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Daily Number Sense Activity

Happy Wednesday Hump Day friends!

I had shared a picture a while back on Instagram about a quick and easy way to build number sense (literally.... a 2 minute idea!)

So... I wanted to pop in today to share a little bit more in detail about how we do this activity daily in our classroom.... AND a few freebies may or may not be down below :)

All you need for this activity is:

1. 100's chart
2. post-its or magnetic counters
3. optional - dry erase boards/recording sheet

I just took a 100's chart (which will be below!) and blew it up into poster size!  I laminated it and put magnet tape on the back!  (If you do not own any magnet tape.... you are seriously missing out!  Like BIG!)  
You can grab it at Wal Mart in the arts/crafts aisle!

So.... the activity is SIMPLE.  

Cover 5 numbers (or you can chooses how many!).  Students will have to identify the missing number.  I go a step further and ask my students to:

(a) tell me the missing number
(b) tell me how to write it
(c) what numbers comes before and after
(d) is it greater or less than 50

Simple right?!

Number Sense is SOOO important.  I could write a novel on it and it still would NOT be enough to explain just how important it is.  Anytime I can find a quick activity that I can do DAILY.... this teacher is one happy teacher!


Here the 100's chart on the board with magnetic counters on it:

Don't have any counters..... No need to worry!

Just grab little post-its!  

Before I started using the counters, I would use the post-its and draw shapes on them.

When I would call on a student, I would say, "What number is the triangle", etc....

To add an extra little spice to it... give ALL students a dry-erase board to play along and allow EACH student to participate!  Win-Win!

I also created these little half-sheets you could use (exit ticket, morning work, etc...) as well!

Just click HERE to grab the half sheets.

I also created these hundred's charts in four different colors and laminated them to use in small groups or stations!

You can grab them by clicking the picture below:

Enjoy :)

Happy Teaching!

Jessica Travis
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  1. Great idea! I do something similar with my kinders.. I have the numbers in a pocket chart 1-100. I switch two of the cards and the kids have to say which two are switched and they have to tell how they found them. They love doing it.

  2. Where did you blow up the 100s chart? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for posting your 100's chart as a freebie! I'm having a hard time printing it as a poster because there are 4 pages on the document. I'm trying to upload it to Office Depot and it won't let me because it's more than one page. I've also tried printing it as a"tile" from my printer but adobe isn't offering that option. Am I overlooking something? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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