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Back to School goodies {with a Freebie}

I know those words in the title probably made you cringe just a little.... but we have to face reality because school starts NEXT MONTH!  

This year I will begin the year in kindergarten.... which scares me a little bit.  I have done this for nine years now, but the first day still always gives me a great way!  I am eager to meet new faces, the smell of new supplies, teaching the rules and procedures.... but I have always done that with first graders.   While some of you may be thinking.... oh first grade is just ONE grade different.... but Kindergarten is a different world {especially on the first day!}

I am very excited though, as I absolutely LOVE the younger grades!  They are just starting their education experience... and lucky me because I get to be there from the beginning!

So.... I have been thinking a little a lot about the first days of school this year.... how many students will I have... what will my schedule look like.... how many boys? girls?  etc....  Trust me, my mind NEVER shuts off!

While I have been doing quite a bit getting all of my classroom decor ready and organized... that means NOTHING without content and managing your classroom!

So.... I wanted something a little different this year for back-to-school.... and while I'm sure I will still use so many things from different sources and packets.... I will most definitely be doing some things from my newest back-to-school pack!

It's time to get the "SCOOP" on the first day!

This little pack {with 40 pages!} has a yummy craftivity, a student hat, writing templates, first day booklet, and certificates {in pink and blue} to celebrate the first day!

You can choose 1 scoop, 2 scoops, and any color you want to help create your crafts!  There are also multiple writing templates to accommodate your new and seasoned writers! 

This booklet {easy to prep - copy, staple, cut in half} has minimal writing... because we all know the first day ain't got time for all that!

Choose two, three, or all of the pages to complete the book!

Create a hat {I have included MULTIPLE scoops with different prompts} to help celebrate your first day!

These fun certificates will end the day just right!   {Maybe you can even celebrate with a little cup of real ice cream?!}
I have also included a black and white template as well to save on ink!

You can click on the picture below to take you to the packet...

Which is 20% through tomorrow night!!!

One of the things that we ALL really focus on the first day     week     month... who am I kidding... we work on it all year long.... is behavior management!

Something that I have done the past few years are Non-Verbal Hand Signals!  

These signals are perfect because you can manage your students, answer questions, and keep the classroom managed... all without ever saying a word!

I used to use them only during small groups and rotations, so I could solely focus on my small group without being interrupted, but as the years have gone on, I use them!
(Hallway, teaching, whole-group on the rug, centers and rotations, and dismissal!)

I made some posters for this previous year {If you came to see me at the Texas First Grade Conference this past year with SDE,  then you may remember these!}

I have compiled the posters into a FREE set for YOU!!!

Just click on the picture below :)

Don't want full page posters?!  You can easily change the printer settings to print TWO to a page for mini-posters!

Hope you can use these in your classroom!

I'll be back later with some back-to-school activities and first day fun!

But first.... more grad school papers and TRYING to get my youngest to nap!

Jessica Travis
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Frugal Friday {Week 4}

Summertime means the clock spins a little faster..... and we are already back to another Friday!

While I didn't get to spend the week in Vegas this year with all of the amazing teachers, educators, bloggers, and presenters.... I lived a little vicariously through the abundance of pictures through social media!  #nextyearforsure

So while I was NOT in Vegas... I have been wrapping up a few grad school projects and moving right along with our Frugal Friday finds!!!

This week was a fun trip for Frugal Friday because I brought the hubby along!

He was super excited!  {insert sarcastic tone}

However... he did pick up a few things for himself... so the trip was a WIN for everyone!

Now Home Depot isn't known for their extremely low prices, however they do have a TON of things that teachers can actually benefit from in the classroom!

And they even offer teacher discounts - you don't have to pay sales tax!  Holla!
(just be sure to fill out their form online before you go!)

Let's get started....

I know... you immediately think crime scene!  However.... I see construction theme written all over this!  
I am doing an SDE presentation in the winter that will be using these bad boys!!  {Readers Under Construction - finding the tools to build successful readers!}


These little gems are from $1.29 - $3.98

While you may not be washing cars in your classroom... you can definitely wash some desks, tables, dry erase boards, and cabinets!!  

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram... you may see that I have recently formed an addiction with small colored buckets!  
These little buckets are NO different!
Don't like the color..... you are already in the paint section for these little guys so just grab your favorite spray paint color and change them up!
I've already bought WAY too many cans of spray paint this summer spicing up bins and buckets (you have probably seen that on my Instagram and Facebook too!)

Nothing says FRUGAL like FREE!  These little paint samples come in EVERY.SINGLE.COLOR plus some!  
These are great for writing CVC words (just laminate and you can re-use over and over again!)

AHHHH....More Buckets!  And these colors!!!!  

Can't have too many of these!  If you do center tubs in your room... these are perfect for students to use with centers that include small center pieces!  Easy storage and organization!

Metal buckets.... yes please!  These little cuties come in ALL different sizes!  These are some of the small ones.... and they go all the way up to multi-gallon!  Super cute!!!

Well... this may not be frugal.... but geez.... how cute are these jumbo MAGNETIC chalkboards?!  Super cute to put on your board or filing cabinet!  Add your daily objectives.... create a "Student of the Week" area, or just write your favorite quote!!

Need additional storage?!  These colored shelves are perfect AND they are on SALE!!!!! 

While I had super fun at Home Depot... the hubby probably won't make any more Frugal Friday trips with me.... he's not a fan of me going up and down aisles with my camera! HA!

I'm not gonna lie... it was an entire family event!   Jaxon absolutely LOVED finding items to use in the classroom 
{although the lawn mower probably wouldn't fit and the grill wouldn't pass the safety codes!}

Yes.... the large cart IS necessary.

I will be back VERY SOON with a few new products {they are completed I just haven't uploaded them yet!} that will be perfect for the first day of school... classroom management/decor.... and MORE!

Happy Friday!

Jessica Travis
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Frugal Friday {week 3}

Hello Friday.... AND JULY?!?!

Where in the world is our summer going?!  We can officially say {or I can say} that I go back to school NEXT month!  #slowdownsummer

With Friday brings a new store with new finds!

If you want to check out my previous Frugal Friday posts click below:

Week 1 - Dollar Tree

Week 2 - Wal-Mart

This week was all about Target!  {Oh... How do I love thee....}

Me and Target have a little secret in I go and see Target and when the husband questions how much I spent... I plead the fifth!

I could have shown you a million and one things this week from Target.... but I narrowed it down to twelve plus a few things I did buy and bring home!

So let's get started....

When you enter into Target.... of course they throw the "Dollar Section" right up at the front!

These learning games would make great little centers, small group activities, and even fun on indoor recess days!  {they had math games - adding, subtraction, time, multiplication, etc...}

Why would you NOT want to grab these adorable little buckets?!  AND with a chalkboard label?!  

I think it's safe to say that I have an organizational basket disorder.... meaning I can't have enough!

These clear bins with minimal colors would be perfect for your latest project!

How cute are these CLIPS?!?!  They have stars, arrows, regular clothespins..... #adorable

Burlap... and its a banner?!  Yes please... I'll take 10!

These are great for your students AND your babies at home!  Numbers, Rhyming, Alphabet, and MORE.... you can't pass these up!

You can't stay in the dollar section forever..{or you could!}... but eventually you have to head to the actual school supply section! 
These SUPER cute dividers are just what you need to spice up your notebooks!

The party section.... I die!  They have the most adorable colored banners..... in ALL COLORS!!  
The banners are 80 inches long!

Not sure about your school... but we do NOT celebrate birthdays.... so how cute are these little buttons that your birthday kiddos could wear for the day!! 

**You may want to grab two of each.... it's not uncommon to have multiple birthdays on the same day**

AHHH.... Do you see these adorable baskets?!?!  These are no longer just for decorating your house folks!  Spice up your classroom with a little bit of cuteness!

It's back to the party section.... for the cute little buckets!  And yes.... they come in ALL colors!!!!

Don't like plain colors.... grab some of the striped organizing baskets to match your theme!

Do you see why I LOVE Target?!  

Now... while I was there I of course had to grab a few things for ME.... 

I had to grab a few of these banners.... SO cute!!!
Here is a close up:

So I may have grabbed a few buckets....

But these with the little labels.... ahhh...

I also grabbed these cute little accents:

I plan on painting the silver edges.... of course to my turquoise/mint color theme!!!

And then I picked up these little cars.... not sure what I am going to do yet... but I am sure they will be a favorite in a center or something!

I know the dollar section at Target gets swiped through pretty quick... so you may want to RUN and not walk to your local Target...

Until next time...

Have a happy and safe 4th of July :)

I'm off to Lowe's with the hubby {which is like Target to him} so we may be there awhile!

Jessica Travis
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