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Back to School Assessments

Happy Monday!

It's the start of week 4 for me and it's officially time to get down to business!  The honeymoon stage is over (long gone!), the students are completely comfortable in the classroom, and we are knee deep into the curriculum now!  (with a few procedures and routines on repeat!)

I really (like Really Really) am ready to get to know each student on a deeper level (academically!).

 I have started pulling my kiddos back one-on-one with me during specific times in the day and I'm slowly but surely learning who is sailing through with ease and who is riding the struggle bus!  (Can I get an AMEN?!)

When I assess my new kinders (prior to any district wide testing), I don't use any formal or fancy assessment!  I just whipped up some simple (and student-friendly!) back to school assessments just to help me get the basics for my kiddos!   That pretty much includes (1) alphabet identification {capital and lowercase letters} (2) beginning sounds (3) Number Identification to 20 (4) color identification and (5) sight word recognition.

While I don't expect my students to master all of these, it definitely gives me a baseline and shows me what I'm workin' with!

Today was all about letter identification.   I created this simple form that includes all capital and lowercase letters (out of order!) as well as the same exact layout for the students in a colored version!

It looks something like this:

While I'm recording the student's response, the student has a color-coded sheet that is identical to mine.  I can easily say, "Read the orange row".   "Read the green row", etc......   
It is much easier than giving the students a complete white sheet... trust me (it's overwhelming!)

The color-coded lines help break it down and not seem so daunting while students are trying to show me their best!

If a student identifies the letter incorrectly, I simply just mark through it with the highlighter.  I write in the white space ___/26, and we continue with the lowercase letters.

I also created the same thing for the other areas of assessment that look like this:

(This is shown above in use!)
I have two forms (yes, they look the same!)  One is for letter ID and the other is for beginning sounds!

I included a color-coded identical copy (I say... read the red column/line.... read me the green column/line, etc....)

It breaks it up into small chunks of assessments and it's very student friendly!

This assesses the first 25 words and again, I give the students an exact replica of my teacher sheet, just in a more friendly version.  (Please read the green column, etc...)

It amazes me how many students come in NOT knowing their colors!  So.... just to make sure, I have this form as well.  The students receive the sheet on the right and just point and say the color!  


Just in case some of you are JUST now assessing (like me!).... you can grab these assessments for FREE!

Just click HERE!

Hope you all have a great week....

and if you have any questions on how to use these.... please let me know!

Jessica Travis
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