cOOkin' up words!

And my little model:  (not really sure why he has a HUGE hat on!)

This little writing activity is included in the packet as well.... 

Students will be writing a recipe to cOOk an /oo/ word.  

I have included two versions for you to choose from:

Here is an example how to fill out the recipe for cOOking a word:

There are also two different interactive templates for your students to use!

This version will have students sorting short and long /oo/ words.

This interactive printable has students reading words and sorting rhyming /oo/ words.

The best part about these activities..... 


All you have to do is visit my Facebook page (click on the side bar tab OR the Facebook flag at the top of the page.)

Just like my page and click on the Fan Freebie tab on the left sidebar on my Facebook page.

Now... I'm off to enjoy some time with my sweet boys!

Have a great week :)

Jessica Travis
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