Sight Words, Word Wall Fun, and Social Studies!


I am still playing catch up on my sleep from an AMAZING two days earlier this week at the Texas 1st Grade Conference with SDE.  I presented 8 sessions over two days and met some unbelievably sweet and dedicated Texas teachers!  Each and every one of you made my week!  I truly hope you were able to take back some ideas to use in your own classrooms!

As promised in my sessions, I am here tonight to make sure you get a few of those freebies tonight!

Since I had eight sessions... these blog posts will be broken up into multiple posts... so check back often :)

My sight word session is one of my favorite sessions because it is near and dear to me as a teacher!  Sight words are so tricky for many of our beginning readers... so finding engaging and FUN ways to help my students master these words... is my main goal!

These were a few of the ideas shared....

These little bags are perfect to keep track of the words your students have mastered! 

My students use their bags to help them write, find words in magazines and newspapers, and are great for fast finishers... since I know they will be successful when reading them!

The "Sight Word Passport" is a favorite!

I always tell my students that by becoming successful readers... reading will take you anywhere you want to go!  (hence... the passport!)

Each page will hold 10 "stamps" or stickers.... so for every word they master, they get a stamp!  

Don't we all want a full passport?!

This chant is an absolutely FAVORITE of my students!!   

When a student masters a word that they have been struggling with... and they finally master it... they get to chant to the class!

This chant is to the army chant tune "I don't know but I've been told".... 

The student who mastered the word gets to lead the rest of the class as they repeat the student!  LOVE!!!

I use these fluency cards in my small groups.... as we read through our word lists, sight words, and leveled reader.... my students can choose a funny fluency voice and read the text in that voice!

You can grab ALL of the sight word activities above by clicking

I also mentioned my Fry's sight word songs (you know the ones we sang and you had to listen to my beautiful voice?!)  HA!  

Here is the link to the pack that includes the first 50 songs as well as over 500 pages of activities.... Snag it up now before the price goes up when the remaining 500 pages and 50 word activities are added!!

Just click on the picture below :)

Another session I did was all about our word wall!  You know... that wall that we put up in our classroom and then often forget the rest of the year!

While I shared MANY ideas and activities.... you can snag up this one tonight...

These word wall clues are perfect during your calendar routine.... transitions.... brain breaks... and just for practicing!

Keeping our students engaged with our word wall will not only help this wall come alive... but it is proven that when used effectively, our students will improve with vocabulary and overall reading ability.

You can grab these 20 cards by clicking HERE

I am also finishing up these two packets which will hopefully be completed in the next few days:

Last ... but not least.... Social Studies.

You know... that dreaded subject that is often omitted (if not... definitely shortened!) in our schedule?

Use these task cards to help keep social studies alive in your classroom!  Perfect for transitions.... quick chats... morning meeting... and MORE!

I have included 24 task cards for you.... just click HERE!

Whew.... I hope you can use some of these in your classroom!

I'll be back soon to talk all about our math facts and Managing our small groups in the classroom!!

Have a great rest of the week :)


  1. Thanks so much for all of the fun Sight Word ideas...I'm always looking for new ways to practice, practice, practice! Can't wait to try them on Monday! :)

  2. Thanks for the great freebies but I couldn't access the Sight Word Clues. The link just gave me the sight word chant and passport again. Could you send it to me? Thanks!

  3. I was having the same problem as Lori. Could you email me the "Sight Word Clues" also? Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for these!! I got the Social Studies Task Cards! They are FANTASTIC!

    Magically in First

  5. I am also interested in the Sight Word Clue Cards. They would fit nicely into my daily routine! Thank you!

  6. I would love the Sight Word Clue Cards too! They would be a perfect way to practice in a fun way before school is over!


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